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Top Indian regional films of the year 2022 with high IMDB rating

Top Indian regional films of the year 2022: After a lengthy period of bleakness due to COVID-19-related limitations, 2022 gave new optimism to exhibitors and filmmakers, as well as a rush to the theaters. The successful material was pan-Indian in appeal, multilingual and eclectic, providing insight into the audience’s evolving interests.

Thus, it might be referred to as the year of regional film, at least in the Indian setting. From ‘777 Charlie’ to ‘RRR,’ here are a few regional films that did really well for the audience and critics this year. 

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Top Indian regional films of the year 2022 

1. Kantara Top Indian regional films of the year 2022 with high IMDB rating

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OTT Platform Netflix
IMDB 8.5
Genre Action, Drama

It’s been quite some years for Indian regional films and Kantara is a fine example of that. A contemporary Kannada film directed by Rishab Shetty poses an age-old question of land ownership. There are three conceivable responses: the monarch, the landlord, or the people. Or no one – land, like its owner, the Almighty, is forever. This three-way conflict is mirrored in the screenplay, which jumps from 1847 to 1970 and to 1990.

The cinematography is so strong and energetic that it also serves as a performance. The camera does a quick circular motion in one fight scenario, shot in a swamp on a wet night, upending the frame and emphasizing the violent dance. These scenes highlight Katara’s most powerful roar.

2. Padavettu

Top Indian regional films of the year 2022 with high IMDB rating

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OTT Platform Netflix
IMDB 7.8
Genre Drama

Talking about regional films and not mentioning Malayalam films would be a sin. Padavettu is a character study mixed with a sociopolitical drama. The majority of the first half is devoted to delving inside Ravi’s mind. The actor performs with tremendous control, and his physique aids him in navigating a new body language.

Towards the end of the first half, an explosive, action-packed interval boom erupts, as is customary for a typical mass entertainment film. However, the filmmaker fails to handle the tone shift as the plot shifts from a personal account of one man’s coming-of-age to a somewhat wide investigation of land politics.

3. 777 Charlie

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OTT Platform Prime Video
IMDB 8.9
Genre Drama

777 Charlie is the most underrated regional film on this list. The protagonist has dropped a masterpiece with his emotions. We see the love for his dog whom he names Charlie and there are such beautiful moments.

If the first half focuses on the relationship’s development, the second half contains some poignant moments that will leave you speechless. There’s a fantastic passage set in the backdrop of a dog show here that’s the equivalent of a final ball six in a cricket match – filmmaker Kiranraj scores high, tugging at the emotions. Rakshit Shetty plays the protagonist perfectly, with all the correct reactions, whether he’s annoyed by an intrusion in his life or afterward when his view on life changes. Charlie, the film’s central character, is a joy to see on the big screen.

4. Vikram

Top Indian regional films of the year 2022 with high IMDB rating

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OTT Platform Hotstar
IMDB 8.4
Genre Action

Tamil films are a signature of their cinematic prowess and in regional films, they are no less. Lokesh Kanagaraj directed this Tamil action thriller, a sequel to Kamal Hassan’s 1986 film. A well-oiled machine is required for an action thriller to work. Vikram is the machine in question. It’s an action-packed trip featuring a slew of characters from the start.

As you may know, the screenplay for the movie was inspired by Kamal’s concept of a protagonist. It is for the quest of a protagonist throughout the casual first half, which is heavily packed with several levels. Lokesh, as a writer-director, does an excellent job at world-building and maintaining the suspense. Vikram comes to life after the adrenaline-pumping interval sequence. Lokesh excels at action, and the second half features incredible stunts and excellent camera work.

5. RRR

Top Indian regional films of the year 2022 with high IMDB rating

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OTT Platform Netflix
IMDB 7.9
Genre Action

RRR probably has one of the best regional films of 2022. Directed by “SS Rajamouli”, the film is one of his finest works. Rajamouli has also mastered the way he works with and employs his actors as part of his shock-and-awe dramatic approach. NTR Jr. performance isn’t the major attraction, but it serves as the symbolic motivation that, coupled with a passionate scourging, causes an assembly of Indian people to assault Scott and his savage wife in a scene. Similarly, Charan’s steely-eyed performance in “RRR” is restricted, yet powerful enough to be considered superhuman.

The bro-mantic camaraderie and rhythmic physicality of Rao and Charan have already gone viral. In Rajamouli’s films, the spirit of the individual is more important than any single person, and “RRR” is a wonderful example of that. Rajamouli’s “RRR” reiterates his ideal for one nation under a nationalist spirit. Bheem and Raju are remarkable men because, at their core, they are aspirational representations of the people’s will.

These were the list of top Indian Regional film of 2022 that are worth watching and was a blockbuster on and off the screen. 

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1. Which South Indian Top Indian regional films were loved by the audience? 

Kantara, which was released in the last of September and 2nd week of November in the Hindi language Pan India was one of the most loved South Indian regional films in the year 2022 and it collected a huge amount at the box office. The film left behind the masterpiece of Indian cinema KGF and RRR in terms of IMDB rating and Rishab Shetty is glorified as a superstar being a writer, actor, and director of the film. 

  1. What is the IMDB OF the 777 Charlie film? 

The film is rated 8.9 on IMDB and is available on Voot select in Kannada language and on Prime Video in the Hindi language it is one of the most loved regional South top Indian regional films that has made its way directly to People’s hearts. The film engulfs the story of a dog who changed the perspective towards a life of a man. This movie should definitely be on your watch list. 

  1. RRR has won how many awards? 

SS rajamouli’s brilliant execution of RRR has been cheered up for Oscars and won many prestigious nominations apart from winning many awards as well. This action drama was shortlisted for the Oscars and the 95th film Academy awards. This period action drama is Star started and has a brilliant star cast of Junior NTR Ram Charan and Alia Bhatt. 

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