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Tamil Series Mathagam On Disney Hotstar Marks Dilnaz Irani Debut

Tamil Series Mathagam is currently streaming on Hotstar that cast Atharvaa Murali, Manikandan, Nikhila Vimal, Divyadharshini, Gautham Menon, and Dilnaz Irani. Deals in the crime genre have exciting cliffhangers that stick with you till the end. 


  • Mathagam release date is 18 August 2023.
  • Mathagam marks Dilnaz Irani Tamil debut from this release is the latest On Hotstar
  • The web series has a total of 5 episodes. 

Tamil Series MathagamStory

Tamil Series Mathagam On Disney Hotstar Marks Dilnaz Irani Debut
Tamil Series Mathagam
Web seriesMathagam
Release Date18 August 2023
OTT PlatformHotstar
Cast Atharva Murali, Manikandan, Dilnaz Irani
Director Prasath Murugesan
IMDB 6.9
Runtime 30-35 minutes

The story of Mathagam starts with a regular police patrolling. In the midst of this, the cops come to know that the criminals from different parts have formed their own gang and are planning something big. 

The whole idea of this web series revolves around cracking down on the mission of the criminals. Will the police be able to do so? Find out in Mathagam on Disney + Hotstar. 

Mathagam Review & Exploring Regional Content On Hotstar

Tamil Series Mathagam On Disney Hotstar Marks Dilnaz Irani Debut
Mathagam Rating

The engagement that Mathagam does is not something extraordinary but it’s not that average to ignore. The thrill of the show is kept intact all throughout. 

Starting from the very first scene the track has also been maintained enough to look into. As the series initiates the intensity to keeps pacing forward captivating the viewers. The history of characters and the establishment of the main and subplot is well settled by Mathagam director Prasath Murugesan

The storyline of gangsters, police, and politicians forming an entire chain of events will wake up the interest more. The depth of acting by the cast is worth the appreciation, the timing has been managed really well. The BGM makes the scene even more effective and works like a perfect notch hitting the right parameters. 

Mathagam web series on Hotstar has thrill and intention but lacks a big twist and turn which you expect as an audience. Originally released in Tamil, a Hindi dubbed version is also available. Part 1 is out as of now which has left the story midway and Part 2 can be dropped anytime now. However, there is no announcement for the same. 

Hotstar has started investing in regional content as well in the past year. The growth in the language has been up by around 54% and the audiences are happy to watch original content in their native language which fetches more popularity for the ott giant. 

Dilnaz Irani Tamil Debut From Mathagam On Hotstar

Tamil Series Mathagam On Disney Hotstar Marks Dilnaz Irani Debut
Dilnaz Irani Tamil Debut

Bollywood actress Dilnaz Irani has made her Tamil debut in Tamil series Mathagam. We have seen her doing roles in films like Jodha Akbar, 68 Pages, Heroine, Aligarh, and Sir.

She has also done a few projects as a model and appeared in the series Ragini MMS: Returns. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

1. Mathagam Web series has how many episodes? 

There are a total of 5 episodes in Mathagam. Part 1 has been released by now and there is still a wait for part 2 to be telecast soon as the story has been left halfway to conclude. 

2. How to Watch the Hotstar Mathagam Web series? 

You may just log in to the Hotstar application take a subscription and start bingeing on the content. 

3. What Is Mathagam Rating? 

Mathagam’s Rating is 6.9 on IMDB. The show has a pretty decent Rating by the audience as well. The concept and story are getting praise from all over. 

4. What are the upcoming movies on Hotstar? 

Ashoka, Maharana, Lootere, Moana, and Star Wars: Skeleton crew are the upcoming movies and Commando, and Reservation Dogs Season 3 are the latest on Hotstar to watch.

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