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There are 10 must watch Thriller Web Series on Netflix that you shouldn’t miss

Thriller Web Series on Netflix, below are List of Top 10 .

When it is about watching a web series, the one genre which comes to everyone’s mind is thrillers, the feeling of never ending thrill which makes you on the Edge of your seat.

Luckily, there are many thriller web series which you can watch on the Netflix OTT platform.  So if you want to Binge watch exciting thrillers, We got you covered and present a list of the best thriller series which are available on Netflix to stream.

1. The Fall: Thriller Web Series on Netflix

Thriller Web Series on Netflix

The Fall is a series about a Detective, Gillian Anderson, who is trying to solve a murder case by getting inside the head of the serial killer, Paul specter . Like Joe In you, spector is an expert at hiding in the plain sights, and he is also very good at covering the things which he did.

There are three seasons of the show  which shows a captivating relationship between Stella and Spector. There are total of 17 episodes ,  you can watch the show in one or two days, which make it more watchable.

2. Criminal: United Kingdom: Thriller Web Series on Netflix

The series is about a team of investigators interrogating a different suspect and they are trying their hardest to find out if he is guilty or not. The show is very good which keeps the audience guessing what is right or what is wrong.

There are multiple suspects who are played by well known actors such as David Tennant, Kit Harrington, or Hayley Atwell, who gave excellent performances in the show. There are German And Spanish versions of the show which are also available.

3. Behind Her Eyes (2021): Thriller Web Series on Netflix

Behind Her Eyes is about a Single Mother Louise (Simona Brown) who is about to join his new job , but when he joins the job, she finds out that the man she hooked up with the night before is her new boss.

They get into a steamy affair and she becomes friends with his wife. This drama looks very straight forward but this is not what it looks like. But later this drama turns shocking and weird which is very hard to watch in some cases.

4. Body guard(2018): Thriller Web Series on Netflix

Bodyguard features famous actor from Games Of Thrones Richard Madden who plays as David Budd. The web series is about the Protection of UK’s Home Secretary (Keeley Hawes), whose bodyguard, Budd must devote himself to the politician’s protection, he is still reeling from PTSD after serving in Afghanistan and feels unwell for working in war.

The show is very good which shows that Budd has to protect the one he is saving and while maintaining personal views to potential attacks and developing attraction for a woman whose policies he cannot stand, which makes the drama more watchable.

5. Breaking Bad (2008-2013): Thriller Web Series on Netflix

Breaking bad is the most famous show of its time, with one of the highest ratings in the history ever.  The show is about Walter White , a chemistry teacher , who one day discovers that he has been suffering from cancer and he is on his last stage.

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In his last days, he joins hands with a meth drug dealer and starts making drugs in his van using the chemistry knowledge he has. He earns a lot of money while facing many challenges from his rivals from the same business and the police. The show is very addicting since the show has everything which will make you watch it In one go.

6. HellBound ( 2021): Thriller Web Series on Netflix

Thriller Web Series on Netflix

Hell Bound is a Korean Drama in the list, which is based on supernatural Phenomena which happens with people. The story is about Humans , who live their lives, in which they do many things and some of the things which they do might be considered In the category of Sin.

The web series describes how God is sending his army of Demons to kill all the humans who have done any sin in their past lives. The web series is full of things which are considered Supernatural by humans.

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7. Narcos (2015-2017): Thriller Web Series on Netflix

Narcos is a thriller Drama which is about Colombia during the reign of legendary Kingpin Pablo Escobar.  The story is about a small man who becomes the biggest drug lord in the country at the time of the 80’s.

The show tells his story as he is becoming more dangerous while the Americans are behind him to stop his reign and the wrong things he is doing by selling drugs. This is mix of archival fictionalization which keeps you engaged and reminds that a literal genocide had to happen.

8. Peaky Blinder (2013): Thriller Web Series on Netflix

Thriller Web Series on Netflix

Peaky blinders is a 20th century period drama, which is about Thomas Shelby , a World War 1 patriarchal crime boss who wants to up his family’s social and financial status in England.

The story is somehow similar to the real life gangs based in Birmingham around the late 1800s. There is regular clash between the rival gangs and thugs.  There are some famous scenes and dialogues which makes this web series even more popular among the youth.

9. You (2018): Thriller Web Series on Netflix

You is one of the famous thrillers in the list, which is about a Bookstore Employee (Penn Badgley) , who is a secret serial killer with a dark past in question. He makes his way into a girl and her bizarre friends, and murders them all before shipping off to LA, to avoid being caught but he continues to murder at that place as well.

The web series has some amazing secrets which will make you drop your Jaws when you watch it.

10. Squid Games: Thriller Web Series on Netflix

Squid Game is probably the number one show of last year, which is a Korean Drama. The story is about a group of people, who are suffering from Debt or other financial problems, they are given a chance by mysterious organizations to play a game and the one winner will take all the money with him.

They are taken into a mysterious island , where they play childhood games but when someone eliminates them they kill that person, which makes this game more dangerous.  Watch the show to see how they compete with each other to win the money.

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