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Review On Seththumaan- A Tale of a Grandfather.

Review On Seththumaan A Tale of a Grandfather Seththumaan,best Tamil thriller movies

Director: Thamizh

Date Created: 2024-05-22 13:05

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The Indian Malayalam Language movie Seththumaan is a story about Poochiyappa, a basket weaver, who lives with his grandson, Kumaresan, in a small hut on his landlord, Vellaiyan’s land. Kumaresan’s parents were killed in a caste riot a few years ago. He is now being taken care of by Poochi.

Poochi has big dreams for his grandson and does all kinds of work to save money to get Kumaresan into a Private school as he currently studies in a government-run school. Vellaiyan is a well-known landlord of the region and is constantly looking to eat Pork, though his wife and others are disgusted about this fact. This movie skipped the wait to be released in the theatres and will directly premiere on the OTT platform Sony LIV on 27th May 2022.

Released on OTT Platform ( SonyLIV) 27th May 2022
IMDB 7.3/10
Genre Drama
Created by Thamizh
Cast Manickam, Master Ashwin, Suruli, Prasanna, Kumar, Savithiri, Kannigha, Annamalai, Nagethran, Guru

Seththumaan Movie Review: Perfectly Captures Around Politics

Poochi lives with his grandson in a small hut on Vellaiyan’s land. His only dream is to educate his grandson, Kumaresan, whose parents were killed in a caste riot. Poochi believed that the only way to achieve social mobility was education, and he would go to any lengths to make sure that his grandson, Kumaresan, got educated.

His landlord, Vellaiyan, was a well-known landlord of the region and was constantly looking to eat pork. The higher caste people living in the village considered this activity cheap and disgusting. Seththumaan is all about the journey of eating pork and the changes that the incident brought about in the lives of those people.

Tamil Movie Seththumaan Cast and Release Date

Seththumaan is more like a lifestyle story that follows the life of Poochiyappa (Manickam), a basket weaver who is raising his grandson Kumaresan single-handedly. He can go to lengths to ensure that his grandson will have a better life by getting a good education. He does all kinds of work to save money and get Kumaresan into a private school, currently studying in a government school. He always advises his grandson to study well and tells him that it’s not enough to be good; he needs to be extraordinary.


Seththumaan is one of the best Tamil thriller movies that bring out the complexities on a social scale. Poochiyappa is considerate, even in the most rebellious situations. A Dalit basket seller doing odd jobs for the landlord Vellaiyan, Poochi knows his place in the social structure and what happens to those who try to move upwards. Yet he dreams of a better life for his grandson Kumaresan (Ashwin), a life where he can give his orders and doesn’t need to carry out others’ orders anymore.

The landlord, Vellaiyan’s latest obsession is a seththumaan (a pig). He craves Pork much for his wife and other people from the higher caste being disgusted about the fact. Poochiyappa is burdened with killing and cooking it along with Rangan, a pig rearer. Rangan is a fiery character. He is no longer pleased with being talked down to and expresses his outrage loudly. Vellaiyan’s wife blames Poochiyappa openly for her husband’s pork cravings.  ‘

Poochiyappa is caught between Vellaiyan, his employer’s unreasonable demands, and his uneasiness which makes him seek refuge in Kumaresan, his grandson. The most touching moment in the movie is the relationship between the grandfather and grandson. Poochi is keen on ensuring a better life for his grandson hence why he chooses to be tolerant instead of showing rage, neither being a victim nor a rebel. Seththumaan symbolizes how Dalits have to reexamine their lifestyles and habits to overcome the taboo they were forced to carry out.

Review On Seththumaan A Tale of a Grandfather Seththumaan,best Tamil thriller movies

Manickam has delivered an amazing performance through his character, Poochiyappa. He has lived his part and delivered an innocent performance holding the audience’s attention. Ashwin, as Kumaresan, has also delivered his best performance as a young and vibrant boy. He portrays an immense amount of talent, especially through the scenes with his grandfather. Nakkalites Prasanna Balachandran or Vellaiyan have performed amazingly. His delightful performance adds originality to the film. The rest of the cast delivered a good performance though it could’ve been stronger.

Overall with an emotionally admirable and realistic script and neat and amazing performance, Seththumaan is a quality movie worth the shot. Seththumaan is currently streamed on the ott platform Sony LIV since 27th May 2022 and might make it to the top 10 most streamed movies on the ott platform.

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