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Through My Window Review, Straight From Collection of Romance on Netflix

Through My Window Review Netflix, February, and romance is a perfect combination, and following the same Netflix released a Spanish teen romantic film which is based on the novel of the same name (through my window) released on 4th February and has a runtime of 116 minutes. The movie is dubbed in Hindi and is originally in English and can be in both languages on the Netflix OTT Platform.

Through My Window Highlights

  • Release date- 4th Feb 2022
  • Genre: Teen Romance film.
  • IMDB-5.5/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes- 83%
  • Platform: Netflix(OTT)
  • Star Cast: Julio Pena, Clara Galle, Hugo Arbues, Guillermo lasheras as lead. 

Through My Window  Plot, Story, Cast, And Review

The story starts with the protagonist Raquel narrating her life.  There was a boy named Ares, who lived in front of her house. Ares was a millionaire. Raquel was totally obsessed with him and kept on stalking him on the Internet and through her window. The main plot of the movie starts with the stoppage of her Wi-Fi.

Through My Window netflix romantic film series on ott
Through My Window Netflix romantic film series on Ott

When she came to her window she witnessed his(Ares) brother who thanked her thinking she had given Aris the Wi-Fi password. She gets confused and finds he has hacked the computer and cracked the password. Raquel warns him but Ares writes the code on her hand which says ‘Ares Greek god’ which clearly shows that she has fallen for him, the couple share an intimate moment with each other there.

Later after one party, Raquel buys a drink for Apollo(Ares’ brother) who gets so drunk that she has no other option except to bring him home. Ares also comes there and shares some more intimate moments together; they never shared an emotional connection except a physical one.

After Raquel gets drunk one day, Ares tells her about his past related to his mother and father’s extramarital affair and his fear to love someone but Raquel does not pay heed to anything as she was too drunk to listen.

Ares takes Racquel to a family gathering where she gets humiliated to see her mother working as a waitress but later feels sorry for her behavior and parts from Ares when she gets the news of him drowning rushes back save him and stays in the hospital, they both get united later giving a Happy ending to the love story.

Netflix Romantic Movie Through My Window Review

Through My Window hindi dubbed movie netflix series on ott
Through My Window Hindi dubbed movie Netflix series on Ott

A romantic drama film Through My Window, was released in both Hindi and English language. The concept of the movie is so plain, old, and regular. A love story of a millionaire boy and a middle-income family hailed girl. Makers of the film in order to give a bold and modern touch filled the movie with unwanted nudity.

The chemistry between the character is not an emotional connection and better be called lust at times. If you don’t like litchi and generic love stories, please stay away from the movie. The movie has absolutely no plot and all the scenes were mixed with random intimate scenes which are not at all needed.

Hindi Dubbed Netflix Drama Film Conclusion

Through My Window romantic movie on netflix review series on ott
Through My Window romantic movie on Netflix review series on Ott

The actors have nothing to offer much as a storyline and the screenplay was very weak and it fails to provide soul to them. Talking about the screenplay as compared to the other original content on OTT, it is very fragile and not up to the mark. The movie more of feels derivative and disappointing with no smell of freshness. It only offers boldness. If you are a fan of bold content and the plot really does not bother you, it will be good though.

Through My Window
Through My Window netflic romantic film Through My Window Review,Through My Window

Director: Julio Pena

Date Created: 2024-05-22 14:55

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