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Review On SPARSH By Large Barrel: An Impressive Movie On Youtube

Let’s look at the Review of Sparsh by Large Barrel Select which is an impressive short film on YouTube.

SPARSH By Large Barrel- PLOT

Review On SPARSH By Large Barrel: An Impressive Movie On Youtube
SPARSH By Large Barrel

Review On SPARSH: A short film by Royal Stag Large Barrel Select begins with the revelation of Kay Kay Menon’s character who is leaving his job soon, he is here only for four months. He works the night shift in a police station, and drunk, rude, and violent men are a regular part of his job. There has been a road accident which needs to be fixed immediately. Menon reaches there, only to be called for another issue.

A girl named Richa calls the police stating that the Uber driver ‘touched’ her. She wants him to face some consequences. We later find out that she was in a shared cab ride, when she started fighting with the cab driver the other lady passenger named Shruti left the cab and took an auto instead.

The inspector calls Shruti in too, but he takes no action even after knowing that the Uber driver was not at fault, it was Richa who held his collar. After successfully handling the situation Abhijeet along with Savant leave for their night duty again when they find Richa on the bridge ready to jump. He stops the car and asks her ‘Boyfriend ka Naam ?’

Release Date 6th March 2019
Genre Drama, Short
Director Ankush Bhatt
Cast K.K.Menon, Puja Gupta, Sabyasachi Mishra

Richa tells him that when she was getting ready for the party her boyfriend Jatin asked her if she got the promotion because of her work or because she slept with someone. Richa gets pissed and throws a glass of water at his face, he thinks he was right and hits Richa.

Abhijeet arrests Jatin, when Savant asks him whose fault was it. Jatin? Richa? Shruti or the cab driver? Abhijeet says ‘Ham sab ki galti hai ‘(all of us are at fault).

What Is Large Barrel YouTube Channel About?

Large Barrel Select encapsulates short films that are composed of wide emotions and meaningful short films. These motion pictures not only entertain but also choose to pick out strong-headed societal notions.

Review On SPARSH- Strong Sighted Film

Review On SPARSH By Large Barrel: An Impressive Movie On Youtube
SPARSH By Large Barrel

Review On SPARSH, short film by Royal stag Large barrel select borders on becoming preachy but it is K.K.Menon’s presence on screen always steers it away, Review On SPARSH is a very intriguing tale of touch, the human touch. We often forget how sensitive and strong at the same time human touch is; sometimes it is.

It helps us to convey our most complex feelings and sometimes that touch alone can become the source of extreme trauma and distress. The same is the case for Ruchi, her boyfriend hits her and that shakes her so much that she instead takes it out on an innocent cab driver. It is Abhijeet’s touch that keeps the law in place and saves a life.

It is on Menon’s shoulders that the entire film rests, the other actors are weak and not good at what they are doing, the whole argument between Ruchi and the driver seems forced, Her plea for help seems forced too, it is a weak performance. The ‘kind’ gesture by Shruti and her conversation with the cab driver regarding it seems forced and unnecessary.

Mumbai’s nightlife is a character too, the city street lit with orangish lamps creates a nice and authentic background. It makes everything more believable. Menon’s acting and continuous revelations help to keep us hooked. Sparsh misses out on the chance to explore more deeply into crime and justice, it instead tries to keep it light yet make a point.

It is nice to watch, especially for the Mumbai streets and its existential law enforcer. You can watch Review On SPARSH for free on Youtube, This short film is available on Royal stag Large barrel select channel.

“Happy Watching”

SPARSH Review On SPARSH,SPARSH By Large Barrel

Director: Ankush Bhatt

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