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Review On Intimacy Season 1, A Suspenseful Thriller About Horrible Cybercrime.

Intimacy Season 1 is a hot Spanish drama tv series with a lot to say but far too many episodes to fill the running length. Despite some outstanding performances and vital messages, this eight-part drama might have easily been compacted into a five-part thriller and been all the better for it.

Spanish Drama Intimacy Season 1 Highlight

  • Release on OTT- June 10, 2022
  • IMDB- 6.3
  • Genre- Drama, Crime
  • Cast- Veronica Echegui, Itziar ituno, Emma Suarez
  • OTT Platform- Netflix India
  • Available Language to watch Online – English, Spanish

Intimacy Season 1 Plot, Story, Star Cast And Review 

Intimacy Season 1 on netflix review series on ott
Intimacy Season 1 on Netflix review series on Ott

In essence, the novel weaves together the experiences of four separate women and then adds a slew of melodrama, confrontations, and social messages for good measure. The true source of the controversy, however, is a sex tape that was released to the public. Malen, who is presently the vice mayor of Bilbao, is the woman in question. Malen’s life is disrupted as the media circus parades this footage around, and she strives to preserve a sense of normalcy.

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The film ‘Intimacy Season 1‘ is about an aspiring politician whose career is thrown into disarray after her sex tape is exposed. A narrative about a white-collar woman who commits herself after her naked images and films are widely circulated runs concurrently with this one.

That is especially true in the case of her ex-husband Alfredo and their daughter Leire. Despite the fact that they look to be a couple, the two have been split in private and just stay together to maintain appearances. All, this major controversy has put both of them in a tough position. That’s not even taking into account Leire, who is caught in the thick of it all and finds herself spinning, especially in the second half of the season when she gets hooked up with a shady guy (no spoilers!).

Review On Netflix Crime Drama Intimacy Season 1

spanish tv series Intimacy Season 1 netflix ott
Spanish tv series Intimacy Season 1 Netflix Ott

The Netflix series is both chilling and suspenseful, the performances keep the fun going. As the stories of Malen and Ane interweave and make powerful ironies, there is a strong pulse that remains consistent throughout each episode. It’s no surprise that Itziar Ituo was cast as the lead in Intimacy, which has a strong feeling of binge-worthiness. After all, she’s used to a fast-paced storyline.

‘Intimacy Season 1′ beautifully captures a person’s feelings when a private moment becomes public. The series portrays how cybercrime can devastate a person’s life, and it brilliantly captures the two protagonists’ feelings when their lives are turned upside down. The success of this political drama centered on criminality is dependent on the actors’ outstanding performances. It’s a slow cooker that slowly takes the layers away one by one, and the result is more than adequate.

When compared to their Scandinavian counterparts, Spanish shows usually have a different style and feel. However, ‘Intimacy Season 1’ has a tint of Scandi noir about it, which adds to the attraction of the crime thriller. ‘Intimacy’ deals with two storylines at the same time, yet you’ll never be confused because they frequently intertwine. Both are real-life examples of how social media has wreaked havoc on the lives of women who have been the victims of such crimes.

While this crime drama is fast-paced, it does slow down at times when family moments take center stage, but it still has all of the qualities that make a series binge-worthy. It’s a serious story, yet the writing maintains your interest throughout. Both stories are equally strong, and the filmmakers deserve credit for striking a balance. It’s difficult to say which is the strongest.

The subject matter benefits from intimacy. And it is for this reason that the Netflix series is deserving of all the plaudits. The characters are brilliantly portrayed, with a clear sense of what is at stake; they bring unflinching awareness of these sorts of crimes into the fold. Yes, there are numerous turns along the road, but the overall idea remains consistent.

Spanish TV Series Intimacy Season 1 Conclusion

Intimacy Season 1 crime thriller on netflix. series on ott
Intimacy Season 1 crime thriller on Netflix. series on ott

It’s one of those programs that makes you pause and consider what you’re seeing. The series’ true beauty, though, rests in its female characters. They all appear to be resolute, self-assured, and capable of taking on the world. Keep an eye out for a metaphorical water reference in the series. Ane dies in the first episode of the series when she jumps into the water. After the stress of work gets the best of Malen, we watch her turn to water surfing, and eventually, Malen’s daughter Leire’s infatuation with diving into swimming pools. In the #MeToo old, ‘Intimacy’ is an important series that, despite its powerful and serious tone, is actually binge-able.

Review On Intimacy Season 1A suspenseful thriller about horrible cybercrime Intimacy Season 1,Review On Intimacy Season 1

Director: Emma Suarez

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