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Thar Review 2022: Anil Kapoor’s brutal Cop Drama That Packs a blow in Rajasthan

Anil Kapoor’s brutal cop drama Thar Review: packs a blow in Rajasthan. With its vast, unending desert, decaying forts, barren trees that provide little shade, and uncompromised, austere beauty–this seems like one of those movies where the location is the real hero.

OTT Release Date And Platform (Netflix) – 06 May 2022 IMDB- 6.5/10
Genre Action, Crime, Drama
Director Raj Singh Chaudhary
Cast Anil Kapoor(Inspector Surekha Singh), Harshvardhan Kapoor (Siddharth), Fatima Sana Shaikh(Kesar), Rahul Singh
Runtime 108 minutes

Anil Kapoor Crime Drama Movie Thar 

Thar Anil Kapoor movie series on ott
Thar Anil Kapoor movie series on ott

Netflix is indeed scrutinized for its in-house Indian content. While I believe it has enhanced its Indian content since the first lockdown, there are many who would vehemently disagree. Amazon Prime is currently the most popular OTT service, with more than 40 new releases revealed late last month. However, now and again, there is some Indian entertainment on Netflix that gets us enthused. That was one such Hindi film everybody was talking about. There hasn’t been a good ‘Modern’ in Indian cinema, so this seemed like a unique setting for a mystery thriller. And I’ve finally finished watching Anil Kapoor Movie Thar on Netflix, so here are my thoughts.

Crime Thriller Thar Movie Based on Rajashthan

The story of Thar follows a cop who investigates a weird and gruesome crime in a tranquil hamlet. What exactly is the secret? The tale is a ‘Western’ that relies heavily on atmospherics to engage the audience. The writing is tight and goes quickly. Unfortunately, the plot here is disjointed and possibly on purpose. Before presenting you with the main characters, the screenplay begins with a horrific murder. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that the mystery is more of a whodunnit than a whodunnit. The behavior of one specific person appears weird, and they seem to shape the rest of the story.

Anurag Kashyap Movie THAR Review On Netflix 

Crime Thriller Thar Movie Based on Rajashthan series on ott
Crime Thriller Thar Movie Based on Rajashthan series on ott

There are several plotlines, although most of them aren’t properly explored. This got me thinking about how much more engaging this would have been as a web show. Although the story’s structure is dispersed, the writers maintain control of the story. This leads to a suspenseful final act, with a huge surprise that will make you fidget, even if it isn’t wholly surprising. The environments created are outstanding and play an important role in the tale. Overall, a commendable effort to attempt something new.

Anurag Kashyap’s conversations are well-written, and the fact that they are situated in the same place as the drama adds to the realism. Here, the music is quite wonderful. The BGM is great, but I think they might have made better use of it. A good example is the ‘violent’ big disclosure, where simply silence could have made a bigger impression rather than a background score. The cinematography is fantastic, and some of the most eye-catching scenes are masterfully recorded. The production design is also impressive. Director Raj Singh Chaudhary did an outstanding job of setting the tone for the story, which contributed to the suspense.

This was crucial because the storyline was quite foreseeable and required that extra oomph to stand out. The talents are excellent. Akshay Oberoi, Mandana Karimi, and Nivedita Bhattacharya all make excellent cameo appearances, adding to the name recognition. Anushka Sharma as Babita and Rahul Singh as Hanif Khan create an impact.

Panna is played by Jitendra Joshi, and Kanwar and Dhanna are played by Sanjay Dadhich and Sanjay Bishnoi. Mukti Mohan, who plays Gauri, exudes confidence and never fails to amaze. Satish Kaushik’s performance as Bhule is outstanding. Chetna is played by Fatima Sana Shaikh, who is unquestionably the best performer in the film.

Thar movie review series on ott
Thar movie review series on ott

She is natural in her position and does an excellent job. Siddharth, played by Harshvardhan Kapoor, is a nice character who will leave you wondering, but I think he has to work on his facial expression, which was a little flat throughout. But on the other side, Anil Kapoor as Surekha is rather outstanding, bringing all of his ability to light.

In my final words, The wonderful ambiance of Thar makes it a compelling movie.

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Director: Raj Singh Chaudhary

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