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‘New years eve, 2018 A New large barrel movie available on YouTube


“Review on ‘New years eve, A large barrel movie available on YouTube” ‘New years eve’ 

New years eve: Plot: –

The movie starts from showcasing different aspects of society and a boy talking on the earphones with his friend. It seems there is some house party about to happen and he is discussing the same. He was saying that the party is about to be really expensive and he will not be able to afford it. He tells his friend that he cannot understand the basis of holidays on days like new year or any other social party except for some religious festivals like Holi, diwali and eid.

New years eve
New years eve

This party only has one focus that is socializing with friends,girlfriends with all the expensive tales around. His friend is organizing a couple party today on the occasion of new year where everyone has to come with their partners. He seems to be single or more over in a one night stand kind of relationship. He tells his friend that he has tried on three girls Nidhi, Apeksha and Dani but no one was probably able to come.

After that his friends suggest the name of Farzana but he outrightly rejects her as she does not drink then reaches a wine shop but calls Farzana as a safe side as no one was able to accompany him to come for the house party with him. she was in Goa so she denied.

Release Year 2018
Platform Youtube
Channel Large Barrel short films
Genre Drama
Imdb Rating 7.5/10
Runtime 7 minutes
Director Pranav Bhasin
Featuring Arnav Bhasin


Suddenly Dani calls to confirm that she is coming for the couple’s house party. As soon as Dani cuts the call, Apeksha calls him and says that she is coming for the house party as well. As soon as both the calls ended Nidhi calls him and tell that she will come for a house party tonight, as she is back from bangalore. He tries to call Dani again and tells that the party has been canceled as some construction work is going out there but Dani says she too lives in the same locality and there is no construction work going on and the party can still be continued.

maxresdefault 2 New years eve
New years eve

Being totally confused about whom to take, he calls his friend back to confirm whether all three can come together. His friend says that there is only free drink for all three then as a last minute option. Therefore he denies and tells him that he may not be able to come and he tells his friend that he will chill with Netflix at home and cuts the call wishing him a happy new year.

New years eve: Review:-

How western culture has taken over Indian culture and has affected it badly can be observed through this movie. Large barrel had surely never disappointed with the content flow but this time ‘ New years eve’ was slightly disappointing in terms of screenplay and writing there definitely was a better scope for both of this. A boy roaming around the streets talking to his friend struggling to find a girl who could accompany her for a social gathering. Best Bollywood Movies on Sony Liv: Top 20 Movies on Sony Liv

He seems to be in an ambiguous relationship with girls as he freely shares regarding his one night stand with all three girls with whom he has asked to come along tonight for a couple house party. It clearly shows how social life has been given priority over the actual personal feelings and showing off and all the fancies are more important as compared to the reality.

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maxresdefault 3 New years eve
New years eve

At the end when all three girls with whom he has asked for agrees to come along with him he has to cancel going to the party as he did not really get how to say any of them not to come. Just to endure dew fancies in life we become what we are not exactly, it’s because of the social obligation society imposes on and we crave to fit in it.

If we come to the writing of the plot New years eve, the subject truly seems effective and bold but some new touch could also be added to showcase the actual message. Arnav bhasin was good in the role he portrayed and looks completely like that teen who juggles between fancy and reality.