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Tvf Pitchers Season 2 Review: A Brilliant Masterpiece on Corporate Reality – Pitchers Season 2 Cast – Series On OTT

Tvf Pitchers
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Director: Arunabh Kumar

Date Created: 2024-06-12 21:54

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Tvf pitchers season 2 Review: After a nearly seven-year wait, the sequel to Naveen Kasturia, Arunabh Kumar, Abhay Mahajan, and Jitendra Kumar’s show is now available online. While the audience expects their ‘hustle’ to pay off after a long time, fate has other plans. Rivalry, fallout, and changes in product and company direction are at the heart of TVF Pitchers’ second season. It was clear from the start that the real struggle was not to launch a startup but to keep attracting investments for its survival as a business.

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TVF Pitchers Season 2 Review, IMDB

Tvf pitchers Season 2 Review: A brilliant masterpiece on corporate reality

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OTT platform Zee 5
Release Date 23 December 2022
Genre: inspirational, Drama
Director Arunabh Kumar
Star cast: Naveen Kasturiya, Maanvi Gagroo, Abhay Mahajan, Jitendra Kumar, Iridhi Dogra. 
Episodes 5
IMDB 9.1

When TVF pitchers came initially in 2015 it was one of the best web series that was created with the initiative of the play that showed startup culture which has never been explored in the Indian genre till that day and still this exploration lags behind in many possible ways. The series was a Masterpiece for sure, making transitions in many lives and inspiring many individuals, retaining back their faith in friendship and creating something of their own. Finally, after 7 years of long weight in the 2020 season, 2 of the TVF pitchers are back in town. 

There is always pressure lying behind a successful show or a movie and the same goes for TVF pitchers as well because after giving a massively successful season in 2015, coming back with a sequel 7 years later is not a small deal to crack and cope. But certainly TVF has done a great job in creating a sequel with an even stronger plot, script, and grip, it is a must-watch sequel. 

The story of season 2 opens four years later where it has left off. Their company ‘Pragati’ which started with 4 people is now a team of 24 members. The company has surely done a great job accommodating people and services but the real loopholes continue to exist which isn’t seen superficially. The tough market competition needs to be beaten up, collecting sponsors, funding, and management of money is the ground-level challenge that continues to exist. 

Probably the bifurcation between the Season 1 and season 2 lies at this point where season 1 was shown as completely magical in a smooth way where a boy thinks about an idea in his college and then executed it in a particular manner whereas season 2 is written in a wholesome way, where it is seen superficially than things are getting better but the real struggle of running a business and startup of your own is faced by Naveen and his friends. The web series clearly reflects responsibility, desire, and reality.

Tvf Pitchers Season 2 Review:   Tvf pitchers Season 2 Review: A brilliant masterpiece on corporate reality

Pitchers has been written in a beautiful possible way making it a realistic series from which the audience can relate every bit as the problem shown in each episode is close to real and doesn’t look fabricated. 

TVF is always perfect in choosing their character and making it carry the way and the same goals for this web series as well. Deep analysis has been made on the world of startup business and running a company in the director is totally well pronounced in the same. Pitchers is influenced by the TV series Silicon Valley which follows the same story but the Indian touch which has been given by Tvf makes it fit into the Indian plethora of audiences.

The climax and twist will keep you hooked. Ashneer Grover and Vinita Singh the tycoons from the Indian business hub can also be seen. The story of TVF pitchers definitely targets a specific audience but it’s Pretty inspirational for each one who wants to start something of their own.

The seven years of leap have been kept in mind and the proper maturity and growth of the characters has been shown and can be sensed on a similar level. Naveen Bansal is a central character of the story. It was his idea on which the startup of Pragati got built and being a founder he has been shown and filled with utmost passion,  dedication, and growth personally and professionally. The actor’s performances are good enough and the screenplay is out of the box for which TVF is a master. 

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1. How many Episodes are there in Pitchers season 2? 

There are 5 Episodes in all in this season of pitchers and is premiering on Zee 5. The web series is rated 9.1 on IMDB and it is among the highest-rated web series on IMDB when it comes to TVF. Pitchers season 2 is released after 7 years of long break and is a new ott release that should not be missed. Usually, season 2 is just a continuation of the season 1 story with no added humor or a personal touch but this season is nothing like that and it initiates the story in a whole different format building it a perfect structure and making it again listed among masterpieces. 

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Tvf is one of the best platforms that create shows that get straightaway into your heart that create brilliant plots and scripts on real ongoing events in society which can be dramatic and inspirational. 

Saas bahu achaar, hostel daze, Gullak, Yeh Meri family, Tvf Tripling, Kota factory, and Permanent roommates are some of the best series to watch on tvf. 

  1. What is the full form of OTT? 

Over the top is the full form of OTT. Over the years OTT has given viewers an ocean of content to view and get entertained and binge 

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