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Top Gun Maverick(2022) Classic Tom Cruise Action with Great Story on Prime Video

Years after graduating from Top Gun Maverick, Capt. Maverick is a test pilot due to continued indiscipline. His friend Admiral Iceman, the commander of the US Pacific Fleet, saves Maverick quite often.

RELEASE DATE ON OTT 25th August 2022
GENRE Action, Adventure
IMDb 8.5/10
DIRECTOR Joseph Kosinski
OTT PLATFORM Amazon Prime Video
STARRING Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly

Prime Video Action Movie Top Gun Maverick Plot, and Review

Rear Admiral Hammer Cain intervenes in the Top Gun Maverick drone-funding program and closes it. The template is ruined but Iceman saves his friend’s career again by sending him to North Island for his next program despite Hammer warning Maverick that his time will end soon.

top gun maverick Prime Video Action
top gun maverick Prime Video Action

The Navy’s task is to destroy a uranium enrichment plant that is unsanctioned and at the bottom of a canyon. It is protected by dangerous missiles, jammers, and skilled fighters. Maverick hatches a plan to launch an attack. Despite wanting to fly, he has to train a special group of Top-Gun: Maverick graduates under the orders of Air Boss Vice Admiral Cyclone, who is skeptical of the unusual methods of Maverick.

Tom Cruise Action Movie Top Gun Maverick Plot

Though he gains the respect of his juniors, Lieutenants Hangman and Rooster have a fight over their methods. Rooster reunites with ex-girlfriend Penny and shares that Rooster’s mother made him promise before dying that Rooster should not become a pilot. However, Rooster is unaware of this and hates Maverick for affecting his professional career and accuses him of his father’s death.

With no choice left, Maverick sends Rooster on such a risky mission. Iceman, who is dying due to throat cancer, encourages Maverick before his death that the Navy needs him.

top gun maverick Prime Video Action
top gun maverick

Cyclone removes Maverick as the trainer in Top-Gun: Maverick due to an accident during the training and changes the mission extent making it easier to carry out but the escape is made even more difficult. However, Maverick’s unauthorized flight intervention with his chosen parameters turns out to be successful during the training and Cyclone has to appoint him as the crew leader. Maverick leads the strike package, along with Lieutenant Phoenix and WSO Lieutenant Bob.

Rooster heads the second strike package, including Lieutenant Payback and WSO Lieutenant Fanboy. After the successful launch from the aircraft carrier, they destroy the nearby air base. The uranium plant is destroyed by the teams but their escape is now difficult.

What happens next? Are they able to escape successfully? Do Maverick and the other team members suffer any casualties? Watch Top Gun Maverick on Amazon Prime video to find the answers to all these questions.

Action Movie Top Gun Maverick Movie Review 

Top Gun Maverick is a sequel to Top Gun Maverick (1986) which also featured Tom Cruise as the lead. The plot shows the struggle of a skilled pilot in moving up the ranks of the Navy but somehow impeded by a lack of discipline and using unorthodox methods.

Maverick’s friend repeatedly saves his military career but when he dies, Maverick has no support from his seniors and his position is threatened. He has to prove his ability so that his team and the seniors do not jeopardize his career. Director Joseph Kosinski has done great work in filming and made all the action scenes look realistic.

The screenplay was excellent and gave the impression of actual Navy jet operations. Actor Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer have returned and delivered impressive performances. Despite being on the wrong side of the 50s, Tom’s performance was commanding and invigorating.

top gun maverick Prime Video Action
top gun maverick Action movie

The film did extremely well and grossed over $1 billion worldwide and was also the highest-grossing film of Cruise’s acting career. The film also has received several top award nominations in different categories. Critics have given a positive response to the film due to its entertaining tone and inspiring storyline.


The difficulties of the Naval operations and the valor of such officers are also highlighted throughout the film. Maverick’s story is like that of an unsung hero who has a rare opportunity to prove his mettle. Overall, a great movie with heroic action and leadership spirit.

Top Gun Maverick
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Director: Joseph Kosinski

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