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TVF Pitchers Season 2 Return After Seven years of Long wait on Zee5

TVF Pitchers season 2 is all set to jump back after a long wait of 7 years. TVF is one such Indian platform whose content can be binge-watched without going for much detailing in terms of review and viewership as the quality of the projects they deliver is far more pure and natural to decline and gives a top-class experience. 

TVF initially started the journey by creating shows and uploading them on its YouTube portal or on its own streaming platform that is TVF play but over the years, it moulded the pattern and signed deals with various streaming giants and in one of its deals with ZEE 5, both the mediums agreed to release 5 web series on Zee 5 and one web series among those deal was TVF Pitchers that originally was dropped in 2015. Engineering Girls, Humorously Yours, TVF Tripling, and The Aam Aadmi Family are the other four Web Series in the signed deal.


  • TVF pitchers are all set to stream its season 2.
  • The show will be released on Xmas. 
  • It will stream on Zee 5.
  • Season one of TVF Pitchers was a huge success in 2015 developing a Cult fan base. 
  • It was among the much-awaited franchises among any Indian web series. 

TVF Pitchers Season 2 Release Date On Zee5

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Earlier today season 2 of Pitchers was announced on Zee 5 and TVF official handle and this New OTT Web Series is all set to return and will be released on XMAS, confirming it as an exact Christmas gift. 

Vaibhav Bundhoo has already lightened up the excitement and thrill after his latest statement that the New OTT release will be improved a lot more in terms of story and visuals, the span of 7 years too has been precisely covered. 

TVF Pitchers has always been in the category of much-awaited Indian shows after the release of its first season that was brilliantly executed. The Web Series of TVF always stands away from the crowd holding emotion, message, and passion within, and never misses to inspire and give a message or a feeling of strong nostalgic emotion, that goes without saying with this show as well.

The show has definitely a cult fanbase and the news of the season 2 release has come as a complete spark. 

TVF Pitchers Season 1 Plot, Story, And Watch On OTT Platform

TVF Pitchers season 2 is all set to return after seven years of Long wait on : Best Series On OTT
TVF Pitchers season 2 is all set to return after seven years of Long wait on : Best Series On OTT
Title TVF Pitchers
IMDB 9.1
OTT platform Zee 5
Director Arunabh Kumar
Star cast Naveen Kasturiya, Arunabh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar, Abhay Mahajan, Maanvi Gagroo
Episodes: 5

The story of the web series revolves around four friends Jitendra Maheshwari (Jeetu) Yogendra (Yogi) Saurabh Mandal(Mandal) and Naveen Bansal(Naveen) who leaves their high-paying yet frustrating job and aspires to enter the world of entrepreneurship on a million dollar idea and thereafter a venture into the unknown unfolds. 

The first five episodes revolve around life changes and thrift with investors. Season 1 signs off with how for presenting an idea in NASSCOM they invest their whole energy and money and then the magic unwinds. 

The show holds a stubborn story yet succeeds in giving an emotional touch. From the discovery of the four friends for what they want in life to working towards achieving the goal is all inspiring. 

TVF Pitchers is inspired by the HBO series Silicon Valley but the fabrications and dressing up have done so well fitting it into the Indian audience. 

Pitchers is  one of the must-watch TVF mini-series based on Startup and Entrepreneurship

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

On which platform will Pitchers Season 2 be released? 

Season 2 of Pitchers is all set to stream on ZEE 5. 

Is TVF pitchers a remake? 

TVF Pitchers is not originally a remake but it is inspired by an HBO TV series Silicon Valley in many instances. 

Who is the owner of TVF? 

Arunabh Kumar is the founder of TVF. 

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