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TVF Tripling Season 3 Announced- Watch Now On Zee 5

TVF tripling Season 3 is worth the wait. Tripling is one of the most anticipated shows of the TVF creation which came with its first season in 2016.

Viral fever has always created emotion and has delivered it well. TVF is known to create masterpieces and give them a homely or warm touch. Looking at the prior shows of TVF such as Panchayat, hostel daze Amazon Originals, Saas Bahu Aur Achar a Zee5 exclusive or be it College Romance which is a Sony Liv one, or be it this one which is a Zee5 franchise, it has managed to gain all the spotlight and praise all over.

TVF tripling Season 3- Sumit Vyas & Manvi Gagroo As Lead

TVF Tripling Season 3 Announced- Watch Now On Zee 5

After a long Pause of three years, the sibling trio Chitwan (Anmol Parashar) Chandan (Sumit Vyas), and Chanchal (Manvi Gagroo) are back with another adventurous trip of the season bringing in the daily episode of entertainment.

The poster has been shared by the lead star cast. They took their social media handle to enlighten the fan with the same news.

TVF tripling, Season 3 is all Set To Release On OTT

The series will basically have much to offer as per Kumud Mishra, who was seen in the role of the father in the same franchise. It will probably cover the time-lapse of the three paused years and will establish the character according to that.

The first season of TVF Tripling premiered in 2016 the second fall down in 2019 and the third franchise could be in 2023, as nothing is assured by the makers yet regarding the release date. The trial two seasons was held under Sameer Saxena and the third season will be directed by Neeraj Udhawani.

Tripling Season 3: A Series all about sibling banters 

TVF Tripling Season 3 Announced- Watch Now On Zee 5
Manvi Gagroo, Summit Vyas

With an 8.5 IMDB, the series has mastered exclusivity. It has managed to gain its followers in its previous two seasons. The star cast looks as amazing as fresh in every episode and is one such series that could be a parent special as well and make them go through many nostalgias.

Waiting for the final date of release by the makers’ side as it is tough to hold now.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who are the cast of TVF tripling?

Anmol Parashar, Sumeet Vyas and Manvi Gagroo are In lead roles in the series.

2. Where can I watch TVF tripling?

Zee 5 has the streaming rights of it.

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