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Sandeep Bhaiya Web Series, Half CA: TVF Journey Of Emotion To Motivation

If you are facing failure and you struggling to get out from your comfort zone then TVf has something for you in store. Sandeep Bhaiya web series, Half CA, Kota Factory, TVF Pitchers, and Aspirants are some of the student-centric shows that will leave you motivated taking you out of the shell of comfort. 


  • Sandeep Bhaiya web series ott platform TVF Play or youtube. 
  • Sandeep Bhaiya is made in partnership with Unacademy. 
  • Sandeep Bhaiya IMDB is 9.6
  • TVF announced its upcoming Hindi web series Half CA on the occasion of CA day. 
  • SK Sir ki Class is one of the popular TVF web series. 
  • Kota Factory, TVF Pitchers, and Aspirants are also among the Student-centric shows of TVF. 

Popular TVF Web Series List 

When it comes to blending emotion, TVF is the winner for sure. It has given the best shows ever and continues to entertain since 2015. Each of the TVF creations has only empowered the characters spreading love and gaining a cult fan base for the same. 

Yeh Meri Family, Flames, Tripling, Panchayat, Aam Aadmi Family, Cubicle, Inmates, Engineering Girls, Engga Hostel, The Insiders, College Romance, and Permanent Roommates are some of the popular TVF web series to unfold. 

TVF Educational Series: Student-Centric Shows

1. Sandeep Bhaiya Web series 

Sandeep Bhaiya Web series, Half CA: TVF Journey Of Emotion To Motivation
Sandeep Bhaiya Web Series, Half CA: TVF Journey Of Emotion To Motivation 5

When it comes to striking a balance between the less expressive emotions and dominating comedy no one can beat TVF shows. The latest TVF show Sandeep Bhaiya is the perfect example as this student-Centric web series will fill you up with motivation and give you that kick to work on your dreams. 

TVF shows come as a breath of fresh air and Sandeep Bhaiya is surely one such. The story revolves around Sandeep Bhaiya(Sunny Hinduja) who is a failed aspirant when it comes to cracking UPSC but his journey of becoming a mentor after facing that failure gives you the true motivation and charm from the city of Prayagraj which is known as a Factory of all UPSC aspirants.

How Sandeep Bhaiya mentored a girl who runs a business tiffin service is the essence of the story. UPSC is one of the toughest exams to crack hence the journey to the goal is not easy, when you have lost all hope a single ray of light can be your only friend and that’s what Sandeep Bhaiya truly justifies. 

2. Half CA

Sandeep Bhaiya Web series, Half CA: TVF Journey Of Emotion To Motivation
Sandeep Bhaiya Web Series, Half CA: TVF Journey Of Emotion To Motivation 6

On the occasion of the 75th Chartered Accountant Day, Tvf play announced its upcoming new web series on ott that carries a story of a Chartered Accountant. This Hindi Web series of TVF will be released on Amazon Mini TV and can be streamed for free. Soon after the announcement the comment section was filled as it’s going to be the first web series based on CA

Engineering in Kota factory, UPSC in Sandeep Bhaiya, and now Chartered Accountancy in Half CA, it seems TVF is all set to inject motivation all over making a one-stop destination for a variety of content that is also student-centric.

3. Kota Factory

Sandeep Bhaiya Web series, Half CA: TVF Journey Of Emotion To Motivation
Kota Factory

Kota Factory is a web series based on the world of preparation for IIT. Kota is a hub for preparation of Neet and Engineering entrance and this web series has two than Kota as a backdrop to convey. 

Jitendra Kumar, Urvashi Singh, Revathi Pillai, Mayur More, and Ahsaas Channa are part of the popular TVF web series. With 2 running seasons, Kota Factory is available to stream on Netflix. 

4. TVF pitchers

Sandeep Bhaiya Web series, Half CA: TVF Journey Of Emotion To Motivation
TVF Pitchers

Startups are so prevalent in today’s time but in the huge competitive market, you need to be assured and confident enough in what you do. TVF Pitchers is a show on Starter and narrates the story of four friends who give up on their monotonous job and pursue their dream of starting a Startup. 

TVF pitchers cast includes Naveen Kausturia, Arunabh Kumar, Abhay Mahajan, and Gopal Dutt. This popular TVF web series is available on prime video. 

Sandeep Bhaiya Web Series & Other Motivational Hindi Web Series On OTT 

If you are looking for motivational Hindi Web series on ott to binge on there are many options to tap. Laakhon me ek on prime video, Selection Day on Netflix, Cubicle on Sony Liv, and Panchayat on Prime Video are good to watch options. 

TVF Join Hands With Unacademy

For a long time, TVF has been relying on student-centric shows giving the exact touch of brilliance. For the latest released TVF web series Sandeep Bhaiya, it has joined hands with Unacademy both platforms are all said to bring a revolution of content in terms of mentorship and 

Education. The web series Sandeep Bhaiya is currently streaming and more such content can come in the future in collaboration with tvf play and Unacademy


1. For which web series does TVF join hands with Unacademy? 

Recently TVF join hands with Unacademy for making the web series Sandeep Bhaiya. The story is about the city Prayagraj and a failed UPSC aspirant who motivates a tiffin service girl to crack this toughest exam. 

2. What are the Popular TVF web series? 

Immature, Gullak, Tripling, Yeh Meri family, Flames, Hostel Daze, and The Aam Aadmi family are popular TVF web series. 

3. Who is the owner of TVF(The Viral Fever)? 

Arunabh Kumar is the owner of TVF. He is born in 1982 and is a producer, writer, and director who keeps on delivering exceptional content to fold. 

Strongly opinionated, She is an ardent believer that a good writer eventually comes from a good reader. The more you read, the more you are able to convey as words are the pearls through which a sea of feelings gets an audience and what's better than making the web a more entertaining place with the entertainment writeups? Yes, you read it right, she has come a long way with her passion and aspires to be much more.