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Hollywood web series list available on Amazon Prime.

Hollywood web series list of Amazon Prime Video OTT Platform, Prime Video has never disappointed you in serving over-the-top entertainment. If you are confused about what to see next on Amazon, don’t worry, we got you covered. Whatever you are in the mood for, you will find it in this list of Hollywood web series on Amazon Prime.

The list shown here is updated, from the animated series Invincible to the thriller mystery drama The Wheel of Time. The best part is that these Hollywood web series are available in English and Hindi languages, so you don’t have to worry about where you are from because entertainment is guaranteed. So let us get into it.

Check the Top 10 Hollywood web series available on Amazon Prime.

1. The Boys

Top 10 Hollywood web series list
Top 10 Hollywood web series list

The Boys is one of the most popular Hollywood web series listed on Amazon Prime. The show is based on the superhero genre, but it is far more different from generic superhero movies that have been present and shown throughout the past ages. This Hollywood web series shows how the so-called superheroes which people love are just a bunch of people who help people for their own good and not to help people really.

The Hero of the story is a simple man without any power named Hughie whose girlfriend gets killed by a super.  He joins hands with Billy Butcher, who has an agenda of his own, and they join hands with each other to make the team of the boys. This web series is one deadly Prime video web series full of surprises.

2. The Wheel of Time

Top 10 Hollywood web series list
Top 10 Hollywood web series list

The Wheel of Time is a show that is a must-watch for everyone. This is an epic fantasy show similar to the movie Lord of the Rings. The Wheel of Time features a group of women, called the Isedai, who can use magical powers.

One of them sets out to save the world from the dark creatures. She has to find a savior, who is called “Dragon,” from four chosen people who will fight against the master of the dark and will save the world. Every episode of the series is worth watching, making it very popular.

3. Invincible

Invincible is a superhero-based show whose name is taken from the comic book of the same name by Robert Kirkman. This Hollywood animated show features Mark Grayson, who is the son of the most powerful superhero on Earth, Omni Man, aka Nolan Grayson.

After his 17th birthday, Mark gets his own powers and his father helps him learn more about them. This one may be an animated series, but it is super family-friendly and full of mystery, which you will find only after watching the show.

4. Vikings

Top 10 Hollywood web series list
Top 10 Hollywood web series list

Another Hollywood web series is Vikings, another web series on the list which is fantasy and fighting-based, which is quite similar to Game of Thrones, which shows full blood-drenched scenes and also violence. In this series, Ragnar Lothbrok is a farmer who, due to some circumstances, becomes a warrior. He searches and sails the seas of Europe with his wife, looking for vulnerable countries to capture. The story is very terrific and also very devious compared to the Vikings you have read about in the books.

5. Catastrophe

Catastrophe is a Hollywood hot web series that is underrated. Being a first-time parent is not as easy as it looks, especially when your partner is from another country and you don’t know them very well.

Sharon Horgan stars as an Irish schoolteacher in London who embarks on a week-long journey with her executives. They try to stay together after learning that she is pregnant. Watch the show to see why this one is the most romantic in this genre.

6. Jack Ryan

Top 10 Hollywood web series list
Top 10 Hollywood web series list

The next one on the Hollywood web series list is an action thriller called “Jack Ryan,” played by John Krasinski, who plays a CIA officer. Season one was a hit and this is the second edition of the series, which features actors like Wendell Pierce, Noomi Rapace, and Michael Kelly. If you want to enjoy an action-adventure web series then you should give it a go. Every episode will make you jump from your seats.

7. The Wilds

The Wild is an adventure horror web series that revolves around a group of people who crash land on an isolated island and try to find a way out of that place. While the start may be the same as in Lost, later many things change, which leaves everyone in shock.

A group of girls en route to Hawaii for a women’s power retreat find their plane crashed and they get lost on this mysterious island. The Wild gives more answers than others, but it is more interesting than Lost since there are only girls left on this island.

8. American Gods

Top 10 Hollywood web series list
Top 10 Hollywood web series list

American God is based on Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name, which is very impressive when it comes to showing reality. The Hollywood adult web series tells the fading of old gods and how they are replaced by new so-called gods who are familiar to us in the 21st century.

The gods that we are talking about are the gods of technology and the media, whom humans have given names. The show is very impressive and takes us into the world of technology and how humans are becoming slaves to it.

9. Mr. Robot

Top 10 Hollywood web series list
Top 10 Hollywood web series list

Mr. Robot was released in the year 2015 and became an instant hit. The web series is about hackers who use technology, but this show depicts that in a very good and unusual manner. The show stars actor Elliott Anderson as a computer genius who joins hands with Mr. Robot in the hope that they will free society from the grip of corporate America.

This one is a paranoid and tense coke-up show which features the mind of David Flincher. The details that are provided in the show are amazing. To watch offline this Mr. Robot Hollywood web series download Prime Video App.

10. Undone

Top 10 Hollywood web series
Top 10 Hollywood web series

Undone is like Bojack Horseman, which features 28-year-old Alma, who is unable to cope with the world. In the world alone, she is alone and disconnected from the world and her younger sister, on the verge of marriage, faces an accident.

But this car crash gives her power such that she can time travel and she can talk to her dead father, who wants her to solve a mystery about him. Undone is a very special kind of series that shows trauma and loss and also at the same time, it shows animation which is very overwhelming.

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