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Top 10 Disney Hotstar Short Films: Time to Take OTT Platform

Even as we brace to survive the relentless third wave of COVID-19, theaters are shut and big film releases have paused. However, a promising new trend is emerging in this space: a slew of realistic and sensitive, hence compelling, Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films set in these troubling times. Directors have started thinking up projects that are easy to execute, keeping in mind the topics which are the daily part of our lives in an appropriate behavior and protocol.

Discover The Top 10 Disney Hotstar Short Films

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I can provide you with a list of best  short films available on Disney+ Hotstar. This current spurt in short films which are available on various Best Series ON OTT Platforms. These films can serve if you’re seeking for something quick and thrilling to watch.

The following is a list of Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films:

1. Itwaar

Top 10 Disney Hotstar Short Films
Top 10 Disney Hotstar Short Films – Itwaar

This short film demonstrates that there is always a ray of hope, and that it is our mental condition that alters our outlook on the world at a time when darkness has been lurking over our existence. The lead role is played by the veteran actor Kumud Mishra, who is on a continuous rant over anything and everything.

But then comes the fantastic news, which entirely alters his mood, and everything that had previously irritated him now brings him joy and smiles. Rahul Srivastava wrote and directed the film, which is now available on Disney+ Hotstar.

2. Chhoti Biryani

Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films
Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films

The short film is a refreshing take on the old dad in the kitchen trope that is often employed  in a comical narrative. Chhoti Biryani uses it most effortlessly and manages to tickle your funny bone while maintaining a festive cheer throughout. A visible traditional Hindu Father- Son duo craving non-veg food on the occasion of Chhoti Diwali.

Interesting!! Isn’t it, Cravings for biryani right now. This wholesome and amazing short film is presented by Anurag Goswami, is one of the best Top 10 Disney+ Hotstar short films.

3. Lockdown Diaries

Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films
Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films

Based on India’s lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic, Lockdown diaries is a positive story about the sudden pause in our hectic routine. This movie is 12 min in duration. A Man brings positive insight and cheers up his granddaughter , where her parents are busy quarreling. A prominent role played by Actor Shishir Sharma is worthy to watch where you can relate your life with the story.

Being trapped behind the limits of the house, find yourself and break the walls of your head. Sanchayan Chakraborty has a concept that is offered on Top 10 Disney+ Hotstar short films Lockdown Diaries.

4. Mishti Doi

Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films
Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films

We’ve seen enough loud, melodramatic content throughout the decades owing to our television serials and movies when it comes to emotional family dramas. So it’s refreshing to see a short film about family troubles that relies solely on subtlety to get the desired effect. However, there are no big issues.

By focusing on the food components, the film arrives at its conclusion in a straightforward manner. Similarly to Mishti Doi, the film too leaves behind a sweet taste. Directed by Shibu Sable, the short film features Milind Use, Deepal Doshi and Bhawna Munjal. Produced by KBJ Entertainment, the movie was one of the Top 10 Disney+ Hotstar short films.

5. Detour

Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films
Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films

Short films are a one-of-a-kind narrative medium. You may present an amazing, thought-provoking story while also discussing the title’s important topics. In Sumi Mathai’s Detour, Vikrant Massey and Sayani Gupta partner together to do the latter. In the short time that the film has, it builds a warm, full of hope trope, and it makes the point that even simple things can infuse just the appropriate amount of optimism needed.

It’s a refreshing example of how a basic and charming conversational story can avoid all gimmicks while speaking to you in plain English. The film is one of the Top 10 Disney+ Hotstar short films.

6. U Turn

Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films
Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films

Women have been considered the weaker gender since the old times but now women have proved themselves stronger and better and they are not ready for being taken for granted. One of the Top 10 Disney+ Hotstar short films “U-Turn” which shows that there is no need to suffer in life. Sriti Jha, who has been in a number of TV serials, is one of the most popular and well-liked stars in the Indian television business.

You will also get to see the famous actress Supriya Shukla who played the character of Sriti’s mother in TV serial Kumkum Bhagya. You just can’t miss watching this short movie because they are going against the set rules of society and taking U-Turn, giving a second chance to life and making their own Rules.

7. Devi

Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films
Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films

Devi makes you feel even more helpless when you consider the daily flood of rape incidents publicised in the media and the fear that every woman feels. A story about a group of women who appear to be from various worlds but are stranded in the same room.

In the next 13 minutes, the story unfolds as we learn about the devastation they have gone through. Kajol, Neha Dhupia, Shruti Haasan, and Neenu Kulkarni feature in this film, which will make you feel terrible for the state of women in India. Priyanka Bannerjee directed the film, which is best short films on Hotstar.

8. Everything is Fine

Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films
Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films

Everything is fine, an 18-minute short film with lengthy, sturdy legs, is not so. Seema Bhargava, the leading character, takes to the screen all of the collected hurt of the character’s 35 years of smothering all of her ambitions, large and small, in that one short span of time. More is conveyed in the film than what we see on screen.

The mother-daughter team will make you feel like you’re in a typical family story. Watch this film not only for the central performance, but also because it tells us so much about a typical daily housewife’s broken ambitions in such a short amount of time. Mansi Nirmal Jain directed this short film, which is best short films on hotstar.

9. Ouch

Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films
Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films

The film is directed by Manoj Bajpayee and stars Manoj Bajpayee. Ouch is a promising short film that you should not miss. An extramarital relationship, no matter how nice and relaxing it is now, will always lead to an awful situation in the future. Pooja Chopra, the former Miss India, has a significant role in the film.

The plot of the film centers around the difficulties of an extramarital affair, and it is fascinating to see. If you like Manoj Bajpayee, you can watch his Best Movies on Disney Hotstar. The film is directed by Neeraj Pandey, who is known for providing us with superb cinematic material.

10. Her First Time

Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films
Top 10 Disney Hotstar short films

Starting with the title, this is a far too simplistic film about a girl dealing with the “female thing” while her gynecologist mother is away at the hospital dealing with a highly pregnant young lady. Her father is the only one at home. This film tries to normalize a moment that many families either ignore or sweep under the rug of cultural etiquette.

Despite his mild attitude, the father is awkward but remains receptive and doesn’t hesitate to communicate his own perspective. The story will undoubtedly bring back memories of your first encounter. Satyajit Sharma plays the father in the film, which is directed by Divya Unny, one of the best movies on hotstar hindi.

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