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Best Review On ‘MAA’ A Movie By Large Barrel 2018.

Best Review On MAA (2018)  A Movie By Large Barrel Select On Youtube. The short film starts with Neena Kulkarni who seems in a hurry to leave her home in her car following the map. She looks panicky and in the same situation, she reaches a place and calls Rohan, Rohan who seems like her younger son and has attempted to do something wrong with himself.

Platform  Youtube  
Release Year 2018
Cast Neena Kulkarni, Vivaan Shah, Dino Morea

MAA, A Large Barrel Select Movie Plot, Review, And More

Dino (Rishabh), the elder one, is then introduced to the audience who pacifies her mom and tells her to leave Rohan in the state he is in. The conversation between Rishabh and his mom clearly tells that they are undergoing unstable family trauma where all three individuals are struggling with their own journey.

Best Review On 'MAA' A Movie By Large Barrel 2018.

The mother wants her son back in a stable state and wants to experiment on Rohan with the last treatment which can also turn into a  failure and make the condition worse. She does not listen to Rishabh and goes straight into Rohan’s room where the conversation between the two seems much more soothing and the warmth between the mother and son can clearly be felt but the son resists going back home with her.

He breaks down completely crying on the bed. The scene then suddenly shifts to 9 months later where we see Neena Kulkarni in a Jolly mood talking with Rishabh who has come to her home on her birthday, Neena calls for Rohan who now lives with her.

He comes in a wheelchair with the help of someone, and Rohan seems completely lost with his identity. The only difference was now he was living with his mother but his life was hell now. Death was better for him than living this life.

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MAA, Youtube Shorts Film Review

This excellent short film is a satire on those parents who are so dominant and reluctant towards their one decision for their child that they sometimes forget what the child actually wants and needs the most.

This short film by barrel select revolves around three characters who are excellent in their roles, Whether it is the character of Rohan or Rishabh played by Dinno Morea. Neena Kulkarni, a phenomenal actress is flawless in the role of a mother as always.

We have seen her performing various roles of various genres she never leaves scope for disappointment. The character of Rohan shows how innocent a child can be or no matter how ruined their habits are but they always consider their mother as a protective feather. Even when Rohan was all good health-wise but addicted to medicines and drugs, he did not forget the gift he made for her mother’s birthday and gives the sketch made by him to the mother and apologizes for being so late.

In the same plot after nine months of a leap when Rohan is seen in a wheelchair completely traumatized and physically weak, not forgetting his mother’s birthday he again offers her birthday present which was also a sketch of the family made by him. The level and quality of his sketch-making skills, therefore, show how badly one bad decision can ruin a person and his skills.

 Large Barrel Select Youtube Short Film MAA Conclusion

The writing, the dialogue delivery, everything was so appropriately done. The screenplay of this movie was also quite appropriate and kept shady and dark according to the theme of the movie. Overall it was a movie made to introduce a relevant rare chapter that happens often in society and all around.

MAA Youtube Short Film Review MAA,Youtube,Large Barrel Select

Director: Large Barrel

Date Created: 2023-07-20 05:30

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