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Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch on Netflix and Hotstar

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Zee5 have top 10 sizzling movies to watch, Lets get into the below article to help you get erotic: If you’re spending your weekend anticipating the release of the next Game of Thrones episode, we have something that might just distract you. We recommend calling your partner (or that totally normal girl you never called back) and planning a quiet night at your home, because we’ve got the right A rated movies to help you get in the mood.

Watch These Top 10 Sizzling and Erotic Movies on OTT

We’ve compiled a list of all the spicy movies available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Zee5 to get you through the weekend, ranging from old English classics to the most recent sensual films. So turn on the air conditioning and grab your favourite blanket because it’s about to be hot in here.

1. Fifty Shades of Gray

Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch
Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch

Streaming on latest movies to watch on Netflix. It was only a matter of time after EL James’ sexy novels became an international success that her steamy fare made its way to the big screen. Jamie Dornan finally stepped into the famous grey suit, with Dakota Johnson taking on the role of literature student Anastasia Steele, after multiple casting changes that elicited a passionate response from the film’s cult-like fans. Over the course of three films, Christian Grey instructs her on the ways of Seduction, starting with a chance interview.

2. The Roommate

Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch
Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch

Streaming best movies on Zee5 Sarah (Minka Kelly), a small-town girl who dreams of becoming a high-profile fashion designer, enrols in a Los Angeles college. She meets a lovely roommate in rich girl Rebecca (Leighton Meester) and is on her way to finding love and a future for herself, until she sees her roommate’s crazy side: too friendly, possessive, and delusional. Is she, however, also dangerous? Between love, friendship, and obsession, there is a fine line. Watch how a girl develops twisted affections for her college roommate and goes to great lengths to keep her to herself in this psychological thriller.

3. 365 Day

Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch
Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch

Streaming best movies on Netflix, 365 Days is one of the most popular adult films on Netflix, with new episodes appearing every week on the trending list. Laura is a sales director who is travelling to Sicily in order to save her shattered relationship. She meets Massimo, a member of the Sicilian Mafia family, while out walking. Massimo abducts her and gives her a 365-day term to fall in love with him. This Polish erotica drama film is based on Blanka Lipiska’s first novel in the trilogy. The film is enthralling and strangely enjoyable, breaking multiple Netflix records, but it also glorifies and romanticises harassment and manipulation.

4. Obsession

Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch

Streaming on best movies on Amazon Prime Video Obsession, also known as Rendez-Vous, is a 2015 psychological thriller about a young lady (Loes Haverkort) who inherits an old mansion in need of restoration and moves with her husband (Mark van Eeuwen) and child to the south of France. Things take a turn for the worst when she falls in love with a young contractor (Pierre Boulanger) and the two embark on a passionate love affair that threatens to derail everything. Then things take a turn for the worst even possible. Even while they take part in one of the most intense tales of adultery in recent memory, some of the encounters in this Dutch film are full of sheer desire.

5. Disobedience

Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video Disobedience is a 2017 romantic comedy that follows a New York photographer (Rachel Weisz) as she returns to London after her father’s death. She meets up with an old acquaintance and love interest (Rachel McAdams) while on the vacation, and the encounter swiftly grows into a heated and passionate love affair that leads her down a path of self-discovery as she doubts her faith and sexuality.

This forbidden love story takes place in a traditional Orthodox Jewish community and is filled with repressed feelings and sexual encounters between two women who are coming to terms with their feelings. And it’s possible that the idea of being considered as wicked, bad, and unnatural by many of the characters in this film contributes to the steamy nature of the relationship between the primary characters.

6. Newness

Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch

Streaming On Netflix The film Newness, released in 2017, depicts love in the current era through the use of dating apps. Two millennials from Los Angeles meet through a dating app and start dating. However, boredom sets in after a while, and they decide to re-ignite their chemistry in an unexpected way that challenges both emotional and physical boundaries. The film has the ability to turn you on in a variety of ways, from dreamy to lustful.

7. Bookends

Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video A young couple is forced to test their relationship when they find themselves suddenly attending a swingers party at one of their friends’ homes. Worse, they’re trapped inside the sex-filled party home while a hurricane rages outside the windows. While Bookend isn’t as disturbing or violent as some of the other films on this list, it does have a peculiar vibe that makes you feel like something horrible is about to happen. It’s a short, sweet, and sweaty 74-minute ride, but it’s also quite romantic and sexual.

8. Jennifers Body

Jennifers Body
Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch

Streaming latest movies on Disney+ Hotstar If you like movies that are equal parts terrifying and equal parts erotic, this one is a surefire hit. If you still need persuasion, here’s a spoiler (don’t worry, it’s the good kind): you’ll get to see Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried kiss. Jennifer Check (Fox) and Needy Lesnicky (Amanda Seyfried) are longtime best friends in “Jennifer’s Body,” which begins on a deceptively light note in high school. Jennifer is the class’s hottest and most popular girl, while Needy is, well, needy. Isn’t that her moniker?

9. Amar

Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch
Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch

Isn’t first love always magical and enticing? Laura and Carlos love each other as if it were their final day together, feeling the intensity and vulnerability of first love. But, as life goes on, their romantic beliefs are tainted as they try to adjust to maturity, and their love becomes a distant memory. Amar is a steamy romance film in which the protagonists’ lives are controlled by desire, love, and lust.

10. White Girl

Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch
Top 10 Sizzling Movies to Watch

A college girl, Leah, falls strongly for a young guy, Blue, who is a drug dealer she just met, over the summer in New York City. She seeks pleasure in all forms, from getting high with her new roommate to snorting cocaine lines with her employer. However, things fall apart after a night of partying, and Blue is arrested, with Leah attempting to free him. White Girl is one of Netflix’s most popular adult films, and it explores how drugs can bring people together and tear them apart, ruining their lives. The film is stimulating and sexually intriguing, with a lethal combination of drugs and sex.

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