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The Kashmir Files Unreported Release Date, Watch All Episodes Online

The Kashmir Files Unreported Release date is here. Vivek Agnihotri’s upcoming sensation is ready to stream on the OTT platform carrying the hidden story of brutality from Kashmir. Let’s find out all the details of this Upcoming documentary on Zee5 on Series On Ott. 


  • The Kashmir Files Unreported release date is 11 August 2023.
  • The Kashmir files unreported documentary will introduce you to the not before shown facts of Kashmir. 
  • Kashmir Files Unreported episodes are 6.
  • Kashmir Files Unreported OTT platform is Zee5
  • This documentary encapsulates the facts of Kashmiri Pandits and their struggle of living in Kashmir. Vivek Agnihotri’s documentary counts the reason too that made them leave Kashmir. 

All You Need To Know About The Kashmir Files Unreported 

The Kashmir Files Unreported Release Date
The Kashmir Files Unreported Release date

Kashmir file director Vivek Agnihotri is back with a new documentary upcoming movies in zee5. Dropping on 11 August 2023, it is going to be a documentary bringing you a heart-wrenching and eye-opening story, Pallavi Joshi and Vivek Agnihotri promise to bring the pain of Kashmiri pandits. 

Discovering New Facts About Kashmir

This documentary will tend to discover the non-fictional facts of Kashmir that were left almost untouched in the movie Kashmir Files. Anupam Kher starrer Kashmir files was a major box-office success though. 

The film ran for a long time in theaters and was re-released later on 19 January 2023. Rapes on women, genocide, mass killing, Honor killing, terrorist attack, and forced conversion of religion are the major subjects of this documentary. 

The Kashmir Files Unreported Episodes

The Kashmir Files Unreported Release Date
The Kashmir Files Unreported Episodes

The Kashmir Files Unreported episodes are six, which are well segregated keeping out various facts forward. Vivek Agnihotri has announced planned to make a documentary soon after the release of the movie Kashmir Files. When a section of the audience criticized the film saying that it carries a fabricated story. 

Director Agnihotri then promised to make a web series and assured to keep on the story behind the abandonment of Kashmiri Pandits. The story that has been left untouched will be kept in an unedited form. 

Vivek Agnihotri Movies And Net Worth

The Kashmir Files Unreported Release Date
Vivek Agnihotri Movies

Vivek Agnihotri’s filmography is quite interesting to explore. Loading almost the same flavor yet different taste each of his films has a fact to establish. 

Made his debut as a director in the film Chocolate in 2005 later he made films like Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, Hate Story, Zid, Buddha in a Traffic Jam, The Tashkent Files, The Kashmir Files, and the upcoming documentary The Kashmir Files Unreported. Whereas his two projects are yet to come on the floor, The Vaccine War and The Delhi Files. 

Director, writer, and producer of Indian films Agnihotri has an estimated worth of Rs 40 crore. He is married to Pallavi Joshi, who is also a director, producer, and Indian actress. 

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FAQ: (Frequently Asked Question)

1. What are Kashmir Files Unreported? 

It is going to be released in the form of a documentary. Directed by Vivek Agnihotri it will be a nonfiction series. Kashmir files unreported release date is 11 August 2023.

2. What is the story of Kashmir Files? 

This film ended on a realistic note, the film considered the whole strata of Kashmiri Pandits and the suppression which happened to them. The film showed facts on what happened during a particular time period in Kashmir. Rapes, Forced conversions, sexual harassment, and genocide is the main story. 

3. Is Kashmir a part of India? 

Yes, Kashmir is a part of India. It was earlier governed by a separate Constitution and had its own law but after Article 370 was passed the Indian Constitution only governs Kashmir as well.

4. Who is Vivek Agnihotri Daughter? 

Vivek Agnihotri’s daughter is Mallika Agnihotri. She is a new sensation who just breaks the internet with her hot pictures. 

Strongly opinionated, She is an ardent believer that a good writer eventually comes from a good reader. The more you read, the more you are able to convey as words are the pearls through which a sea of feelings gets an audience and what's better than making the web a more entertaining place with the entertainment writeups? Yes, you read it right, she has come a long way with her passion and aspires to be much more.