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“Review on ‘Masterpiece 2019′, A YouTube Short Film By Large Barrel”

Review on ‘Masterpiece a Short Film by Large Barrel Select Masterpiece

Director: Rajeev Barnwal

Date Created: 2024-06-15 18:58

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As the name says, the film itself is a ‘Masterpiece’, it has great direction, awesome sound effects and the title song elevates the emotions to a higher tone. The movie shows us the dark side of an artist. It depicts how far an artist can go for the sake of creating his ‘Masterpiece’. The dialogue delivery from the characters is top notch and thus, creates good characters out of it.

“Review on ‘Masterpiece’, Release Date And Cast”

The captivating Large Barrel short film begins as a normal looking love story but is turned into an unexpected thriller as the climax unveils. We can see a young and charming boy secretly sketching a girl in a café. The girl then finds out that the boy is making her sketch and threatens him to call the police. The boy hands over the sketches to the girl and leaves and we are later shown that the girl is highly impressed by the sketches as well.

Release Date on YouTube 24th June, 2019
Runtime 19 Minutes
IMDb Rating 7.5/10
Genre Short, Romantic, Thriller
Director Rajeev Barnwal
Featuring Akshay Oberoi and Simrat Kaur

The next day, the girl happens to visit the art studio of the same boy. They meet there and the girl seems quite impressed with his other paintings based on her, as a motivation. There seems to be a loving bond between them, they go to the coffee shop and have a good conversation. There, we get to know that the girl is a theater actor and her name is Baani Bhamrah the boy is of course a painter and his name is Abheek Banerjee.

“Review on ‘Masterpiece’, Release Date And Cast”

Masterpiece Plot Of The Film

Meanwhile, the director also shows us that every night Abheek tends to make a painting but can’t. He seems highly desperate towards the painting and thus, can’t stop thinking about it. Baani asks for a few paintings from Abheek for her play and he calls Baani to his studio again. Abheek then tells Baani that he’s trying to make a painting that’d be his ‘Masterpiece’, but fails every time in doing so.

Both the young souls get attracted towards each other and have frequent dates. On the day of Baani’s play, they come to the studio of Abheek. Abheek turns ON music, they begin to dance and romance. But suddenly, Abheek covers her mouth, stabs her multiple times with a knife and kills Bani. Abheek dresses Baani as a bride, makes a painting of her and keeps the painting in a room having three more paintings of such brides.  Next day, we see Abheek secretly sketching another girl in a café and the film ends there.

Masterpiece Short Film Review

Masterpiece: The Review

Abheek tells Baani that he has tried to make his ‘Masterpiece’ thrice and in the secret room, we get to see paintings of three other girls in the same scenario as Baani. Although it is a simple love story on YouTube with an artistic and thrilling climax, the story keeps us hooked throughout the film. Some critics also suggest that the acting and storytelling was so good that it could have easily been made into a two hour film. Some viewers also demand an explanation as to why Abheek was doing so? But, there’s no response by the makers on it.

The story leaves the viewers in a cliffhanger, which suggests the fact that life is full of unexpected turns and one must not put his faith in every other person. In short, the film Masterpiece delivers a thrilling story within its run time on YouTube and impresses several critics and viewers.

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