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Shehar Lakhot Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Story

Shehar Lakhot season 1 is an upcoming prime video web series that is all set to drop soon. Created by Navdeep Singh and Devika Bhagat it is going to be a crime drama. It has Kubbra Sait and Priyanshu Painyuli in major roles. Bringing you the multi-layered story the trailer is already outshining with all the praise. 


  • Shehar Lakhot is an upcoming neo-noir drama on Prime Video. 
  • Shehar Lakhot cast is Priyanshu painyuli and Shruthy Menon in major roles. 
  • It will be released on 30 November 2023.
  • Shehar Lakhot Season 1 will bring action and dark Comedy to your ott watchlist. 

Shehar Lakhot  Season 1 Release Date, Cast & Story

Shehar Lakhot Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Story
Shehar Lakhot series on Prime video
Web SeriesShehar Lakhot
Release Date30 November
OTTPrime Video
GenreAction, Dark Comedy, Crime
Director Navdeep Singh & Devika Bhagat

Having Priyanshu Painyuli, Shurthy Menon, Chandan Roy Sanyal, and Kubbra Sait in major roles Shehar Lakhot web series is of a neo-noir origin that is coming up to paint a riveting picture of a crime drama. Capturing the audience’s attention it is going to be a drama of eight episodes with a multi-layered storyline. 

The Shehar Lakhot series will get you to dive deep into murder, Politics, Crime, and different shades of stories. 

Where Can I Watch Shehar Lakhot Series On Prime Video? 

Shehar Lakhot Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Story
Shehar Lakhot Season 1 Release Date

Shehar Lakhot season 1 will be available to watch on Prime video from 30 November. 

After the immense response that the Shehar Lakhot Trailer has been receiving, the makers have also released the posters of the shows that also looked pretty astonishing. 

Created by Navdeep Singh and Devika Bhagat, the Shehar Lakhot web series comes from an Oxford films production. This dark comedy web series is about a man (Dev) who is assigned a task in Lakhot by his boss. A part of him doesn’t want to explore the place again because he has a dark past there but finally, there lies no option other than visiting the place again. 

Shehar Lakhot Trailer Paints A Riveting Picture

Shehar Lakhot Season 1 Release Date
Shehar Lakhot Season 1

As soon as he reaches there the multilayer drama unfolds that has various story connected with him which keeps getting opened as per the layers. No matter how much he tries he is passed in front of him each time. Kubbra Sait is in the character of a Police Officer and she has totally nailed the character. She carries the role of senior Inspector Pallavi. We have always seen her portraying glamorous roles but this web series has gotten her out of their shell and she totally flaunted herself out as a serious toned woman. 

We also get to see her inspecting a murder that has happened in the town. The BGM that the web series carries is very of a loop that we did not usually see or have the same in any of the web series lately which totally excels the interest even more. 

Shehar Lakhot Web Series Review

Shehar Lakhot Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Story
Shehar Lakhot Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Story

The story revolves around a man called Dev Tomar. He works for a settlement company in Gurgaon and goes back to his town after 10 years to complete an assigned task. The company is not clearly a white Collar company. The whole story gets unfolded in this whole series. With an 8 episode that carries a duration of around an hour, it is stretched for quite long. 

Coming from a maker like Navdeep Singh who has already given movies like NH10 and Manorama six feet under has already a set standard but unfortunately Shehar Lakhot web series lacks a pace that defines exciting. The plot that Navdeep Singh has tried to show is not something that was untouched and has already been covered by various movies and series earlier. The twist and turns felt like a monotonous continuation that is not volatile and gripping. 

There are so many scenes that it feels like it has been stretched for no reason. There are one or two episodes that feel to have no contribution to the story but still it has been made a part of the season. There is an absence of the elements that will surprise you at times. There is no update of season 2 and after a cold response of season 1 there is no such demand from the audience for season 2.

The much awaited return of Navdeep singh has totally fallen cold. The lead characters of the web series have given it all but there was also a lack of connectivity that has been felt. The work of Chandan Roy Sanyal is a total blow and he has kept the interest alive for whatever screen presence he had. It is more of a survival drama than a crime thriller. The story of Shehar Lakhot is moreover about blackmailing, power, politics and powerful Mafia, Manu Rishi Chadda has portrayed the role of a corrupt police officer and he has totally owned the character to himself. 

The cinematography of the series is totally a plus point and Rajasthan has looked beautiful through the lens. The BGM impresses you.

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1.Who is actress Kubra Sait? 

Gained popularity after movies City of life, Sultan and Ready actress Kubra Sait is more of a tv presenter who Lso appeared in India’s first web series, Sacred Games. Pretty active in her carrer she also appeared in Jawani Janeman, Deva, I love NY and Gully Boy and now in Amazon Prime upcoming web series Shehar Lakhot season 1 will also have her as a lead. 

2. What are the hot web series on Prime Video? 

American Playboy, masters of sex, love sick, shameless, Made in Heaven, 4 more shots please, Shameless, Modern Love, American Gods, The Boys, Lov3 and The Vampire Diaries are some of the hottest web series available on Prime video. 

3. What is Shehar Lakhot Release Date? 

Shehar Lakhot Season 1 release date is 30 November 2023. It is one of the upcoming crime thriller web series on Prime Video that’s pretty much awaited after the release of its trailer which looks like a gripping tale of love, thrill, humour and action. 

4. What are the new movies on Prime video to watch? 

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