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Thunivu Movie Review: Ajith shines this H. Vinoth-style anti-hero film: New 2023 release

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Director: Boney Kapoor

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Thunivu Movie Review: The most anticipated Tamil film Thunivu movie is now on the ott platform Netflix streaming from 8th February in various languages in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and others. The ott film features Ajith Kumar, Majnu Warrier, John Kokken, Samuthirakani, Prem Kumar, and others in major roles. The movie was released on 11th January 2023 in theaters after its successful run in theaters and now it’s streaming on Netflix. Let’s head toward Thunivu Movie review.

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Thunivu Movie Review:

Thunivu Movie Review: Ajith shines this H. Vinoth-style anti-hero film

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Title Thunivu
OTT Platform  Netflix
OTT Release Date  8th February 2023
Theater Release Date 11th January 2023
IMDB  6.7/10
Genre Mystery, Thriller
Cast Ajith Kumar, John Kokken, Majnu Warrier, Samuthirakani
Story  H. Vinoth
Produced Boney Kapoor
Language  Hindi, Tamil, Telugu

Ajith Kumar’s last movie Valimai was a flop at the box office and was not appreciated by the critics as well. 

Thunivu became a hit movie after its successful run in theaters. The ott film was produced by Boney Kapoor and it was released at the Pan India level.


  • Thunivu on Netflix is now streaming.
  • The ott film is available in various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and others.
  • Thunivu is the new movie by Ajith Kumar.
  • The article below gives a glimpse on Thunivu movie review.

Thunivu movie is the next release of Ajith Kumar after Valimai and is one of the best action-thriller films. The plot of the movie is set in Chennai where a heist has happened in a bank. The robbery is led by Dark Devil (Ajith Kumar) and his team. The reason behind this crime is not revealed yet. Who is the Dark Devil? Why is he doing the heist? 

To unwrap the answers watch the latest movies on the ott platform on Netflix which is also available in Hindi.

Thunivu Movie Review

Thunivu Movie Review: Ajith shines this H. Vinoth-style anti-hero film

The plot of the ott film is written and directed by H. Vinoth. This new movie is next with Ajith Kumar after Valimai. The story is gripping which fills a thriller that holds you while watching and the screenplay is also written by him, especially in the Hindi version which is decent.

The thrill is notable as the movie is an action thriller genre. The first half of the ott film is good enough but the second half movie gets slow sometimes, in the climax part which gives you all the answers.

The performances of actors like Ajith Kumar as Dark Devil the leader and a mysterious person who is rebellious and unpredictable which was flawless again. Manju Warrior as Kanmani who is working with Dark Devil and an important member gang, her performance was notable. The performances of supporting actors are noteworthy.

The direction of H.Vinoth is acceptable. The background of music in Ghibran is notable mainly in the thrilling moments where music makes a more tense environment which makes gripping while watching the ott film.

While watching the ott film you may feel other filmmakers like Shankar and Murugadoss who don’t believe in the grand style and make it as simple and smooth as the big-budget movie and the narrative style is quaint. 

Thunivu on Netflix has also disclosed the reality of a government where corruption is on a high level which is relevant. It’s also a social commentary that pretends to be a robbery film.  The ott film has criticized media that are not doing their work properly.

The new movie has also focused on the gang war between Dark Devil vs Radha (Veera) when the heist on the bank and suddenly the Dark Devil comes and takes Radha’s gang members hostage along with the bank employees.

Thunivu on  Netflix overall is a binge-watch if you are a fan of action, thriller, and mystery movies and also a south Indian actor Ajith Kumar fan then you should watch Thunivu on Netflix.

Thunivu box office collection is notable as the budget of the movie is 200 rupees whereas it earned at the box office around rupees 183.15 crores worldwide. The film clashed in theaters on the same date 11th January with Vijay and Rashmika Mandana starrer Varisu. 

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1. Is the Thunivu movie on Netflix a remake?

According to the sources Thunivu’s movie on Netflix is not a remake it’s an original movie by H. Vinoth. You have hardly found similarities with other movies which are notable, especially the story.

  1. What is the budget for the Thunivu Movie?

The budget of the Thunivu movie is rupees 200 crores, and the Thunivu box office collection is rupees 185 crores. This was a clash with Vijay and Rasmika Mandana’s starrer movie Varisu.

3. Who is the heroine of Thunivu?

There are two actresses in the Thunivu film, Manju Warrier as Kanmani who is the main lead actress in the movie. And the other lead actress Pavani Reddy as Achara in a major role.

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