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The Trial On Hotstar: Do Kajol Need A Remake? 

Kajol starrer, The Trial on Hotstar is all set to mark its step on OTT. It feels Kajol is more inclined towards  OTT as of now. We have already spotted her on Netflix’s original anthology Lust Stories 2 whereas Kriti Sanon has announced her first film ‘Do patti‘ as a producer that too will have a Netflix release. Do patti movie will also have Kajol as lead. Getting back on the topic, let’s review The Trial On Hotstar. 


  • The trial release date is 14 July 2023.
  • The trial web series will have Kajol in a titular role. 
  • The trial is a courtroom drama. 

The Trial On Hotstar

The Trial On Hotstar: Do Kajol Need A Remake? 
The Trial on Hotstar

Hotstar keeps on experimenting with its shows and adaptation concept. Once again Hotstar has adopted a famous Hollywood franchise show to embed an Indian touch into it. The Trial on Hotstar is an official adaptation of an American drama ‘The Good Wife’.

Kajol is always extraordinary as an actor and she has given tremendous performances over the years which has only taken the audience’s expectation sky high. The trial release date is 14 July 2023 and it will release all the episodes on the same day. 

The Trial Story

The Trial On Hotstar: Do Kajol Need A Remake? 
The Trial Story

The trial story revolves around a couple Rajiv Sen Gupta(Jisshu Sen Gupta) and Noyonika Sen Gupta(Kajol). Rajiv Sengupta is an additional judge who is arrested and is accused of taking sexual favors as a bribe. All of his assets get frozen until proven innocent. 

Noyonika was a lawyer but has given up her career. After the arrest of her husband when no one gets ready to take up her case and things get more severe, she decides to join a law firm as a junior lawyer. Meanwhile, she gets close to her old friend who is also a lawyer in the same law firm and people start fabricating their own stories pointing fingers at both of them. 

She starts enjoying her career and one day she gets a call from her husband who always used to doubt her abilities. He asked her, “Noyonika will you fight my case?” Will she take up the case of her husband or will she give up on him because of past reasons? Find out the whole story and watch the trial on Hotstar. 

The Trail Review: A Wife Back In The Court For Her Husband

The Trial On Hotstar: Do Kajol Need A Remake? 
The Trial Review

The trial story has been kept equal on the parameters if compared with ‘The Good Wife’. It is written by Hussain Dalal, Abbas Dalal, and Siddharth Kumar, The Trial is directed by Suparn Verma. 

The trial is so far so good and it looks fresh on screen in spite of being an adaptation. Even if you have watched the good wife available on Netflix and Prime video you will enjoy watching the trial as it delivers a fresh setup. The crisp and bold acting of Kajol is the charm of the show and every time she comes on screen, the aura she carries is just amazing.

The director has totally worked up on bringing on the best characterization and tightening the story a bit much that ‘The Good Wife had’. With 7 successful seasons the good wife ended in 2018 and if compared with the trial, it is slightly different as the setup has been in the Indian context. The tone of the courtroom, the setup of the plot, and the building up of the story which glued the audience to the last are worth the watch. 

Jishu Sengupta has totally nailed the character of a negative shade. His growth from a regional actor to a national Fame actor in the industry is something to be praised and Kajol has accumulated all the energy in the character Noyonika for sure, she has nailed the performance. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the trial release date? 

The trial release status is 14 July 2023 and it will be available to stream on Hotstar the show has Kajol and Jishu Sen Gupta in lead roles. 

2. Is the trial a remake? 

Yes, The Trial is a remake of an American TV series ‘The good wife’ that got released in 2009 and ended in 2018. The good wife has 7 seasons and is available to stream on Prime Video and Netflix. 

3. Which role does Kajol have in The Trail Web series? 

Kajol is in the role of a housewife who has given up on her career because of her family but she joins a law firm 15 years later when her husband is under legal custody and no one is ready to take off his case. she is in the role of a lawyer. 

The Trial
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Director: Suparn Verma. 

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