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The Top 10 Action movies on Zee5 2022 | Detailed inside

Zee5 has always had some interesting movies to binge-watch and keep its subscribers engaged. The OTT giant, due to its affordable subscription price and excellent quality of content has managed to keep hold and give the best to its users. Amidst multiple genres, action is the one that stands out and has massive popularity.

The fight sequences that literally drive the adrenaline rush inside us, are something that the audience has constantly craved for. Not only that but it also remains to be one of the most evolving genres with many other layers of subtlety. Keeping this in mind, let’s see what type of action films does Zee5 provide for its viewers.

Action movies 1. Republic (IMDb- 8.2)

Action movies
Action movies

This action thriller movie keeps you absorbed right from the beginning to its end. It depicts democracy and its fallacies in India. The movie has a strong proposition and is a social highlight. It constantly emphasizes the concept of democracy and how the justice system suffers in our country.

Though slightly monotonous in the first half, the movie is an absolute treat in its second half. The portrayal of the protagonist by Sai Dharam Tej has been critically praised. He has played the role of a righteous man who has to endure difficulties in his path to alter the society. He chooses the correct way and he is rewarded in the end. It is available to watch on Zee5.

Action movies 2. Uri: The Surgical Strike (IMDb- 8.3)

Action movies
Action movies

This patriotic action movie gained immense popularity due to its nationalistic sentiments and was praised for its screenplay and acting. The movie is based on the Uri attack of 2016 and its response by the Indian defence by conducting surgical strikes across the Line of Control region.

The chief character is played by Vicky Kaushal, who portrays the brother-in-law of a soldier who died in the Uri attack as part of the film’s plot. The movie was a massive success in India and its dialogues were reiterated among the people. It is available to watch on Zee5 State of Siege:

Action movies 3. Temple Attack (IMDb- 8)

This action movie is based on a true incident. It is about the 2002 Akshardham Temple attack and how the operation was undertaken to kill the criminals. Since it is inspired by true stories, the movie celebrates the gallantry of the armed men. It tries to portray a summary of how the operation underwent and what the role of NSG was in rescuing many innocent lives.

The movie has been praised due to its acting and its captivating cinematography. The dramatic action and heinous aspect of the terrorists might send chills down the viewers’ spine since it recalls those horrific events, but it is bound to keep you absorbed throughout. It is available on Zee5.

Action movies 4. Mulshi Pattern (IMDb – 8.6)

This movie follows a man’s journey of becoming a criminal. It depicts how a young man, due to circumstances resorted to criminal means and what the role of society was in making him a dreaded gangster. One of the main themes of the movie is that one who has implemented evil means will suffer oneself. The movie ends on an emotional note, triggering the sentiments of the viewers. It has an ensemble cast which portrays the dramatic action genre of the movie really well. You can watch this movie on Zee5.

Action movies 5. Kaadan (IMDb- 7.9)

This movie is inspired by real life environmental activist Jadav Payeng. He is portrayed as the man of nature. The movie shows the human sentiment for nature and animals. We are shown the mauling of the forest by men of authority which is a popular activity these days as we see that people’s love for nature is gradually declining and they are uprooting trees and jungles for selfish modern gains.

We also see the affection between the protagonist and the animals, elephants in this case who try to prevent the destruction of their forest. This is a movie that will keep you engrossed through with its histrionic and cinematographic marvel. You can watch it on Zee5.

Action movies 6. Bhajarangi 2 (IMDb- 7.5)

This action drama is a family entertainer and depicts the journey of two unsung heroes. This movie is a unique experience due to its storyline. The protagonist is played by Shiva Rajkumar who has a dynamic role. The plot is the result of the sheer brilliance of the director.

The trailer and the pictures of Bhajarangi 2 sparked a lot of curiosity about the movie. Giving anything about the movie’s story will steal its charm while watching it. It is praised for its cinematography and screenplay. You can watch it on Zee5.

Action movies 7. Antim: The Final Truth (IMDb- 7)

This latest action drama is adapted from the Marathi movie “Mulshi Pattern”. It portrays the journey of a youngster, who gradually becomes a dreaded mafia leader. Packed with serious action and drama, Antim: The Final Truth does not fail to entertain its viewers.

Besides, it tries to show the historical problem of land annexation by the gangsters who, by their influence, managed to tweak the law. Therefore, this movie has a subtle old-school Bollywood touch in it. The most important character in the movie is that of Salman Khan since his character represents a policeman who sets out to correct the wrongdoings happening in the region and is an important part in the film’s plot. It promises to be a great action entertainer. This movie is available to watch on Zee5.

Action movies 8. Krack (IMDb- 7.2)

This Ravi Teja starrer is an intense action drama and shows the lead in a cop’s role. Being a commercial entertainer this movie promises to withhold its inclination to pure action. The fierce method of the cop in dealing with the criminals and setting them right catches the attention of the viewers.

The plot develops and the suppression of the hero is responded to when he decides to make a strong retribution. This movie once again proves why Ravi Teja is preferred in action roles to many others. The acting in the movie and the screenplay has been applauded. Despite having certain mistakes, it makes for an ideal movie for action lovers. You can watch it on Zee5.

Action movies 9. Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (IMDb-  7.3)

A pure definition of true love that knows no boundaries, the Sunny Deol starrer movie never fails to impress at any point. Depicting the journey of a Sikh truck driver during the partition of India, who falls for a wealthy Muslim girl from Pakistan. The plot develops such that the initially barbaric Sikh who killed Muslims, turns calm when he solemnizes his marriage with the Muslim girl by applying blood on her foreehad. Her father, being a politician of Lahore, wants her to marry an attractive wealthy man of his choice.

This leads to the struggle of Tara and his son when they set off to bring her back. We are shown about the contemporary situation after the partition and how the religious sentiments played a massive part in spreading hatred among people. The message given by the film is that love knows no man-made differences and is the sole strongest bond between two people. The movie was also acclaimed due to its acting, performances and screenplay. You can enjoy it on Zee5.

Action movies 10. Rustom (IMDb- 7.1)

This action thriller movie, partly based on the famous case of K.M. Nanavati vs. State of Maharashtra depicts the story of a naval officer named Rustom Pavri, played by Akshay Kumar and the extramarital affair of his wife Cynthia with his friend. The movie portrays Rustom in an innocent light and shows the court trial in which Rustom defended himself all on his own. It is also shown how he killed the man with whom his wife had an affair.

Due to lack of proof, the court could not find him guilty and he is relieved of the charges by employing a clever tactic. The movie also shows him as a national hero who gave it all for the benefit of his country. It was praised for its acting, dialogues, screenplay and mainly due to the performance of Akshay Kumar. This makes Rustom a great action thriller which is sure to keep you glued to your seats. You can watch it on Zee5.

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