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Scam 2003 Review: Gagan Dev Riar Brings Life to the Sony Liv Series

Let’s unwind Hansal Mehta new series Scam 2003 Review unwinds the story of a mastermind involved in one of the biggest stamp paper scams of 30,000 crores. 


  • Scam 2003 release date is 1 September 2003.
  • Scam 2003 IMDB is 9.3
  • Scam 2003 cast Gagan Riar in the role of Abdul Karim Telgi.
  • Scam 2003 episodes are 10 in total. 
  • Only Volume 1 with Episode 5 has been dropped and the rest will be aired soon. 
  • The Episode length varies from 50-55 minutes.

Scam 2003 Release Date, Cast, IMDB

Scam 2003 Review- Telgi Story On Sony Liv Depicts The Tale Of A Mastermind
Scam 2003 Review
Release Date1 September
OTT PlatformSony Liv
CastGagan Riar, Sana Amin Sheikh, Aniruddh Roy
DirectorHansal Mehta, Tushar Hiranandani

Scam 2003 Story- Showcasing Abdul Karim Telgi

Directed by Tushar Hiranandani and Hansal Mehta, The series has been released on Sony liv and is the next franchise of Scam 1992, depicting a fresh story of a new scam. 

The story revolves around Abdul Karim Telgi who is a fruit seller initially but the way he performs one of the most unimaginable scams of stamp fraud of 30,000 crores. The way he started by doing small business and reached that level is a  journey Hansal Mehta executed in this Sony Liv latest web series. 

Scam 2003 Review- Addictive & Binge-Worthy

Scam 2003 Review- Telgi Story On Sony Liv Depicts The Tale Of A Mastermind
Scam 2003 Review

Another classic good show on OTT that’s supposed to be pure binge-worthy. Volume 1 has been released on Sony Liv which has 5 episodes in total that have a run span of 50-55 minutes. 

The excitement maintained in the previous franchise is purely the one that has been leveled up in Scam 2003. The whole life of Abdul Karim is shown, his way of implementation, how he managed to form the chain to upshot this whole crime where he even pocketed police officers to master everything brilliantly. 

Famously known as ‘The Telgi Story’ this series is one such masterpiece creation of Mehta’s epitome of work. The way he has created the ecosystem and the whole chain of showing the event is just brilliant. Gagan dev Riar as Abdul Karim Telgi is the best. He resembles so much with the whole character so it’s all worth the hype. The last episodes end with ‘to be continued’ hence the rest of the 5 episodes will be dropping soon. 


Scam 2003 Review- The Telgi Story is totally worth the watch as it’s totally fun and addictive. Overall this Hansal Mehta new series Is a total must-watch. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1. How many Episodes Of Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Are There?

Hansal Mehta’s new series Scam 2003 Telgi Story has 10 episodes in total. The story is about a fruit seller who massively transformed into a frauder performing a stamp paper scam of 30,000. 

2. Which movie is based on Abdul Karim Telgi? 

The counterfeiting scandal mastermind, Abdul Karim Telgi is showcased in this series.k He is the one behind a massive stamp paper scam that shook the whole government in power. 

3. Where can I watch Hansal Mehta Scoop? 

Hansal Mehta Scoop can be watched on Netflix. There are 6 episodes in the series that Is based on Jigna Vora’s My Days in prison. Karishma Tanna is in lead. 

4. When will Scam 2003 Part 2 be released

The scam 2003 part 2 release date has not been announced yet. Volume 1 with 5 episodes has already been released and the rest of the episodes with volume 2 will drop soon. 

5. Who is Scam 2003 Cast? 

Gagan Dev Riar, Sana Amin Sheikh, Aniruddh Roy, Shaad Randhawa and Mukesh Tiwari are in major roles. 


Scam 2003 The Telgi story
Scam 2003 Review Scam 2003 Review,Scam 2003 the telgi story,Scam 2003 Release Date,Hansal Mehta new series

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