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Review On “THE RELATIONSHIP MANAGER” A 2020 Meaningful Best Movie By Large Barrel

Review On “THE RELATIONSHIP MANAGER” A Movie Bt Large Barrel Free Youtube Short Film.

Release Date 18th July 2020
Genre Short, Drama
Director Falguni Thakore
Cast Anup Soni, Juni Babbar, Sana Khan, Divya Dutta,  Anupam Kher (cameo)

The Relationship Manager Short Film Plot

This short film by Royal Stag Large Barrel Select is set on the  76th day of lockdown in Mumbai, Vinay Dubey (Anup Soni) a Relationship manager is expecting a child, he and his wife have a good relationship.


He sits to make calls to his client, the first one is Mr. Awasthi who is played by Anupam Kher in a cameo, and is annoyed by the current economic condition of the country and the issues he is facing due to covid, another is Mona Batra acted by Sana Khan who is also frustrated due to lockdown as it is hampering her social media presence.

Vinay handles all the moods of his clients until he hears one of his clients i.e. Mr. Arora hitting his wife, this sends Vinay into shock, his wife helps him recover from it and they decide to call his wife to find out if she is okay.

Vinay calls her, he knows he is an RM and he can’t cross some boundaries however with his earnestness and sensitivity he tries to get friendly with her, Vinay starts talking about his sister who had the same name. He tells her how she is no more, she had committed suicide because she was in a bad marriage. Her husband would hit her and she could not stop it, she had two kids and no one helped her.

This resonates with Kavita, she calls the police the next day. The short film ends with leaving us wondering if Vinay had a sister or not.

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Youtube Short Film The Relationship Manager Review


If you are looking to watch a short film on YouTube then you are in for a ride,  this is one of the best films to have come out of the lockdown genre.  In 17 mins Falguni Thakore has tried to pack as many punches as possible, the premise is nicely set.

We first meet Vinay and see him interact with his wife and then his clients. There is something instantly likable about him and it’s refreshing to see Anup Soni with a smile on his face, joking and laughing with people.

It is Thakore’s genius that the film makes us feel the pain of Kavita, it makes us think this could be the story of any woman, this film also deals with the fact that not everyone has the privilege to walk out of a marriage.

Kids and society hold them back from taking a step, the society functions in such a way that women are always at a disadvantageous position  Divya Dutta’s acting is perfect on the spot, her trembling voice and teary eyes cut straight into our hearts, however, the bruise on her face was unnecessary to show that she is hurt because of abuse. Both mental and physical abuse badly scars people, a slap is also abuse.

As Vinay wonders why his extraordinary sister couldn’t stand up against an ordinary man we feel his dilemma, it brings tears to our eyes and makes the heart bleed thinking about all those women who are still stuck in abusive marriages.

It is through Vinay’s character the film fights reasons like ‘Log kya Kahenge?‘ and kids to continue enduring abuse, in truth no reason is good enough. This film by Royal Stag Large Barrel Select is definitely worth the  17 minutes. It is available on Youtube for free a free watch on a Large Barrel Select channel.

The Relationship Manager
THE RELATIONSHIP MANAGER Short Film The Relationship Manager,Large Barrel

Director: Falguni Thakore

Date Created: 2024-06-15 19:20

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