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Rebel Wilson Netflix’s Cozy High School Movie, Senior Year in 2022

Rebel Wilson continues to struggle to save Netflix’s high school comfy film! Senior Year While the Netflix movie attempts to blend parts of iconic films from the mid-2000s, it fails to capture any enchantment with mediocre writing that could have utilized a lot more compassion.

Netflix Senior Year Movie A 37-Year Old Women Drama 

Netflix Senior Year Movie
Netflix Senior Year Movie

Senior Year Movie is directed by Alex Hardcastle and based on a script by Andrew Knauer, Arthur Pielli, and Brandon Scott Jones. The picture is full of memories, but it fails to use them to enhance its own plot. The central protagonist, patterns of interaction, and concept are all superficial, and the Senior Year Movie never lives up to its potential, despite a few amusing instances.

OTT Release Date 13 May 2022.
IMDB 5.6/10
Genre Comedy
Director Alex Hardcastle
Runtime 111 minutes
Cast Sam Richardson, Zoë Chao, Mary Holland, Justin Hartley, Chris Parnell, Angourie Rice, Michael Cimino, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jones.

Teen Comedy With Mature Effect 

Angourie Rice (Stephanie Conway) is neither cool nor fashionable. Stephanie swears to become famous in order to avoid getting humiliated or disparaged in front of her classmates by the cruel girl Tiffany (Ana Yi Puig).

By the end of her senior year, Stephanie is more than just a cheerleading captain. Still, she’s also dating Blaine (Tyler Barnhardt), High’s most prominent male, and she’s on course to become prom queen. Her hopes, however, are dashed after a baton-twirling accident leaves her in a 20-year coma. Stephanie (now played by Rebel Wilson) is astonished to find she’s been unconscious for such a long time when she wakes up at 37.

Stephanie makes contact with her former pals, Martha (Mary Holland), now the high school administrator, and Seth (Sam Richardson), and chooses to return to high school in the hopes of being prom queen. The only problem is that the rules have changed since 2002, and Stephanie must stay consistent in order to win.

Senior Year Movie Director Alex Hardcastle Review

Senior Year Movie Director Alex Hardcastle
Senior Year Movie Director Alex Hardcastle

Senior Year Movie plays like a low-budget rip-off of Never Been Kissed. It focuses on being adorable and eccentric, yet it’s so deceptive that it never develops its own identity. The lack of emotion in the film may maybe its biggest flaw. Stephanie’s actions don’t feel authentic, even when she recognizes she’s been concentrating on the wrong issue for far too long.

Stephanie seldom has a minute to reflect and ponder about what she is doing, as she is consumed by her desire to be famous and be chosen as prom queen. The tale remains one-dimensional because the movie never manages to pull its heroine away from the shallow aspirations she pursues.

Senior Year Movie feels like a complete waste of time, despite the fact that comedies can be stupid and even incomprehensible. Yes, there are hints of what this movie could be. A sweet reminiscence between Stephanie and her late mother comes to mind as an example. Regrettably, the small moments are completely overpowered by the idea, which never adequately establishes any suspense or significance.

Stephanie floats along, and it’s clear that the Senior Year Movie is more concerned with pandering to youthful nostalgia than with its own story and interpersonal relationships. A scene with Wilson and her co-stars recreating Britney Spears’  music video is amusing but completely needless and unnecessary.

Senior Year
Senior Year

The film’s excessive nostalgia for the 1990s and early 2000s substitutes for a multilayered plot that could have been so much more. The picture is influenced by the abovementioned Drew Barrymore-led film as well as others, such as 13 Going on 30, yet these films understand precisely what they are, whereas Senior Year doesn’t seem to. In addition, a lot of the comedy isn’t particularly funny.

Comedic dialogue and scenes are few and far between. The bulk of the Senior Year Movie is tedious to watch, uninteresting, and attempting to be something it isn’t. Despite being predictable, the picture has more of a “done that already” feel to it than anything else, which doesn’t work over a two-hour runtime.


Audiences who grew up in the early 2000s will have much more interesting things to do than revisit an age that has already been adequately depicted in other films (such as Disney Pixar’s Turning Red). On the other hand, new audiences may not find much else in the comedy to enjoy or chuckle along with.

While there are some funny moments in Senior Year, they aren’t enough to overcome the film’s many shortcomings.

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