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Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is not only the hub for web series in movies but it lets you find many of the top rated TV shows and binge it on. There are many American, British, Korean and Spanish shows available on Netflix that are worth the watch. 

A suitable Boy, Regiment Diaries, House of Cards, Back to 15, Black Mirror, Sweet Tooth, Breaking Bad, Chernobyl, The Wire, The World at War, are top 10 tv shows on Netflix. 

Netflix not only deals with a particular one or two genre but it has an ocean of it to offer. Whether it’s crime, drama, political drama, thriller, Romance, comedy suspense, children play Netflix never disowns its viewers interest. 

Best Comedy Movies on Netflix in Hindi TV Shows

Now It may be tough to keep up with the best Netflix shows, particularly when the streaming giant adds new titles to the dozens available each week. Consequently, we’ve compiled a list of the top 50 programs available on the service to help you narrow down your selection of must-sees.

Stranger Things,  squid game, sex education, The Sandman, Black Mirror are famous dramas. The crown and bridgerton are the famous royal dramas available. Blood of Zeus, Red Rose, Maya and the three, The Order, Big Mouth, Derry girls, Better Call Saul, Insecure, Russian doll are the famous franchise of the Netflix League.

Below you’ll find a list of Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix and Most Popular Shows a brief description of what everyone is watching which will provide you with immense entertainment.

1. Fukrey

best comedy movies on Netflix in hindi

Fukrey is one of the most loved Hindi comedy franchises that you simply can’t resist trying your hands on. The movie revolves around a group of four friends, Choocha, Lali, Honey and Zafar. These four always come up with a new scheme of earning money. They take their plan to Bholi and ask her to invest in the same but they tend to lose money and the consequences that fall are tough to face. Enloaded with different comic situations, this film is one of the best comedy movies on Netflix in hindi.

Recently, Fukrey has also announced its new franchise that is all set to release in theatre in December 2023.

2. Bareilly Ki Barfi

top 10 tv shows on Netflix

Starring Kriti Sanon, Raj kumar Rao and Ayushmann Khurrana as lead this film is a full bang on. The story revolves around Bitti Mishra(Kriti Sanon). Her family is behind Bitti and want her to get married but she escapes this time and got to read a book ‘Bareilly ki barfi’. She then went back home having a change of mind as she wanted to track the author of that book. 

Filled with many humorous and hilarious dialogues, Kriti Sanon is a full take away from the film. You definitely have to try this Hindi comedy movie. 

3. Breaking Bad

top 10 tv shows on Netflix

One of the best American television shows. Made under Vince Gilligan. Available with 5 Seasons. The story is about Walter White who is a chemistry teacher. One day he comes to know that he has developed cancer, treatment of which is very expensive. He begins to change his profession as he needs more money. Along with his partner Jesse he begins to change his priority. Dedication towards humanity is the main plot of the show. Breaking Bad is the most famous Netflix show ever which has gained a highest number of viewership. 

4. The Circle

top 10 tv shows on Netflix

Season 4 of The Circle is finally here, and it’s going to be even hotter than the previous seasons! What else can we expect from this year’s warmest season? Expect more catfishing, drama, money, and surprises as a new set of gamers compete in tasks for the ultimate cash award as a top influencer. Actress and comedian Michelle Buteau hosted the Circle. Starting on May 4, new episodes of The Circle will be published every Wednesday until May 25, when the series will end.

5. The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib

top 10 tv shows on Netflix

The odore Templeton is wrongly accused of embezzlement after the events of The Boss Baby: Family Business and is forced to revert to his old Boss Baby identity and live with his brother Tim and two nieces, Tabitha, brilliant giant kid, and Tina, a fellow Baby Corp employee. Boss Baby and Tina have organized a new Field Team to spread Baby Love while keeping The Uncuddleables, a new band of arch-enemies, from destroying Baby Corp. This show is a proper entertainment package.

6. Cobra Kai

top 10 tv shows on Netflix

There’s a good chance you missed Cobra Kai, the sequel to The Karate Kid when it first came out on Netflix. In Cobra Kai, Daniel’s former bully/karate opponent Johnny Lawrence abandons his ways and reopens the Cobra Kai dojo three decades after the last film’s events. It’s all available on Netflix now, and it’s a sad, gloomy look at growing up, moving on from the past, and deciding whether or not your previous accomplishments define you.

There’s lots of fanservice for Karate Kid fans, including appearances from original cast members. The series can stand on its own even if you are unfamiliar with the source material. So, what do you have to lose? It’s time to return to one of the most entertaining and interesting programs of the previous half-decade.

7. Ozark

top 10 tv shows on Netflix

Ozark arrived just in time to replace the void left by Breaking Bad in our lives. When Marty Byrde’s (Jason Bateman) money laundering scheme backfires, he (and his family) find himself in the Missouri Ozarks, surrounded by dangerous and evil individuals. And that’s only the start. The show’s final episodes are now accessible on Netflix, allowing you to see the whole season in one sitting. It has all of the action, twists, and turns that a top-tier Netflix series should have and cliffhangers.

8. The Lincoln Lawyer

top 10 tv shows on Netflix

The Lincoln Lawyer, a densely packed thrill ride following the trials (both emotional and literal) of L.A.’s best criminal defense attorney, Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), brings, if not an actual bit of Paste-favorite Bosch to a whole new audience, then at least the Connelly playbook to a whole new audience, thanks to Netflix.

In terms of looks, though, don’t expect anything comparable here.  With David E. Kelley of Ally McBeal as series creator and Ted Humphrey of The Good Wife as showrunner, The Lincoln Lawyer is as much froth as a high-level crime. In other words, if Harry Bosch’s tale is largely a sun-drenched noir, Mickey Haller’s story is essentially a sun-drenched sun-drenched sun-drenched sun-drenched sun-drenched sun-drenched sun-drenched sun-drenched sun-drenched sun- For the most part, this balance works.

The Lincoln Lawyer has no qualms about striving for primetime rather than prestige. Simultaneously, it stretches itself too thin between four major criminal plotlines and hundreds of personal ones. Despite this, the casting is brilliant, the performances are excellent, and the moral (and musical) links to Bosch are obvious.

9.The Witcher

top 10 tv shows on Netflix

Geralt of Riviera travels across the continent in The Witcher, hunting monsters and defending communities from destruction. However, the news affects not only Geralt but also Ciri, the Crown Princess, and Yennefer of Vengerberg, the witch. Based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, the Witcher has already become a Netflix sensation, with a spin-off animated series and a live-action prequel starring Michelle Yeoh.

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This is one of the best Netflix shows available, with amazing, ferocious, and terrifying fight scenes and an epic narrative spanning over many (though occasionally confusing) periods (though, sometimes confusing, timelines). The second season is a significant improvement in terms of quality, and it’s well worth seeing before more Witcher content arrives on Netflix.

10. Hellbound

top 10 tv shows on Netflix

Hellbound is a delightfully messed-up concept: the series depicts a parallel Earth invaded by monsters prepared to drag people to Hell, leading to the birth of the New Truth Society, a religious cult. A detective on one side of the tale attempts to unravel the mystery. On the other hand, the New Truth Society’s head is coping with society’s growing influence in the new world. Netflix has created a wonderful series worth your time, with engaging characters, mind-blowing narrative twists, and a burgeoning Korean scene.

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