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The Sacrament(2013): An Undisputed Best Cult Horror And Thriller

The Sacrament movie is one of the unique works of Director West, who is such a technically astounding filmmaker that the unraveling environment and surprising element is ever-present.

The Sacrament Prime Video Horror And Thriller Movie Plot

After receiving a letter from her drug-addicted sister to visit her, Patrick goes to Eden Parish only to find that they have changed their location and are now in a region that can only be reached by helicopter. This creates uncanny interest, and Patrick and his co-workers Sam and Jake decide to make a documentary. On meeting the guides at the airfield, problems arise, and Patrick, with the help of Father, who is the head, makes his entry.

The Sacrament Director West
The Sacrament Director West

The commune causes some awkwardness to the crew. After meeting with her sister Caroline, Patrick leaves with her, and the members are given their rooms. Many people open up and vouch about their stories of finding new rays of hope from Father and how the commune has good medical staff thanks to charity by the members.

OTT RELEASE DATE 4th August 2022
Genre Horror, Thriller
IMDB 6/10
Director Ti West
OTT Platform Amazon Prime Video
Language English
Star Cast Joe Swanberg, Kentucker Audley, Amy Seimetz

Though skeptical at first, the members understand that everyone is happy there. A public interview with Father is scheduled by Caroline and starts warmly. Gradually his responses become elusive and slightly menacing. At the end of the interview, there’s a reference to Sam’s pregnant wife, which infuriates him, and the interview ends with the Father receiving rounds of applause from the people.

Savannah, a young girl, asks for Sam’s help during the party event. On further inquiry, the crew finds out that one group wants to leave the camp and complaints of abuse and brainwashing. At Sam’s insistence, he and Jake decide to find Patrick, only to find out by Caroline that he has been lured away somewhere, and they want his money. Sarah, Savannah’s mother, requests their help, and Jake goes into the forest in an ensuing scuffle that injures the pilot.

Inside the camp, Sam is attacked by a guard and taken hostage. Father summons a convention and kills everyone. What happens next? Does Jake successfully rescue Savannah? What about Patrick and Sam? What is the mystery about the place? Watch The Sacrament on Amazon Prime video to find the answers to all these questions.

The Sacrament Americla Horror Film Review

The Sacrament Americla Horror Film Review
The Sacrament Americla Horror Film Review

Though the opening is not impressive and the question that goes into the viewer’s mind is about the relevance of the circumstances, the plot gradually picks up as the mystery surrounding the commune, where Patrick’s sister Caroline is, exists.

The crew members Sam and Jake are intrigued and try to investigate the place as they feel that there is something fishy about the area. The screenplay is apt as The Sacrament movie is shown in a documentary style, creating engagement in the audience.

Director Ti West deserves appreciation for using subtle elements of imagery and graphical intellect to make this film. The character of Father, portrayed by Gene Jones, is a wise, powerful one who is praised. Apart from him, Kentucker Audley and Amy Seimetz have also been significant characters. To increase the awful aspect of The Sacrament movie, certain parts of the film can be questioned based on their possibility.

However, the momentum is therefore carried on to exploit some serious explanations. Irrespective of all the ill-reputed work accomplished by West, this one will not just make the audience experience a creepy watch but also shower them with a lot of uncertainties and adventures.

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The Sacrament
The Sacrament Prime Video Horror The Sacrament

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