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The Whale OTT Release: Streaming On This Platform

The Whale
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Director: Darren Aronofsky

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The Whale OTT Release: Today, The Whale, an Oscar-nominated movie is streaming on Sony Liv from 12 am onwards. It features Sadie Sink, Brendan Fraser, and Hong Chu in major roles.

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 The Whale OTT Release:

The Whale OTT Release: Streaming On This Platform

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After winning the Oscars 2023 ott platform Sony Liv uploaded the whale to their content streaming gallery. The Oscar-nominated film has competed with Everything Everywhere All At Once in various categories.


  • The whale ott release: Streaming since today on Sony Liv.
  • Brendan Fraser won best actor for this film in the Oscar 2023 awards.
  • The whale is focused on the father and daughter relationship.
  • The whale is based on the book by Samuel D. Hunter.
  • The runtime of the film is 117 minutes. 

The whale, This Oscar-nominated movie is an adaptation of the book by Samuel D. Hunter. It was released in theaters worldwide including in India on 3rd February 2023.

Movie Name The Whale
Genre Drama
Cast Sadie Sink, Brendan Fraser, Hong Chau
IMDB 7.8/10
Theatrical Release Date 3rd February 2023
OTT Release Date 16th March 2023
Director Darren Aronofsky
OTT Platform Sony Liv

 The plot film is set in Idaho where Charlie (Brendan Fraser) is an introvert suffering from obesity and a professional English teacher. He is hiding in his own flat. He wants to connect with his teenage daughter Ellie for the final time. 

Will he succeed in his last wish? Watch the oscar-nominated movie on SonyLiv.

The Whale OTT Release: Review

The Whale OTT Release: Streaming On This Platform

The story which is written by Samuel D Hunter could reconnect with body shaming that people who are suffering from obesity dislike their appearance can relate to this ott film.

The performances of actors such as Brendan Fraser as Charlie have done a noteworthy job and yes he deserves an oscar award for which he has won. 

The supporting cast such as Hong Chau as Liz was appreciable and for her performance, she was nominated for the Oscars as the best supporting role. Sadie Sink as Ellie who no longer lives with her father leaves you quite emotional and other actors have done satisfying work in the film.

Fraser who is an obesity patient has done a great job and looks like one.

The direction of Darren Aronofsky is gratifying. He also shows homosexuality in the film which many people compare to the 2020 movie Black Swan. 

The overall review of the whale is worth watching if you are a fan of the social drama movies genre. 

The whale ott release date is 16th March 2023 from 12am onwards on the ott platform Sony Liv.

The whale has competed with many movies at the Oscars such as Everything Everywhere all at once, in many categories. On 12th March 2023, Brendan Fraser won the best actor at the Oscars 2023.

Everything Everywhere all at once is also available on the ott platform Sony Liv and also in Hindi.

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1. When is the whale ott release scheduled?

Yes, the Oscar-winning movie The whale ott is released on the ott platform Sony Liv which is streaming today after one month of theatrical release.

2. Is the movie The Whale based on a true story?

The Whale is not a factual account of events. Although the play was inspired by Hunter’s life, it is still a work of fiction. None of the characters in the movie, including Charlie played by Brendan Fraser, are based on real people.

3. What is the message of The Whale?

The most impactful concept of the movie is atonement. But like with The Wrestler, Darren Aronofsky’s film left audiences with unanswered questions. The Whale’s resolution clarified Charlie’s wish to see Ellie happy before passing away. He believes that only by doing this can his previous transgressions be forgiven.


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