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Short Films On YouTube And Zee5 To Watch Now

Short Films are so worth the time that you instantly watch them satisfying your entertainment enthusiast. Everyone wants entertainment in their lives. But in this fast-paced world, they don’t get enough time to enjoy their favorite movie and category they want to. The movies are too long to watch and sometimes boring too. That is why short films are becoming popular nowadays.

Realistic Short Films To Watch Now

The makers are making a great effort to make the plot relatable these days and they are also able to convey strong emotion to the audience as well as entertain in a very short time. Each and Every short movie has also been successful in inculcating emotion to viewers. They are relatable and engaging, made with a low budget. We have you covered in this article with a list of the top 10 short movies available to  Binge. OTT platforms have played a great role in creating buzz for short films, some of these are listed in this article.


  • Khae Mein Matt Jhankeain on zee5
  • Toothbrush on youtube
  • Saari Raat On Zee5
  • Second Hand On Zee5
  • Fatafat on Zee5
  • Strawberry shake on zee5
  • Svah so be it
  • Khar On Zee5

Short Films On YouTube, Zee5, and Other OTT Platforms 

listing you films exclusively that carry a good IMDB rating that will suffice your watch hunger.

1. Khaemae Mein Matt Jhankain 

Short Films On Zee5 And Youtube To Watch Now
Short Film on Zee5

Khaemae Mein Matt Jhankain is a Hindi short film that was released recently on Zee5. The film is about the people of a village who get excited when a traveler gets happy with little things. When a circus arrives in their village, The artists of the circus get mesmerized by their performance, especially the trapeze artist. The film stars actors like Sara Haider, Hassan Abbas, and Zia Khan in the lead roles. Watch how villagers enjoy the circus for the first time in their lives. This will prove a good OTT watch and is one of the best short film on Zee5.

2. Toothbrush

Short Films On Zee5 And Youtube To Watch Now
Short film on Youtube

Toothbrush is a love story that later turns into a dark truth. The movie is about a man who loves his wife very much, but his love for her turns into an obsession later. He starts fearing that she will leave one day, which is why he starts doing unexpected things to her in that fear. The movie shows his fear of losing her. The movie stars Sameer Soni in the lead role, who plays the obsessive husband in this. He did his job perfectly as a Psychopath’s husband. The film will be a mind-blowing experience for you to watch. It is one of the best short film on YouTube to watch.

3. Saari Raat

Short Films On Zee5 And Youtube To Watch Now
Short Film On Zee5

As the name suggests, the movie is also very spooky. The movie, at first, may look like an ordinary movie, but later on, the movie starts building a horror plot. The film is about a couple who houses a stranger during a stormy night.

They stay together the whole night and talk about their personal lives and the issues they are facing, but later they find out that the stranger is not unknown to them. You should watch the movie to know who the stranger in the movie is. The movie stars Konkana Sen in the lead role, who did a great job and her acting is commendable as always. This mystery movie will make you shiver at times. This Short film on Zee5 will hook you up.

4. Second hand

Short Films On Zee5 And Youtube To Watch Now
Short Films on ott

Second Hand is a comedy short film featuring Abhishek Banerjee, Parul Gulati, and Lakshya Kochar in the lead roles. The movie is about a husband who gets in a confused state that he is too ugly for his pretty wife and starts getting jealous of other men talking to her. Things even become worse when a handsome man enters their lives, making things more complicated. Watch how his insecurities change into a nightmare later and he does unexpected things in his state of jealousy.

5. Fatafat

Short Films On Zee5 And Youtube To Watch Now
Short Films on ott

The Fatafta movie is an interesting short film on the list that features the famous actor from the Mirzapur series, Divyendu V Sharma, who is famous for his role as Munna Tripathi. He plays a struggling call center employee whose life is very harsh and nothing is going in his favor. His personal life is also struggling. His life changes drastically when he meets a salesman when he is going home on a bus. The movie is 17 minutes long. The movie is a suspense thriller.

6. Sone Bhi Do Yaaron

Short Films On Zee5 And Youtube To Watch Now
Short Film On Zee5

Sone Bhi Do Yaron is a Zee5 original short film starring Naveen Kasturia, Pranav Ojha, and Chandrika Rajan. This short film is about a man who is unable to complete his sleep for many reasons. He tries to get his sleep before an important event, but he struggles with that. Things get even worse when he encounters a man who makes his life hell.

7. Half Full

Short Films On Zee5 And Youtube To Watch Now
Short Film On Zee5

Half Full is a 12-minute short film that won Best Film at the Shorts Best of India Short Film Festival 2019 in Los Angeles. The movie features a cast that includes names like Naseeruddin Shah and Vikrant Massey in leading roles. The movie is about a young man in his 30s who is depressed about his life and finds that nothing is going well for him and plans to commit suicide. However, when he is about to commit suicide, he meets a man who changes his perspective towards life and makes him reconsider his decisions.

8. Khaar

Short Films On Zee5 And Youtube To Watch Now
Short Film on Zee5

Khaar is a 27-minute-long film featuring Surendra Rajan, Amit Singh Thakur, and Sanjay Gurbaxani in the main lead roles. The story is about the iconic Dandi March, which was led by Mahatma Gandhi.

The short film shows one of the legendary moments of the Indian history of freedom against British rule. The film shows how his revolutionary ideas changed the trajectory of India’s freedom. The film is inspiring for young people because it depicts the struggle faced by the freedom fighters.

9. Svah so be it

Short Films On Zee5 And Youtube To Watch Now
Short Film On Zee5

Svah is a film which is based on marriage scenarios in India. The movie is about a young woman who meets a man on a dating site and eventually tries to get married. But it is not as easy as it looks to get married in India. The couple is dealing with a slew of issues both within their relationship and with the people around them.

The movie description is controversial, which says that “this 12-minute short smashes the 12 century-long patriarchy and marriage taboos.” The film features actors like Shriya Pilgaonkar, Rajit Kapur, and Shilpa Tulaskar.

10. Strawberry shake

Short Films On Zee5 And Youtube To Watch Now
Short Film On Youtube

Strawberry Shake shows the life of a single father who lives with his teenage daughter. He always tries to behave like a friend to his daughter, which is very common nowadays. But children often mistreat them and consider them to be inferences in their lives. Things get awkward for them when she brings her boyfriend home. Watch how he will be able to consider this on his daughter’s terms in this heartwarming Marathi short film.

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