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The Good Doctor Season 6, Episode 1 Review

The Good Doctor Season 6 is one of the most amazing medical drama thrillers. Fans are waiting for season 6 to find out what happened next after the dramatic and jaw-dropping ending which left many fans unanswered will Dalisay and Lim survive? For that reason, the show will return to Sony, Liv following the overwhelming response from viewers and critics. It is streaming from October 3, 2022.

Genre Medical Drama, Thriller
Created David Shore
Cast Freddie Highmore, Hill Harper, Richard Schiff, Effina Luk, Christina Chang
OTT Platform Sony Liv
Release Date 3 October 2022
IMDB 8.1


The Good Doctor Season 6 Plot

The Good Doctor Season 6, Episode 1 Review
The Good Doctor Season 6

The story continues from season 5 ending with the wedding of Dr. Shaun (Freddie Highmore) and Lea (Paige Spara). Meanwhile, Dr. Audrey Lim ( Christina Chang) visits the hospital again for the supplies for the wedding ceremony where she finds Nurse Dalisay Villanueva ( Effina Luk) was stabbed and bleeding all over the place. She told Dr.Lim that her ex-boyfriend is the mastermind behind this attack. But before she can take a step, she is also attacked twice.

Dr. Murphy tries to save them for the back-to-back surgeries. The nurse is not in danger, but Dr. Lim is paralyzed. Now the question arises is this Dr. Murphy’s fault?

The hospital was occupied, and Glassman gives the order to Dr. Shaun not to treat the chief. However, he treats the chief liver as a physician. Additionally, Shaun suffers from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a result of the death of his brother Steve (Dylan Kingwell) after the surgery.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Review

In the continuation of the story from season 5, a newlywed doctor tries to save his colleague’s life. However, the colleague is paralyzed as a result, and the blame falls on him. The surgery performed by his colleague caused the death of his brother. For his traumatic past.

Now the question is, was Dr. Shaun responsible for Dr. Lim’s paralysis? Will Dr. Lim recover from her paralysis? Is Dr.Shaun really responsible for Steve’s death? How will the people recover from the hostage situation? Well, this series told us that a doctor is a human being, and traumas affect his life. He is performing his duty as a doctor.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Controversies

The Good Doctor Season 6, Episode 1 Review
The Good Doctor Season 6

There are controversies in every series and this series is no exception to any of that. In 2017, the series followed a young doctor who joined a prestigious hospital as a surgeon and treated an autistic man with savant syndrome.

He has excellent skills that make me doubt the abilities of his colleagues such as Melendez, Glassman, and Browne. He has walked a long way to prove himself. Many people including doctors questioned the series’ accuracy when it comes to autistic people.

Also claimed that this series is a remake of a South Korean series with the same title in 2013.

The Good Doctor Season 6- Achievements of Previous Seasons

One of the most outstanding medical drama series on television in 2017 was this. The Broadcast Film Critics Association in 2019-2020 and many more.

Previous seasons got an overwhelming response from Rotten Tomatoes, Quora, The Guardian, and many websites. This is ABC’s series which is created by David Shore and based on the book by the same name by Park Jae-bum.

Performances of actors like Freddie Highmore, Paige Spara, and Christina Chang in this American TV series. Now viewers are looking forward to episode 2, and there have already been a few spoilers.

FAQ ( Frequently Ask Questions)

1. Who is playing Dr. Shaun Murphy in Good Doctor season 6?

Freddie Highmore is playing the character of Dr. Shaun Murphy, who is an autistic person with servent syndrome. He joined a well-known hospital as a young surgeon. His skills are amazing but for some reason, some of his colleagues doubted him. As time passes, he gets married to Lea.

2. How can I find out where The Good Doctor season 6 is available on ott?

The Good Doctor season 6 is streaming on Sony Liv from 3 October 2022. The previous seasons are also available on Sony Liv. This series is one of the most popular American medical dramas, created by David Shore. In 2017, this series became the most popular medical drama on television in the United States.

The Good Doctor Season 6
The Good Doctor Season 6 The Good Doctor Season 6,sonyliv

Director: David Shore

Date Created: 2024-06-23 20:42

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