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Best review On Two Summer Season 1, Is It Possible to Have Too Much Fun?

Two Summer Season 1
Review On Two Summer Season 1 Is It Possible to Two Summer Season 1

Director: Tom Lenaerts, Brecht Vanhoenacker

Date Created: 2024-04-16 19:28

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 Detailed review On Two Summer Season 1.

Best review On Two Summer Season 1, Is It Possible to Have Too Much Fun?
Two Summer Season 1
Release on OTT June 3, 2022
Imdb 7
Genre Drama, Thriller
Directors Tom Lenaerts, Brecht Vanhoenacker
Writers Paul Baeten Gronda, Tom Lenaerts
Cast An Miller, Marieke Anthony, Tom Vermeir
OTT Platform Netflix India Language- English, Flemish

The Plot of Two Summer Season 1.

Two Summer Season 1 is an intriguing and well-acted Flemish series, but it takes a long time to get to the heart of the matter. That’s not necessarily a negative thing, and given this series initially aired on terrestrial television with one episode each week, I can’t help but think that format suited this mystery drama better.

The story starts thirty years before our contemporary time. A gang of twenty-somethings prepares for one final major vacation before starting their careers. When one of the females is raped and the act is videotaped by one of the other lads, the gang is enveloped in a gigantic black cloud. Who is to blame for this? And what motivated them to conduct such a horrific act?

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These questions float around the previous timeline, while the current timeline focuses on a different subject that is closely related to the past. Do you recall the videotape? Well, one of the perpetrators (Peter) receives a blackmail message from an unknown number threatening to disclose and promote the video unless he pays up in Bitcoin.

Two Summers (Twee Zomers) is the most recent Belgian suspense thriller series, which premiered on Netflix on June 3, 2022. Paul Baeten Gronda and Tom Lenaerts wrote the script, while Brecht Vanhoenacker directed it. The story follows a group of friends who reunite for the first time in three decades for a summer weekend. However, something that happened 30 years ago at their previous get-together still haunts everyone in the group.

Best review On Two Summer Season 1, Is It Possible to Have Too Much Fun?
Two Summer Season 1

The Review of Two Summer Season 1.

Romée is played by An Miller, Peter is played by Tom Vermeir, Didier is played by Herwig Ilegems, Sofie is played by Inge Paulussen, Luk is played by Kevin Janssens, Saskia is played by Ruth Becquart, and Stef is played by Vincent Van Sande. Marieke Anthony, Lukas Bulteel, Bjarne Devolder, Louise Bergez, Tijmen Govaerts, and Tine Roggeman play their younger selves, respectively.

There are a total of 6 episodes with a length of 44-46 minutes. The series is accessible in two languages: Flemish and English.

The story begins with Peter receiving an anonymous mail containing a video showing him and the other men (Didier, Stef, and Mark) sexually abusing a female acquaintance while using Luk’s camera to capture it. The last time the gang came together in the summer was in 1992, which was 30 years ago. Today, the same group of friends is gathering on a private island somewhere in France to celebrate Romée’s 50th birthday.

Once everyone has arrived on the island, Peter confides in Stef aka Mowgli, and the two of them figure that the blackmailer is attempting to extract money from the group. They begin to distrust everyone, including Sophie, the girl in the video, Luk’s new girlfriend Lia, and even each other. They say what occurred was completely wrong, but it’s been three decades and nothing significant has happened since then, so why now?

Best review On Two Summer Season 1, Is It Possible to Have Too Much Fun?
Two Summer Season 1

Who may be in the gang who seeks vengeance or merely wants money in exchange for it? The men in the video must either discover the blackmailer or transfer 100 Bitcoins to a certain account. Otherwise, the footage will be released to the public, thereby ending their careers. Meanwhile, their friendships conceal more than meets the eye. Will they be able to move on from this summer like they did the last one, or will it be the end of the group?

Those expecting a high-octane series full of twists, turns, and shocks will most likely be disappointed, and it’s possible that the author’s decision not to pursue this way is to the series’ detriment. Of course, this has the unintended consequence of lengthening the episodes needlessly. While learning about the past is fascinating, the events leading up to the heinous gang rape are replete with unnecessary drama and interpersonal conflicts that are drawn out far longer than necessary.

Best review On Two Summer Season 1, Is It Possible to Have Too Much Fun?

Two Summer Season 1 isn’t a horrible show in and of itself, but it is one that falls short of its potential. Personally, I believe the series would have been better served by focusing on the ladies rather than the males, as framing the program from the perspective of the guilty party is a weird choice that doesn’t quite work.

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