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The Sound Of Magic 2022 In This Korean TV Series, Magic Interrupts The Music

Sound Of Magic In This Korean Drama, Magic Interrupts The Music

The Sound of Magic is a Netflix Korean musical Fantasy drama directed by Kim Sung-youn and written by Min-jung KIM, starring Ji Chang-Wook as Lee Eul, Choi Sung-eun as Yoon Ah-yi, Nam Da-rum as young Lee Eul, Hwang In-youp as Na Il-deung, Kim Bo-yoon as Kim So-hee, and others. The K-drama, also known as Annara Sumanara, is based on Ha Il-Naver Kwon’s webtoon of the same name.

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Release on OTT May 6, 2022
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Music
IMDB 7.7/10
Director Kim Seong-yoon
Featuring Ji Chang Wook,  Lisa Yamada, Hwang in Yeop
OTT Platform Netflix India
Language English

Netflix Korean Drama The Sound Of Magic Plot, Review, Cast, And Watch Online 

The Sound Of Magic korean tv series on ott
The Sound Of Magic Korean tv series on ott

There are six 62-77 minute episodes. Park Seong-il composed the soundtrack. The show has English subtitles and dubbing and is accessible in Korean. “Student,” says the synopsis. Caretaker. Breadwinner. For Ah-yi, life is nothing but a series of challenges. But one person hears her screams and brings magic into the earth.

K- Drama TV Series The Sound Of Magic Plot On Netflix OTT

Korea has been releasing some genuine bangers on Netflix recently. It is true that repeating the success of Squid Game season one from last year will be difficult. Regardless, the Korean drama episodes are so broad and the production levels are so good that the K-Drama landscape has something for everyone.

Netflix takes advantage of this opportunity to release something truly unique. The Sound of Magic takes the audience on an emotional journey that encourages them to pursue their aspirations and to be the best they can be for themselves and others. The show incorporates this message into its plot and takes it seriously. This, however, is not your typical K-Drama; it is much more. This is a musical, after all.

The Sound Of Magic Tv series plot
The Sound Of Magic Tv series plot

The Korean music scene is massive, and in the last five years, it has spread well beyond its borders, effectively invading the rest of the world. K-pop acts abound, and their followers number in the millions. As a result, it’s odd that there are so few musical TV episodes or films in Korea’s film business. The Sound of Magic takes a chance and succeeds in a very rewarding manner.

Korean Drama Sound Of Magic Review 

We meet Yoon Ah-yi, a high school student with a difficult upbringing, in the Netflix Korean program The Sound of Magic. Ah-yi lives with her younger sister and is responsible for both studying and housekeeping. Ah-Yi is tired of being a teenager and wishes to mature as quickly as possible. She believes that once she is an adult, she will not face as many difficulties in life.

She runs into a magician named Ri-eul one day. Ri-eul makes Yoon Ah-life Yi’s a little easier with his magic and companionship. Ri-eul wishes to return to his childhood. They assist each other in ways that no one could have predicted. Is everything Ah-yi and we see real, or is it only a ruse to divert attention away from the dark past and secrets? As the show progresses, we discover answers.

Sound Of Magic netflix korean tv series
Sound Of Magic netflix korean tv series

Many of us must have longed to grow up as quickly as possible as children. We, like Yoon Ah-yi, believe that being an adult entails less worry and problems, as well as a more convenient and easygoing lifestyle. Most adults wish they could go back in time and be children again. Many individuals wish for a miracle to occur that will return them to their childhood or solve their issues. The characters in Netflix’s The Sound of Magic are much like us.

The Korean musical drama effectively delivers the message that life is not about avoiding troubles. Unfortunately, some people are forced to face more difficult problems than others. However, difficulties are a part of everyone’s life. We only require someone to console us or to believe in us. ‘Do you believe in magic?’ Ri-eul asks every time in the show. ‘Do you believe in yourself?’ he seems to be saying. As the show comes to a close, we see Ji Chang-character wook’s meant just that.

Emotional Music TV Series The Sound Of Magic Conclusion

The Sound of magic netflix korean drama in english
The Sound of magic netflix Korean drama in english

The series’ conclusion provides a satisfactory conclusion to the overall plot, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t wish for another season to continue following these individuals’ lives and experiences. Let’s hope the writers can come up with a fantastic new idea to keep the Sound of Magic universe evolving in the future. If a second season is never made, we can be content with the first, which turned out to be one of the Top 10 Korean Drama On Netflix.

The Sound Of Magic
K Drama The Sound Of Magic Review Sound Of Magic

Director: Kim Seong-Yoon

Date Created: 2023-08-02 12:16

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