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Spine-Chilling: Best Top 10 ARE Horror Movies Your Favorite Go To Genre?


Spine-Chilling: We Got You Covered With The 10 Spine-Chilling Hollywood Horror Movies Streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

A good horror movie should make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. You should not sleep peacefully at night after seeing it on your device.  You must be in terror for a few days after your experience of that scary movie. Like other OTT platforms, Disney+Hotstar has a massive collection of good Hollywood horror movies. You can binge-watch one of them at your own risk. There is a condition to watch horror movies that you shouldn’t be faint-hearted. You must be a die-hard fan of horror movies.  In this article, we are suggesting 10 spine-chilling Hollywood horror movies on Disney+Hotstar. You will enjoy those movies along with the great fear on your smartphone or PC.

1. The Empty Man (2020) IMDB- 6.2/10: Spine-Chilling


The story is about an ex-cop who is on the mission of finding the missing girl. He finds a group that attempts to call the supernatural entity.  Directed by David Prior and acted by James Badge Dale, the movie is an intelligent horror-thriller that slowly exposes the jigsaw puzzle revolving around the missing girl. It is a slow-burner movie that will scare your nerves within a few minutes. This One can be unfolded on hotstar.

2.  Ready or Not (2019) IMDB- 6.8/10: Spine-Chilling


Grace has to take the terrifying wedding night ritual given by her wealthy in-laws. To complete this challenge, she has to go through bloody and deadliest tasks to survive on her wedding night. To see her survival, you have to watch this black comedy horror movie on Disney+Hotstar.  The movie will entertain you from start to end with its dark funny elements. It brutally depicts the class difference with a horror element.  Samara Weaving has played Grace with conviction and realism.

3. Insidious (2010) IMDB- 6.8/10: Spine-Chilling


Renai and Josh are a married couple. They shift to a new home with their three children.  After shifting in that house, their son Dalton falls into an inexplicable coma condition. The Lambert family faces paranormal activities in the house. They feel the presence of supernatural entities. To get their son back, they discover the solution which reveals their horrific past.  The movie is engaging and gripping. You will get amazed by watching supernatural activities facing the Lambert family. The climax and the suspense are shocking.  The movie is watchable in every department be it acting or direction.  Don’t miss its background score and end credits!

4. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (1992) IMDB- 5.6/10: Spine-Chilling

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Buffy Summers, a teenage girl realizes her real identity as the vampire slayer. It is a story about how Buffy learns about her true calling and how she fights with the mighty vampire named Lothos. The horror-comedy movie is filled with blood-thirsty vampires and fun-filled events.  You will get stunning performances of Kristy Swanson and Paul Reubens in the movie.  It is interesting to see free-spirited Buffy’s journey from a high school student to a vampire hunter.

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5.  Signs (2002) IMDB- 6.8/10: Spine-Chilling

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Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Signs revolves around the former priest Graham Hess and his quest for the mysterious crop circles that appear in his farmhouse. The supernatural horror movie is about aliens’ existence in the protagonist’s life. How Graham fights with aliens is the crux of the movie.  The movie’s background score will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will witness the greatest fear as it is the perfect M. Night Shyamalan-style movie.  Mel Gibson as a widower and a former priest gives a splendid performance. The suspense has been built up carefully so that the audience will not be able to reveal it till the end of the movie.

6. The Night House (2021) IMDB- 6.5/10: Spine-Chilling


Beth is a widow and lives lakeside. She tries to discover the truth behind her scary nightmares. Also, she knows about the hidden truth behind her husband’s death.  The movie is a frightening experience which you would have never seen before. The movie will take you to a disturbing and dark environment. Its gripping script will haunt you till the climax.  Talking about acting, Rebecca Hall as Beth has done breathtaking acting as a scared widow. The cinematography and Background score feel authentic in this psychological horror movie.

7. Like.Share.Follow. (2017) IMDB – 5.1/10: Spine-Chilling

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The horror story will show you a dark area of the Internet era. The movie is about an obsessive girl named Shell. She is a dangerously obsessive fan of a rising YouTube star named Garret. How her obsessiveness turns into a deadly madness is the crux of this bone-chilling movie. Though the story is not original it has been presented in an entertaining manner. It has an engaging script.  It has been written carefully keeping today’s youngsters’ involvement in social media sites.

8.  The Hills Have Eyes (2006) IMDB – 6.4/10: Spine-Chilling


It is a remake of the movie of the same name (1977) directed by Wes Craven. Bob Carter and his wife make a trip along with his family from Cleveland to San Diego to celebrate his wedding anniversary. He takes a shortcut through the desert to reach the desired destination.  There they get attacked by cannibalistic mutants.  How the Carter family survives from those cruel mutants is the crux of the movie.   The movie is fast-paced. Situations happen in the blink of an eye.  All the characters are well-written. The script is gripping and engaging.  You can watch its sequel ‘The Hills Have Eyes 2’ (2007) which is about a group of U.S. Army National Guard comrades fighting against mutants in the desert.  The sequel is also available on Disney+Hotstar.

9. Predators (2010) IMDB – 6.4/10: Spine-Chilling


The movie revolves around lethal killers who are trapped on an unidentified planet. The entity of alien beasts attacks them and wants to enter the earth.  It is interesting to see how the group of killers escapes from the cruel aliens.

10. The Sixth Sense (1999) IMDB – 8.2/10: Spine-Chilling

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This is another masterpiece which is directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The movie is about a 9-years old boy named Cole Sear, who talks with ghosts. He seeks help from a child psychologist named Malcolm Crowe.  This wonderful psychological horror-thriller movie has been written and directed beautifully by Shyamalan. The plot is never seen before and crafted carefully on the screen. The movie not only produces terror in your mind but also awakens all other human emotions in several scenes.  Talking about acting, Haley Joel Osment as Cole Sear, a 9 years old scared boy acts mind-blowing with his simplicity.  Bruce Willis as Malcolm Crowe has done a commendable performance with his intense look.  The movie is simple yet complex. You will get a strange feeling while watching it on your device. Don’t miss watching the twist at the end of the movie!


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