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Top 10 Regional South Indian Films On Netflix

In terms of coverage of Southern India, the regional topic comes with a great presence, so Series ON OTT covered South Indian Films on Netflix list, particularly the Indian collection, which has a long way to go. When compared to other OTT providers, their regional variety is restricted.

List of Top 10 Regional South Indian Films on Netflix To Watch Online

However, as more Netflix original films are created in the United States, the tendency is altering. Netflix, India’s largest OTT service, will soon include the finest South Indian Film in its catalog. For these South Indians Movies, the ability to download movies via the Netflix app would be really handy. This list, which is updated on a regular basis, will lead you to the top 10 South Indian Regional Movies that will produce mass Entertainment accessible on Netflix right now

1- Visaranai

Top 10 regional south Indian Films on Netflix watch online

Visaranai (Interrogation) by Vetrimaaran is a nasty and unpleasant docu-drama about police abuse and corruption. Vetrimaaran aspires to portray a true-crime thriller that is rarely seen in Tamil cinema in terms of mainstream mannerisms. As a result, he may be able to look into the troubling reality of legal and judicial systems, as well as how they exploit the innocent.

2- Deluxe

Top 10 regional south Indian Films on Netflix watch online

‘Super Deluxe,’ the newest South Indian film by Thiagarajan Kumararaja, is darkly funny. When absurdist characters are enmeshed in deliberate ordinary surroundings, burning questions about myths and traditional ideals arise. Super Deluxe is a bold, gritty second feature from a filmmaker who clearly wants to use film as a tool to help people grow as individuals. It has an all-star ensemble that softens and heightens the tension throughout the film. This movie is pure Entertainment for all the viewers.

3- Merku Thodarchi Malai

Top 10 regional south Indian Films on Netflix watch online

Merku Thodarchi Malai (‘Western Ghats’) by Lenin Bharati is one of the most significant South Indian films of 2018, continuing the Tamil new wave. By following the lives of landless laborers whose daily lives are jeopardized, the documentary analyses how political emergence causes uncomfortable instability in the lives of regular people. Merku Thodarchi Malai (2018) is one of the best Regional Movies of South Indian Films on Netflix right now.

4- Baaram

Top 10 regional south Indian Films on Netflix watch online

Priya Krishnaswamy’s second narrative film, Baaram (Tamil, 2018), isn’t your typical purveyor of visceral, emotionally heightened, star-driven entertainment. It’s a realistic look at the practice of Thalaikoothal, which has taken root in certain sectors of Tamil society. Krishnaswamy creates a vital and thought-provoking cinematic study by combining elements of a minimalist family drama with factual truth.

After injuring his hip, a cash-strapped old watchman is bedridden. He dies a few days later in his ancestral village, where he was left to a quack by his son. The incident raises the suspicions of the dead man’s activist-nephew, who launches an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding his death.

The film reveals a sad, not-so-well-kept secret without resorting to sensationalism. This is one of the best Regional Movies on Netflix.

5- Lens

Top 10 regional south Indian Films on Netflix watch online

Lens, directed by Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan, is a squirmy depiction of real-life individuals. A devoted father and husband locks himself in his room to explore the dark, deep recesses of the internet.

The central theme of this gritty film is voyeurism, and the protagonist, Jayaprakash, is fascinated by cyber harassment and how it is becoming increasingly common.

6- Orange Mittai

Top 10 regional south Indian Films on Netflix watch online

Orange Mittai, directed by Biju Viswanath, has all the trappings of a road movie. It’s chock-full of the emotional punches that father-son road films are known for. The film is pleasantly de-dramatized to the point that it becomes a real investigation of a father-son relationship. It also includes sequences that demonstrate why fathering someone else’s kid is easier than fathering one’s own.

7- Manusangada

Top 10 regional south Indian Films on Netflix watch online

Amshan Kumar’s second feature film, Manusangada (Tamil, 2017), is based on actual events and is a visceral, hard-hitting picture of India’s chronic caste inequalities. The death of his father is announced to a Dalit guy. When he arrives at the hamlet for the burial ceremonies, he encounters opposition to his intention to take the “ordinary road” to the cemetery.

He’s told to take another route, one that’s intended, thorny, and just for the poor. He isn’t easily deterred and promises to fight for his rights. He must overcome a lot of social, logistical, and legal obstacles, prompting him to organize a protest despite the body’s freezing state. Manusangada is an engaging film that takes a humanitarian rather than a confrontational approach.

8- Sometimes

Top 10 regional south Indian Films on Netflix watch online

Sila Samayangalil (Sometimes) by Priyadarshan is the first Tamil film to be streamed in its entirety on Netflix. This is a significant stride forward for young Tamil filmmakers aiming to reform the grammar of mainstream Tamil cinema, as well as a tremendous help for South Indian filmmakers apprehensive about constructing chamber pieces focusing completely on the interaction of two or more individuals in a life-threatening scenario.

9- Mayam Sarvam Thaala
Top 10 regional south Indian Films on Netflix watch online

It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Sarvam Thaala Mayam (Tamil, 2019) is a long cry from the other films on this list regarding tone and texture. It’s a vibrant, upbeat musical about caste prejudice as seen through the eyes of cinematographer-director Rajiv Menon, who is making his return after a two-decade hiatus.

He pays a visit to Nedumudi Venu, a well-known mridangam player and a Dalit mridangam manufacturer (Kumaravel and his son G.V. Prakash Kumar). As the last-named tries to access the rarefied sections of Chennai’s Carnatic music festival, the two cultures collide and blend, oblivious to the abyss that divides them.

Menon pulls forth outstanding performances from his cast and imbues the story with a sense of controlled theatrical flair and emotional depth. The Netflix original Sarvam Thaala Mayam is mass entertainment for all viewers.

10- KD Karuppudurai Engira

Top 10 regional south Indian Films you can watch on Netflix.

Madhumita’s KD is a depressing dramedy that contrasts childhood with old age to show universal truths about life and death. It’s about an elderly man whose children are eager for him to pass away so they might inherit his fortune (another incipient instance of thailaikoothal but treated with dollops of humor).

He runs away from home and forms a bond with an orphaned boy who, for the time being, teaches him all he knows about life. With genuine characters pushed into real-life circumstances, the filmmaker conducts this fascinating narrative with great restraint. It’s a wonderful gem of a movie.

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