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That Day After Everyday: Foresight A Social Issue in 2013 Best

Review On “THAT DAY AFTER EVERYDAY” A Large Barrel Movie.

Release Date 29th October 2013
IMDB 7.4/10
Genre Tragic and Social problems
Director Anurag Kashyap
Cast Radhika Apte, Geetanjali Thapa,Sandhya Mridul


That Day After Everyday: The plot of the film

That day after every day is a short film by Royal stag Large barrel select. This film begins with Radhika Apte’s character making chai and her husband reading out news about rape in the background, he uses this news to discourage Radhika from going to work, another lady who goes to work with Radhika is discouraged by her mother-in-law due to the same news on TV.

The women seem used to it and go to work, on their way they meet a gang of men who try and eve-tease them. One man corners Radhika and tries to molest her; however, manages an escape this time. This film is available on YouTube.

That Day After Everyday
That Day After Everyday

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When they are traveling on the bus a guy tries to stick to the 3rd character, she hits him in the balls. They then go to self-defense classes and while returning at night the gang of men appears again, this time the women have had enough. The fight begins with Radhika’s character slapping the man who cornered her and then the three women proceed to beat the shit out of them.

It is not easy but they power through not just because they have learned self-defense but because they are frustrated and furious over the fact that they don’t have any agency of their own. The film ends with Radhika’s Husband making chai for her.

All short films by Royal Stag barrel select large short films have women at their heart, these films don’t view women as an object of desire but as human beings with flesh, blood and emotions, probably this is the soul of these short films.

The story of ‘That Day After Everyday’ is not something that we have never heard of, the premise of the film is the reality of many localities even now. The film begins with Radhika Apte’s husband telling her how ‘chow Mein’ is the reason why men rape women. From the first shot, it is evident that it’s Anurag Kashyap’s work, the brutality, and the honesty through which everything is shown speak to us.

That Day After Everyday
That Day After Everyday

We live in a society where we expect women to get treated badly and ask them to stay at home where they are safe instead of making the world a safe place. For example, in the movie, Radhika’s husband asks her to work from home, and another lady with Radhika, her mother-in-law just out of concern asks her to stay at home and take care of her kids, this concern emerges from hearing the news of rape and other atrocities done to women.

When Apte’s character is cornered by one of the men eve-teasing her the camera is shaky and continues to be shaky till she runs away fearing for the worst, it shows us her struggles and the panic she is going through.

Walking on dark streets is always scary, one may not know what lies ahead but these three women finally stand up to their molesters, they get into a physical fight with them and teach them a much-needed lesson.

that day after everyday
that day after every day

The film however asks women to take charge and learn to defend themselves, it is only after Radhika’s character has beaten up the buffoons that she gets respect from her husband and her husband instead of blaming a food item or women blames the men and praises his wife for teaching them a lesson.

However, there is only so much an old widow can do to make the world safer for women, it has to be all of us working together to make this world safer for women. You can watch it on Youtube for free on the channel Royal stag Large barrel select short large films.

#That Day After Everyday


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