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The Guest A Short Film by Large Barrel: A Must-Watch Unforgettable Film

Early Man Films present the short film The Guest which was also the winner at the Mumbai film festival. Large short films always focus on the topic which is so Shady in real life or has a huge emotional connection or a good sense of humor so let us unfold what the guest has to deliver to its audience.

Release Year 2017
Release Platform You Tube
Youtube channel Large Barrel Shorts
Runtime 8:49 Sec
Director Ayappa KM
Featuring Avinash Tiwari, Davinder Madan, Vaibhav Gupta, Jyoti Sharma.

The Guest  Large Barrel, A Short Film On Youtube

The movie starts with a car driven in the hilly areas and Old retro music being played on the. Suddenly due for some reason, the car stopped and the man driving it was not able to start. He tried repairing it but was unable to do so and got stuck in that deserted side passage and was probably wondering, where to go? Whom to find it here? and take help.

The Guest A Short Film by Large Barrel
The Guest

Following the way he called his wife and told her that he is stuck at a random place as the car has gone off and the phone’s battery is also about to die. He told her that he is 3 and a half hours away from the destination and is looking for a mechanic now. Very soon the sub got set and he saw a place at once that was illuminating at night.

He knocked on the door and told the old woman who opened it that he was looking for a mechanic. The lady said that it is difficult to find the mechanic at this time and he should take a halt at her home itself as there are no hotels nearby but will have to sleep in the godown as her son and his family are sleeping inside.

The women offered him beading and accompanied him with the lantern to the godown. On her way, she asked about him, where is he from? Is he married? He said he is from Srinagar, is married, and also expecting their child next month. They reached the godown and the lady said as the door cannot be locked from the inside she had to lock it from the outside otherwise her grains will be eaten by the rats.

The makers then abruptly show a situation where it is shown that the lady who logged him inside the go-down has a short-term memory loss problem and she is not able to remember even the things which happened before 5 minutes.

Review Of Short Film The Guest 

The most important aspect of the movie is entertainment or connectivity all throughout and the Large Barrel team definitely deserves an award for bringing in awesome content.

The Guest A Short Film by Large Barrel
The Guest

The Guest‘ is a movie that does not exactly gives you a better and established ending and leaves the audience with their own perception. The short film seems so calm and peaceful but in the same manner, turns out to be brutal at the end.

You will love the concept and the execution of the plot building which dropped hints with the little dialogue delivery saying that the phone battery is about to die and then at the end when the lady latched the door from outside who had temporary memory loss making the story scary at the end and audience to think how the man will come out.

Youtube Short Film The Guest Conclusion 

The whole of the movie revolves around only two characters but those two characters were so real and so pure that it felt very soothing to watch them on screen. short movies have definitely given a platform to young and emerging talents.

If you are fond of short movies then the guest will surely satisfy your interest because this movie provides a door of entertainment with a view of perception. What will happen next?

The Guest
The Guest seriesonott Small The Guest

Director: Ayappa KM

Date Created: 2023-07-10 15:13

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