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Review On Surviving Summer Season 1, Best Teen Drama on Netflix

Surviving Summer Season 1
Review On Surviving Summer Season 1Teen drama on Netflix is surviving summer,surviving summer netflix

Director: Josh Mapleton, Joanna Werner

Date Created: 2024-06-15 19:10

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Netflix has just released a slew of excellent teen shows, many of which were made in Australia. They all include a lot of action sequences that show off the country’s breathtaking surroundings. Surviving Summer is one of the finest series in this category, and the magnificent coastal Australian landscapes are only one of the reasons why.

Detailed Review Of Surviving Summer Season 1 available On Netflix

Release on OTT June 3, 2022
IMDb 6.1
Genre Drama, Family
Directors Josh Mapleton, Joanna Werner
Cast Sky Katz, Kai Lewins, Joao Marinho
OTT Platform Netflix India
Language English

We enjoy how the show’s idea is established gradually. The first two episodes define why Poppy is at Shorehaven, why she stays there, and the basic relationships between the characters. She has a love-hate relationship with the flinty Poppy, connects with Marlon, and meets a competitor from a rival surf team. We also learn why Ari and Marlon’s friendship has deteriorated, and it has nothing to do with Bodhi.

Detailed Review Of Surviving Summer Season 1 available On Netflix

The Plot Of The Surviving Summer Season 1

The Plot Of The Surviving Summer Season 1

Summer Torres (Sky Katz), Ari Gibson’s cousin, is skating with her buddies in Brooklyn while we watch him surf. Summer and her mother Margot (Kate Beahan) are in therapy after being discovered skating at a local pool with her skateboard set ablaze as part of the act, and Margot needs to find out where to put her daughter while she’s on a photo assignment in the Middle East. She reconnects with her sister Abbie (Adrienne Pickering), whom she hasn’t spoken to in a decade since she relocated to the United States.

Summer is shown coming to a loving welcome from Abbie, her uncle Thommo (Dustin Clare), and her younger cousin Honey, despite her objections to being sent to the other side of the planet (Asmara Feik). Ari is competing for the first time since being seriously injured in a car accident a year ago. He’s having panic episodes, especially when he’s near Marlon Souza, his friend and primary opponent (Joao Marinho). Marlon is also dating Savannah La Rain’s Bodhi Mercer, on whom Ari has a huge crush.

The Review Of The Surviving Summer Season 1

Yes, we’re in Australia for Netflix’s latest teen drama, which combines surfing action with a basic but engaging array of characters. Summer Torres is our main character, a troubled adolescent with a strained connection with her mother Margot. Things between them are on the rocks due to Margot’s demanding career and Summer’s wayward activities.

The Review Of The Surviving Summer Season 1
Surviving Summer Netflix

With a major work assignment approaching, Margot sends Summer to live with her aunt, Abbie, on the other side of the planet while she pursues her next professional opportunity. Summer, predictably, is not pleased.

Summer is determined to leave the little hamlet of Shorehaven the next day and return to New York, but she watches as Ari qualifies for the finals the next day despite being tentative earlier in the heat. Summer and Ari, on the other hand, are invited to a party that Bodhi and her friend Poppy Tetanus (Lilliana Bowrey) are giving. Summer is a success there, but Ari is a wallflower, envious of Bodhi’s relationship with Marlon.

Around episodes 3 and 4, the sitcom broadens its scope beyond Summer’s antics and adds a slew of new people, each with their own set of problems. Ari, on the other hand, is clearly one of the more fascinating and nuanced characters in the story. Ari, an outstanding surfer, is tormented by the ghosts of his past, particularly after a harrowing accident in the ocean a year ago.

Review On Surviving Summer Season 1, Best Teen drama on Netflix is catching on.
Surviving Summer Season 1

However, they are not yet a crew; that concept is established at the conclusion of the second episode. Taking the time to establish all of the relationships, on the other hand, will aid us in understanding the dynamics among the surf crew members once the team is created. That’s something that’s uncommon in a program like this, and we really liked it.

Normally, I’d be harsh on this, but given that the program is clearly aimed at a younger audience, I can forgive it.

In truth, the show covers a wide range of topics and ideas that ought to be discussed. I’ve previously mentioned anxiety, but there’s also everything from peer pressure to familial ties, as well as angst, heartbreak, and other mental health concerns. It’s also to the show’s credit that none of this is ever slammed down your throat. It all fits in naturally with the plot and works nicely overall.

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