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Telugu horror Movies: Virupaksha on Netflix

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Director: Karthik Varma Dandu

Date Created: 2024-06-12 20:27

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Telugu horror movies have got a huge range to showcase meanwhile the latest Netflix movie Virupaksha also comes quite above in the list as the gripping supernatural horror is just wholesome for all the horror movies fans. 

Khotsy, S5 No Exit, Masooda, Evil Life, Bairan Palli, and Nene Nakshatra are some of the recently released Telugu horror movies that can be showcased on different platforms. Virupaksha Movie Sai Dharam tej starter is one such of the elite collection among Telugu horror movies, let’s checkout. 


  • The Virupaksha movie is streaming on Netflix now. 
  • Virupaksha Cast includes Sai Dharam Tej, Samyukhta Menon, Sai Chand, and Kamal Kamaraju in prominent roles. 
  • Virupaksha IMDB is 7.6.
  • Virupaksha movie Sai dharam tej starrer is a supernatural horror mystery. 

Telugu Horror Movies: Top IMDB Rated films

Telugu horror Movies: Virupaksha on Netflix
Telugu horror Movies: Virupaksha on Netflix 4

Horror films just cannot be watched alone. There is a long list of popular Telugu horror movies that will just let you be in a dreamy scary world even if it’s been days after watching. Zombie Reddy, Bhaagamathie, Heza, Deeyam, Jessie, Prema Katha Chitram, Arundhati, Swayamvadha, and Mantra are some of the Popular Telugu films in the horror genre that you just can’t miss. 

Tamil Horror Movies: Latest Tamil Movies

In addition to Telugu movies, there is a great show for Tamil Horror movies as well that you may keep your fingers on.

Karungaapiyam, Ripubury, Ghosty, Dear Death, Oh My Ghost, Connect, Estate, Evil, Kanmai Pappa, My Dear Lisa, Sivi 2, Grandma, Idiot, Thuneri and Yaaro comes under Tamil horror movies that will prove to be a good weekend watch. Horror sex movies are tough to find specifically but these collections will serve you both boldness with a horror touch. 

Virupaksha movie is among the latest releases of South-Indian movies that also comes under Telugu horror films. Virupaksha on Netflix is a white vibrant Super-natural film to witness. 

Virupaksha Movie

Telugu horror Movies: Virupaksha on Netflix
Telugu horror Movies: Virupaksha on Netflix 5
Watch Online
TitleVirupaksha Movie
OTT PlatformNetflix 
Star castSai Dharam Raj, Samyukhta Menon, Sunil, Brahmaji, Ajay
DirectorKarthik Varma Dandu

South-Indian films never disappoint have moreover become a phrase now. If you are someone who has not seen this drama yet you are simply missing out on something called ‘Class’. 

Virupaksha movie is a fictional fantasy hence if you wish to dig deeper into logic you may feel a bit disappointed but Virupaksha movie will serve you horror and a fictional concocted story with a full entertainment fever. 

Talking Virupaksha meaning, it is made up of two words, Virup and aksha which means ‘Eyes without any form’. The story is about a village where weird incidents take place. Why and when these incidents are actually happening? Is there any reason behind this? Cover up all your answers as Virupaksha on Netflix is streaming and currently it is among the top 10 Netflix chart. 

The movie has supernatural things, Black Magic, Tantra, Aghori, and superstitious hence it will serve you the good horror movie entertainment that we usually expect. The story of Virupaksha is written in a way that keeps the audience hooked throughout. The screenplay is beyond excellent giving it a hinge of horror touch with its fiction. 

The performance of the actress Samyukhta Menon is so sharp and subtle. She has a very important role in the film that is beyond glamour and fabric. Sai Dharam Raj in Virupaksha movie too has done a clean slated work. The BGM of the movie is great that lights up the interest making it a  thriller too. Virupaksha movie is clearly going to be an add-on to your favorite horror movies list hence, don’t miss out as Virupaksha on Netflix is a great watch. 

1. Is Virupaksha a horror movie? 

Virupaksha is a supernatural mystery horror movie. It is one of the most popular latest Telugu films that is currently streaming on Netflix. The story of Virupaksha is written by Karthik Varma Dandu who has also directed the film. 

2. What is Virupaksha Budget and Collection? 

Virupaksha budget moves around 60-70 crore and the movie after release in the theatre saw ultimate growth after 2 days. It managed to collect 72 crores at the box office. The movie is a hit but even more loved after its release on ott

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