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Best Top 10 Bollywood Horror Movies Available To Watch On Prime Video

We Got You Covered With The Top 10 Best of Bollywood Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime Video.  Amazon Prime Video has managed to gain immense popularity in India due to its affordable subscription pricing and quality content.

Top 10 Bollywood Horror Movies On Prime Video List 

In recent times, Prime Videos has become a premium OTT platform for Bollywood Hindi Movies and has listed many Bollywood movies available for streaming. Also, the variety of categories provided by the OTT giant has attracted a huge section of Hindi film lovers from the Indian community. Horror, among other genres, is the one that always creates thrill and suspense in the minds of the audience. Prime has many Hindi movies from the Bollywood cinema. Let’s have a look at the ten best Bollywood horror movies on Prime Video.

1. Chhorii

IMDb- 7

Chhorii Bollywood horror movies on Prime Video
Chhorii Bollywood horror movies on Prime Video

This movie is in perfect sync with a proper Indian setting. The plot depicts a married couple, the wife of which is a pregnant woman, portrayed by Nushrat Bharucha, who relocate to an isolated region with a house when the husband is unable to repay the loans he took from the money lenders. However, the house they move into has a dark secret that will wreak havoc in their lives.

The movie’s ending will have a shocking effect on the audience. The storyline keeps you intrigued throughout and stands out for its scary elements. Director Vishal Furia is praised for choosing a contemporary and evil practice of female infanticide and developing his story around the same. The Chorrii film is also praised for its cinematography and realistic elements of horror. If you are someone who is into household horror, you would like this movie.

2. Pari: Not a Fairy Tale

IMDb – 6.6 

Pari Not a Fairy Tale Bollywood horror movies on Prime Video
Pari Not a Fairy Tale Bollywood horror movies on Prime Video

This movie is one of the most powerful works of Anushka Sharma as an actor-producer. The plot shows a man who rescues a traumatized woman who is found in an uncanny situation in an isolated forest. Apprehending danger to her life, he offers her shelter at his home without being aware of her dark secret.

Director Prosit Roy has been praised for not making this film a mainstream Indian Bollywood horror movie list. Rather the story develops in its own distinct manner. The cinematography of the movie is excellent and the art direction has done really well too. If you like depth in the horror genre which focuses on a particular theme, you will be drawn to this film.

3. Raaz

IMDb- 6.6

Raaz Horror comedy movies bollywood
Raaz Horror comedy movies Bollywood

This is a psychological horror-thriller Movie with subtle horror sequences. The plot depicts a young couple, whose marriage is about to break. But they decide to try one last time and spend time together in Ooty where they had fallen in love. But when they reach their Ooty house, chaos ensues as the wife realizes that the house is haunted and there is a dark past associated.

The director Vikram Bhatt has been particularly praised for selecting a distinct theme in the movie. Bipasha Basu, who plays the role of the wife in the movie, has given some great shots of supernatural presence. The atmosphere of eerie and terror is built by her sequences which involve thrill and sound. Also, the cinematography of the film is great.

4. 13B: Fear Has a New Address

IMDb- 7.3

Bollywood Horror Movie 13B Fear Has a New Address
Bollywood Horror Movie 13B Fear Has a New Address

This movie is a perfect combination of goosebumps and chill factor. It is different from the usual desi horror. The plot showcases an Indian family who moves into a new flat, whose number is 13B. However, panic ensues when it is revealed that a television show only plays in his house, and whatever is shown starts affecting the family. The story is interesting with many subtle twists.

This Bollywood Horror Movie is also lauded for its cinematography and screenplay. It is the kind of film that keeps the horror element brewing along with the normal aspects, giving you an idea of the why and how of the mysterious events.

 5. Ek Thi Daayan

IMDb – 5.8

Bollywood horror Movie Ek Thi Daayan
Bollywood horror Movie Ek Thi Daayan

This film is about a magician, who is great at his art. The plot depicts Bobo, who plays the character of a magician portrayed by Emraan Hashmi, whose childhood and growing years have their own secret. He is a kid who grows up reading about witchcraft and magic. He is so obsessed with the themes that they start affecting his real life.

The story unfolds in an interesting manner and keeps your attention intact till the climax. Director Kannan Iyer has done really well in showing the supernatural element amidst stereotypical emotions. The movie is a great combination of horror, suspense, and reality. You would like this movie if you are into witchcraft films, you can enjoy these Bollywood Horror Movies on Prime Video.

 6. 1920


1920 Horror comedy movies bollywood
1920 Horror Comedy  movies bollywood

This movie gives an appropriate goosebumps sentiment with love and horror sequences. The plot spins around the occasions encompassing a wedded couple (Rajneesh Duggal as Arjun and Adah Sharma as Lina)  residing in a scary place in the year 1920. The mansion is detached in the wild and has secrets and curses.

The horror scenes chill down the spine with an effect of the aesthetic romance of the early era. Without a doubt, 1920 is amongst Vikram Bhatt’s finest works that catch the mood completely. This movie comes with deep music from artists like Kailash Kher and Pt. Jasraj which aims at heart. Concerning the debut pair, Adah Sharma and Rajneesh Duggal deliver a consummate performance. Overall if you are a fan of early 20th century love and horror, 1920 is perfect for you.

7. Bhoot – The Haunted Ship


Bhoot – The Haunted Ship Horror comedy movies bollywood
Bhoot – The Haunted Ship Horror comedy movies Bollywood

This movie comes with a fine direction of subtle horror with the effects of comedy. Although it’s not strikingly funny, it cracks you up in some scenes. The movie recounts the story of an official who needs to move a deserted ship lying on Juhu Beach, Mumbai. The plot revolves around Vicky Kushal as Prithvi who sees a girl through the hole of the ship.

Prithvi comes to believe that the girl he saw is Meera and that she has been possessed by the ghost for 11 years. The first half is quite engaging and raises a few gasps and chills. The uncanny surrounding inside creates a dark, mysterious backdrop to the plot unfolding. The music and VFX are also exquisite. So, if you are a mainstream horror enthusiast this movie is for you.

8. Dybbuk

IMDb- 5.1

DYbbuk  Horror comedy movies bollywood
DYbbuk Horror comedy movies bollywood

This movie, as the title suggests, depends on Jewish old stories. A few succumb to paranormal exercises after the spouse brings back an antique Jewish box. After looking for a rabbi’s assistance, they discover that it is a dybbuk box, moved by an insidious soul. The storyline spins around supernatural incidents and activities.

The movie is directed by Jay K. and features Emraan Hashmi and Nikita Dutta as the main actors. The VFX and cinematography is quite impressive. The storyline is interesting and quite mainstream. People having paranormal and supernatural interests should give it a watch.

9. Alone


Alone Prime video horror movie
Alone Prime video horror movie

This movie is a bloody and gore movie coordinated by Bhushan Patel, featuring Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover. Sanjana’s life is destroyed by the abhorrent soul of her conjoined twin who passed on during a medical procedure. Jealousy and vengeance lead to a horrific event that ruins the main character’s peace.

The storyline is mainstream but the cinematography is splendid and it is worth the watch. The songs of this movie are just commendable as they come with the perfect effect of love and romance. Spins around love, intimacy, romance, and horror this movie is an ideal watch for people loving the basic love horror genre.

10. 1920: Evil Returns


1920 evil returns most horror movie in bollywood
1920 Evil returns most horror movies in bollywood

This movie gives the impression of a classic horror story. Jaidev, a poet, helps a girl who cannot remember her past life. However, he soon realizes the woman is possessed by a spirit and things get out of control. The best part of the movie is the songs and the soothing music of well-known artists.

Aftab Shivadasani and Tia Bajpayee were praised for their performances. Director Bhushan Patel is appreciated for his subtle attention to romance as well as horror elements. The huge haunted mansions, the aesthetic scenes, the coldness of nights, and the music of violins keep you on the edge of your seat. So, this is a classic love horror for people adoring 20th-century love.

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