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TVF Half CA Web Series, Ahsaas Channa As lead Captures Emotion

TVF half CA web series is about the journey of a CA aspirant. The crowd seems so excited because it is going to be the first web series based on achieving the goal of being into Chartered Accountancy


  • TVF half CA Release Date is 26 July 2023.
  • You may Watch Half CA online for free. 
  • Amazon Mini TV is streaming it for free. 
  • TVF Half CA Web series cast is exceptional to skip, it has Ahsaas Channa, Gyanendra Tripathi, Prit Kamani, Anmol Kajani in major roles. 

Half CA Release Date, Cast & Rating

TVF Half CA Web Series Is An Ahsaas Channa Tale of Inspiration & Emotion
Half CA Release Date
TitleHalf CA
OTTAmazon Mini TV
Release Date26 July 2023
CastAhsaas Channa, Gyanendra Tripathi, Anmol Kajani
DirectorPratish Mehta 

Once again the viral fever is back with an inspirational franchise. It seems TVF is globally trying to connect all the dots of the competitive exams by making a verse of inspirational albums. TVF Aspirants, TVF pitchers, Kota factory, Laakhon Mein Ek, Selection Day, Cubicles, and now Half CA. Few of these target UPSC, whereas a few of them include cracking up Neet and IIT for admissions and now it’s yet again back to inspire the competitive world that ponders around the commerce background students. 

Who is Half CA Director Pratish Mehta? 

After the Half CA trailer was dropped on Youtube at once the praise began pouring in. Very soon it started trending and the urge to know the creator behind the lens was the most prominent query. 

Pratish Mehta is the director of half CA who himself was a student of Commerce. Being an actor, writer, and short film director he got his big break from TVF. Earlier he worked with witty feed and performed directing and acting and later was appointed as a creative director for the screen Patti. 

She has also marked his appearance as an actor in Kota Factory (2021), Cubicles(2022), Baap Baap Hota hai(2021), and Gullak, all of which were major successes. He later got his break as a director in the year 2023 where he directed the TVF web series SK Sir Ki class that has Shivankit Singh Parihar, Gagan Arora, and Abhilash Thapliyal as lead. Released in Hindi,  Tamil, and Telugu languages, S.K Sir ki class is a major hit and a part 2 announcement can be made real soon. 

Ahsaas Channa Age, Life, TVF Web Series 

TVF Half CA Web Series Is An Ahsaas Channa Tale of Inspiration & Emotion
Ahsaas Channa Age

Born on August 5th, 1999, Ahsaas Channa age 23 years. Born in a Punjabi family she has an entertainment background where her father is a producer in Punjabi films and her mother is a television actress. 

She started acting at a very young age and made her movie debut in the film Vastu Shastra when she was 5 and the journey continued giving her numerous success. She has appeared in films like Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, My Friend Ganesha, and Love Ka Tadka. 

Ahsaas Channa got real fame from the web series. TVF gave her first web series break in the year 2018. Girls Hostel, Kota Factory, Hostel Days, and now TVF Half CA Web Series, the commercial success of these series gave her immense opportunities as it was a major success. 

TVF Half CA Web Series Story: Streaming For Free

TVF Half CA Web Series Is An Ahsaas Channa Tale of Inspiration & Emotion
TVF Half CA Web Series

Half CA web series story will revolve around Archie (Ahsaas Channa) who wants to become a chartered accountant. This latest TVF original series is all about the struggle, pain, disappointment, and self-doubt that one suffers while preparing for one of the toughest exams in India. 

Not only this TV show captures the emotion and the self fight going inside the aspirant but also throws a perfect light on the societal approach when the child prepares for a competitive exam. Coming from the makers of Aspirants and Kota factory, this series has the total essence of what it takes to achieve something you really want. Juggling between life choices, choosing the one, and failing are the consecutive dots that get connected but falling 7 times and getting up eight times is what the TVF Half CA Web series conveys throughout. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

1. What Is Half CA Release Date?

TVF half CA Web Series release date is 26 July 2023. Based on the life of a CA Aspirant you may watch it online for free on Amazon Mini TV. 

2. What is TVF Full Form? 

The Viral fever is the full form of TVF. It is one of the largest on-demand media services that came in 2010. TVF also has many subsidiaries like TVF Machi, Fanda Curry, The Timeliners,  Girliyappa, and the screen Patti. 

3. List Out TVF Web series with good ratings? 

If it is a TVF series it has to have a good rating as the audience never get disappointed by watching any of the TVF show. To your surprise, each of them is rated above 7 at least. Yeh Meri family, Kota Factory, Aspirants, TVF Pitchers, The Insiders, Cubicles, Permanent Roommates, and the Aam Aadami family are one of the best TVF shows to binge-watch.

Half CA
TVF Half CA Web Series TVF Half CA Web Series,Half CA Release Date,TVF Web series

Director: Pratish Mehta

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