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Mx Player Romantic comedy movie Teenage Ghost Punk Review.

GENRE Comedy, Music
IMDb 6/10
DIRECTOR Mike Cramer
STARRING Jack Cramer, Grace Madigan, Keith Habersberger

 Teenage Ghost Punk Movie Plot

Carol Poplawski is a working divorcee who needs a break from her burdening work. Her daughter Amanda (Grace Madigan), who was once a cheerleader, is dejected about changing her high school and settling in a new place as it would amount to detachment from her best friend and a comfortable boyfriend. Adam (Noah Kitsos), who plays the role of the son, is a chess master and the center of attention in the family.

After settling in their new home and respective domains of work, the children get to know that there exists something shady in the house after hearing different kinds of sounds and random music. They summon the paranormal investigators for inquiry only to find that they are of no use. However, they find out that the house is inhabited by a ghostly band with a punk named Brian Flynn (Jack Cramer).

Mx Player Romantic comedy movie  Teenage Ghost Punk Review.
Mx Player Romantic comedy movie Teenage Ghost Punk Review.

Gradually, Amanda becomes friends with the ghost of Brian and is informed about the paranormal world and their presence in the neighborhood and her home. It also helps her gain perspective on life and music. The relationship which she shares with Brian has a positive impact on her personally and she becomes friends with another cheerleader named Jasmine and the Squatchie, who is a cheerful mascot in the school.

What happens next in the movie? Does anyone else find out about this otherworldly association between Amanda and Brian? To find the answers to all these questions, make sure to watch online Teenage Ghost Punk on MX Player.

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REVIEW of Teenage Ghost Punk

The movie has a touch of cuteness, wholesomeness, and fun-loving aspect. Needless to say, any modern teenager would like a punk rock boyfriend, however, if he is dead it comes as a surprise plot twist. Director Cramer has done well in paying attention to subtle details like the background setting and cast. The mood of the film is never serious and there is an indication of budding romance throughout. Both the protagonists, Jack Cramer and Grace Madigan have given excellent performances in their roles.

Teenage Ghost PunkThe mother of Amanda also has a complexity to her role as she, besides being sad about her husband’s death, grieves for the boy she lost in high school which formed the concept of true love for her. The movie has ample emotional depth with a lighter theme. The main intention of this film could be to make the youth aware of the fun and the power associated with classic punk rock music.

Apart from that, the movie Teenage Ghost Punk has some hilarious moments and wholesome scenes to capture the attention of the viewers. The comedy has been shown in different ways starting with dry humor, punchlines, and ironic statements. The quips are as amusing as some of the ghost effects, and they make you laugh and giggle.

Teenage Ghost Punk would be best targeted to high school or college students who can properly enjoy the film with a drink, a joint, and a bunch of pals. People who are obsessed with punk rock music would actually love this movie. The film’s apparent love of rock music, as well as the technique and history behind the genre, is fascinating and may pique the curiosity of viewers.

It(Teenage Ghost Punk) is a teenage love tale with a crazy and fun-filled experience but it wasn’t a typical horror. They include not judging a book by its cover and the current conflict between old and new music, as well as how to listen to it. Given that it was an independently made film, I have no complaints about its production. It was solid as a rock.

 Teenage Ghost Punk is the kind of film that film lovers will remember dearly and look back on after a decade. It is more like a comfort movie with positive vibes.

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