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Shadyantra Review on Zee 5 – Murder Mystery Shadyantra Story – Series On OTT

IMG 20221219 WA0021 Shadyantra Review,Hina Khan

Director: Govind Bhana

Date Created: 2024-05-22 14:08

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Shadyantra Review on Zee: Earlier on 18 December 2022, Zee5 released the movie of Hina Khan as a lead role in the new movie 2022 Shadyantra. This film was filmed in one room, similar to a TV setup, and does not focus on a particular location like other films. This movie is scheduled for this date before 18 December 2022, which means last Sunday.

Suddenly, this movie was released yesterday on Zee5 which is unexpected. Zee5 is known for hosting the best movies and web series, such as Blurr, The Kashmir Files, RRR, Karthikeya 2, Mukhbir, and more.

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  • The new film is available on Zee5.
  • It features Hina Khan, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Kunaal Roy Kapur, and others in major roles.
  • The shot is on a room-like TV set.
  • The duration of the movie is 1 hour and 19 minutes.

Shadyantra Review on Zee5, Hina Khan Starrer: IMDB, Star Cast, and Director

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Title Shadyantra
Genre Crime
IMDB 9.1/10
OTT Platform  Zee5
Director Govind Bhana
Star Cast Hina Khan, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Kunaal Roy Kapur

Shadyantra Review on Zee5, Hina Khan: The Plot

IMG 20221219 WA0023 Shadyantra Review,Hina Khan

There is a story about a rich family whose real estate business is established, but Natasha (Hina Khan) is going through some traumatic experiences. Meanwhile, her husband Rohan (Chandan Roy Sanyal) is caring for her but he’s another intention which is not good.

He planned to kill her but he was found dead. The police came to investigate this case and they found some suspects like Natasha, her father, and other people who were in the home at the time. This investigation was led by inspector Mohan Khanna ( Kunaal Roy Kapur).

There are many questions like- who killed Rohan? Is Natasha the murderer of her husband? What were Rohan’s intentions? Who killed Rohan? To unwrap the truth, watch the new movie 2022 on Zee5.

Shadyantra Zee5, Hina Khan: The Review

Shadyantra Review on Zee5 Hina Khan Starrer New Release of 2022

The screenplay is quite engaging and well-written by the screenplay writer. In this setup, you disliked the movie because it was in a room, like in a television series, where you hear an echo while watching it.

The performance of actor Hina Khan as Natasha is quite good. She is a famed television and movie actress. Chandan Roy Sanyal as Rohan played a great job in the movie. He looks like an ordinary man, but his acting skills are exceptional for what he is known for. 

Kunaal Roy Kapoor as Mohan Khanna has performed quite well in his role. He is different because we have seen many movies, and he is sometimes sarcastic, which could be funny. The other supporting characters have done a great job in the movie.

As we expected in a murder mystery movie, the script is quite good. The thrill in this movie is engaging. The suspense is not so shocking since you know who the killer is.

The chemistry of Hina and Rohan as husband and wife is quite a realistic bond between them: a wife who was unaware of her husband’s bad intentions and he who pretends that he takes care of her but he wants to kill her.

The climax of the film is expected and you can sense who is the killer. The setting of movie, which is set in a room, feels like a theater show or old movies which are not focused on any location.

The movie keeps you enthralled at times, especially if you like theater dramas. The cinematography is good. It gives you a homely and luxurious atmosphere.

Shadyantra, Hina Khan: The overall: Overall review is this movie is worth watching if you all fan murder mystery movies and series like Shadyantra on Zee5. This movie was streamed on 18 December 2022.

Shadyantra, Hina Khan: About OTT Platforms: Many actors, filmmakers, and some film critics and experts are blaming ott platforms as the reason for the bad box office collections and poor TRP (Television Rating Point). But many filmmakers and actors think that this is an opportunity to present the film to a larger audience and more exposure.

In recent interviews, she was promoting Shadyantra on Zee5. As an actor, she loved to experiment with different characters and in different set-ups. She also shared that while shooting for the film she felt like a theater actor who likes to play on a stage. During the filming of Shadyantra, she was known for her television performances.

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  1. What OTT platform is Shadyantra available on now?

Shadyantra is available now on Zee5. This genre is a crime drama. The star cast of the movie is Hina Khan, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Kunaal Roy Kapoor, and others in major roles.

2. Which actress appeared in mainstream cinema?

Hina Khan is the actress who frames actresses from the television world in mainstream cinema. According to recent interviews, she describes films such as Shadyantra which are filmed in a single room like television shows.

3. Which well-known actor plays Rohan Tiwari in the Shadyantra movie?

Shadyantra Chandan Roy Sanyal portrays Rohan Tiwari in one of the best movies of recent years. His acting skills have been featured in films such as Jabriya Jodi (2018), Sanak, etc.

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