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Suspense Thriller on Zee5: Amazing Web Series Which You Should Not Missed


Suspense Thriller: Portraying one of the best and distinctive content has been the prime focus of Zee5. This OTT platform, with its cost effective subscription price and quality content, has managed to become one of the most popular streaming platforms in India. Mostly known for its thriller content, Zee5 has constantly featured some amazing thrillers to its viewers. Indian thrillers are usually based on real-life crunch situations and difficulties that people face in our country. Zee5 has produced certain original thrillers that have always kept the audience on the edge of their seats while watching. Suspense, being an important element in the thriller genre, Zee5 has always tried to put the suspense factor in a brilliant way in its shows. This online streamer has always amazed its subscribers with the best thriller content. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Mafia (IMDb – 7.6): Suspense Thriller

Suspense Thriller

This thriller, directed by Birsa Dasgupta, portrays the story of six pals and their partners who are reunited in a forest party in the Madhupur jungles, years after their college. Being a firm and indivisible group of friends during college, the group parted with a deep secret. The show has eight episodes and some edge-of-the-seat action. Based on the famous game ‘Mafia’, this psychological thriller will engross the viewers’ attention. With the characters and their life-threatening games, it would be interesting to note if they have to meet their fate and answer for their wrongs. The show is bound to keep you gripped throughout. Zee5 has never disappointed you and would not with this too.

2. Rangbaaz (IMDb- 8.1): Suspense Thriller

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With the backdrop of the coarse 90s in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh in its first season, this is based on the real story of Shri Prasad Shukla. Rangbaaz portrays the shades of crime, bloodshed, lust and corrupt politics. This show received many accolades and was hailed as the Most viewed original series on Zee5. It shows the story of a youth in an unfavourable environment. From being a student to becoming one of the most wanted men in India, it displays the life of fallacious youth and shows how someone is not a criminal by birth but by circumstances. The story of the first season shows immoral politics which steals the boy’s young years and makes him a delinquent. The second season is motivated by the life of Anandpal Singh, who was a criminal of Rajasthan and narrates his steep rise to turn out as one of the deadliest criminals in Rajasthan and his illegal businesses. Both the seasons have done well and are available for viewing on Zee5.

3. State of Siege: 26/11 (IMDb – 8.1): Suspense Thriller

Suspense Thriller

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This show is based on the deadly terror attacks of Mumbai in 2008, inspired by the book Black Tornado: The Three Sieges of Mumbai 26/11. It describes the undisclosed trauma of people who fought their way and died during the dastardly attack. It captures us in the happenings from the point of view of the gallant NSG Commandos who struggled bravely to defend our country and its people, which holds your attention right away. Directed by Matthew Leutwyler, we are presented with two sides of the attack of 26/11, by the means of younger people. This real-life thriller is certain to keep you absorbed throughout with its highly distinctive and subtle display.

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4. Kaali (IMDb – 7.9): Suspense Thriller

Suspense Thriller

This show has such a plot which will take you on a roller-coaster ride on a cliffhanger. Kaali shows the life and the struggles associated with the chief character portrayed by Paoli Dam, who is a single mother working as a masseuse. Being a single mother and a woman with determination, she has to undertake some very dangerous crimes and has to struggle with time and horrible enemies to arrange the lump sum of money needed for an important operation which would save the life of her son. Produced by Parambrata Chattopadhyay, this psychological real-life thriller is filled with dynamic action and drama.

5. Karkat Rogue (IMDb- 7.2): Suspense Thriller

Suspense Thriller

This show’s story stresses on the underlying anti-cancer drug tests on normal people. It also shows corporate greed, which can go to any lengths to rescue its reputation. It has eight episodes, and having a medical background, this thriller is sure to keep you gripped right from the beginning. It is directed by the renowned Utsav Mukherjee and based on Indranil Sanyal’s book Karkat Kranti.

6. Abhay (IMDb- 8): Suspense Thriller

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This Zee5 original thriller, featuring Kunal Khemu as the titular character named “Abhay”, who is an officer of the Special Task Force trying to go into unsolvable criminal cases. It is based on true stories about incidents that happened in early 2006 in North India, such as massacre and human flesh consumption in Noida. This psychological thriller shows some terrible crimes and tweaked murders without any filter. Amidst his professional life, he has to manage his personal life too which has a dark past and affects him. After the loss of his wife, SP Abhay Pratap Singh cancels his official leave and gets going with his team to solve the most inhuman of the crimes. It would be interesting to see if he is successful in rounding them up before they commit the crime again. The show has two seasons with 8 episodes in each season. This criminal thriller will have you on the edge with its immense action and striking suspense.

7. Naxalbari (IMDb- 7.8): Suspense Thriller

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This nine-episode thriller portrays an absorbing plot of a Special Task Force (STF) agent named Raghav, whose aim is to stop a repeat of the Naxal rebellion in his village named Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. The show has intense drama and action and has Aamir Ali and Rajeev Khandelwal as lead actors. The director Partho Mitra has got an amazing and talented team for his screenplay and dialogues in this high energy drama.

8. Bicchoo ka Khel (IMDb – 7.3): Suspense Thriller

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Based on Amit Khan’s book with the same name, Bicchoo ka Khel is a binge-worthy criminal thriller with a nostalgic touch. The show’s location is in Banaras and portrays the story of two people: Babu and his son Akhil Shrivastav. Both work in Mukesh’s sweet shop in the daytime, but at night they indulge in petty thievery. After a sequence of events, Babu is found dead in prison. Under the impression that his father’s murder was planned, he decides to learn about the truth.

9. Kafir (IMDb- 8.3): Suspense Thriller

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This show depicts the real story of a woman wanting justice. Featuring Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina, it shows Kainaaz escaping Pakistan and jumps into a river with the intention to commit suicide, but instead crosses the border and enters into India. There, she is caught by the Indian army, who think that she is a militant. Amidst multiple turning points in the storyline, her daughter is born while she is held imprisoned and Vedant Rathod helps her in fighting her case. This feature is an important element of change, and it is a must-watch show. Based on the true story of Shahnaz Parveen, this eight-episode thriller drama was directed by Sonam Nair.

10. Code M (IMDb- 6.9): Suspense Thriller

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This series tells us the story of an army lawyer, Monica Mehra, who is summoned to investigate an open-and-close encounter case which cost the lives of an army personnel and two accused terrorists. As the truths begin surfacing, she finds that the real situation is worse than it seems. The strong acting by Jennifer Winget is a treat to the thriller enthusiasts. This eight-episode conspiracy thriller also highlights the prejudices associated with the high ranked bureaucrats in our country and their exploitation of power. The manner in which she solves the case is bound to keep the viewers absorbed throughout the series.

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