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Sexiest Netflix Series: Top 5 Best Recommendation

Sexiest Netflix Series is tough to find hence we are here to serve  Sexy movies can always be your pleasure or be it a guilty pleasure. Indulging yourself in sex content and finding well-refined options among the millions of video streams or shows available can be a bit tough. We are here for your rescue and bring out: Netflix is a popular streaming service that offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies. Some of the hottest Netflix series are given below.

The list of the Top 5 Sexiest Netflix Series that should be on your treasured watchlist: 

1. Sex Education

Sexiest Netflix Series

IMDB 8.4
Platform Netflix
Cast Assa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Emma Mackey, Connor SwindlersSwindlers


The series can be on your weekend watch list. With 8.4 IMDB it is currently running with its third season and is a Netflix venture. 

Sex education, comes under the category of comedy sex drama and is basically for teens, The story revolves around Otis, who is not well educated in lovemaking but his mom Jean, who herself is a sex therapist guides him well. He is surrounded by sex objects which are present all around his house which turns him to be a real addict to sex making and he is intrigued to know more. 


  1. Lust Stories
IMDB 6.4
Platform Netflix
Cast Kiara Advani, Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi pednekar and Radhika Apte


Lust stories is a collection of four short stories which are being helmed under four different directors. 

The movie talks about an under-the-sack topic that has not been picked out in recent days. ‘Women’s sex Pleasure’ provides the backdrop accordingly. It is the tale of intimacy and sex. 

  1. Bridgerton

Sexiest Netflix Series

IMDB 7.4
Platform Netflix
Cast Phoebe Dynevor, Simone Ashley, Jonathan Bailey, Nicola Coughlan


A historical drama influenced by the marriage cultures of royals in the ancient centuries.  Bridgerton is a popular American series that is officially adapted from the novel of the same name. The first season was dropped in 2020 and received positive reviews becoming one of the most-watched English series on Netflix. 

The second season dropped recently in March 2022 and received the same amount of love from the audience. Coming back to the plot, season 1 has more of sex and adult lovemaking and season 2 revolves around abstract love which is not only about sex. The series looks great on screen as the production quality has not been compensated for and is one of the sexiest Netflix series. 

  1. Sex/life
    IMDB 5.4
    Platform Netflix
    Cast Adam Demos, Sarah Shahi, Mike vogel, Margret Odette

An American TV series inspired by the novel 44 chapters about four men was released in 2021 and made an open ending dropping the hint for season 2 as well. 

Web Series on Hotstar should not be misses in 2022.

The eight-episode drama revolves around a love triangle that surrounds a woman, her current partner, and her wild past. She is sexually frustrated and cheats on her husband as a result. All hit episode has maximum number of sex scene possible and fails to deliver a good storyline instead but the series can totally be your guilty pleasure for a comfortable night. 

  1. Sexify

Sexiest Netflix Series

IMDB 6.5
Platform Netflix
Cast Aleksandra Skraba, Maria, Sandra Driy Malska
Director Kalia Alabrudzińska


Sexify is a sex comedy television American series that follows the story of a developer Natalia who wants to create an algorithm for female orgasms and help her two friends. 

Season one has eight episodes and was released in 2021, the series was also on the trending chart of Netflix in the same month of release. Season two has been officially announced by the maker and it is scheduled for 2022. Sexify is a sensation tabloid for youth, lovemaking, and sex. 

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FAQ on Sexiest Netflix Series? 

  1. Recommend Sexiest Netflix series? 

Netflix has always been one of the top platforms when it comes to streaming adult content and apart from the top 5 sexiest Netflix series listed above there are many more recommendations that can’t be sufficed in any of the articles. Show time: the affair, diary of gigolo, toy boy, Grand Army, sex life, Elite and dark Desire can be one of the top recommendations too. 

  1. Adult comedy recommendation on Netflix? 

The OTT giant has never limited itself in terms of content or delivering genre to its audience. Apart from drama, romance, comedy, and adult sex thrillers, it also offers adult comedies that are worth watching. Ted, American Pie, the other guys, I love you, Man, The 40 years old virgin, MILF, are one of our top recommendations. 

  1. List some of the Adult content on Netflix.
  2. There is some more content that is praised by the critics and should be in your watchlist when it comes to watching Adult content. After we collided, Eyes Wide shut, disobedience , yes God yes , dark butter, and Newness should be one of the must watch adult series on Netflix.
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