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Royal Stage Short film Gadhedo Review.

Wrong Side of the Tracks
Review On Wrong Side Of the tracks Large Barrel Select,review on Gadhedo,royal stag barrel select

Director: Aitor Gabilondo, David Bermejo

Date Created: 2024-04-16 20:22

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Large Barrel Select has done so many short films that are created huge audiences and are applauded on youtube Gadhedo is one of them, this youtube short film is described at the beginning as a folk tale, but the film tells its story in a unique and refreshing way.

“Review On Gadhedo A movie by large Barrel Select”

IMDB 6.7/10
Genre A silent satire
OTT Platform Youtube
Release year 2020
Featuring Vikrant Massey, Aakash dabhade, Trupti Khamkar and Chandan Roy.

Large Barrel Select Short Film ‘Gadhedo’ Plot:-

This short film “Gadhedo” starts at a local school in Jhalamand where students are traced in dirty uniforms and the teacher too seems not so good. The green board clearly shows the knowledge that the teacher had, as the spellings are wrongly written and the pronunciation which is used by him is so dirty to hear.

The class got over at the bell rang. The teacher takes a cycle and reaches the place of a washerman where he lives as a tenant and offers Rs 50 as his last month’s fare. The scene then shifts to the same teacher teaching English at his place to the students but again in the same pitch. Students not paying attention again are present in the Nickkers with dust all over their clothes.

The teacher lying down on the mat with the Slate and reciting the wrong pronunciation again. Goru, the washerman(Vikrant Massey) was observing all these lately and asked the teacher, what quality does he hold that the kids come to him for their lessons in a big number? The teacher replied I make humans out of donkeys. Guru offers his donkey to the master with the fee to make him human.

After a few days when Goru came to look for his donkey to the master, the scene gives a glimpse of a flashback where the donkey is shown to be sold by the master. Master told Goru it’s a matter of a few days the donkey is in the process of becoming human. Now this thing repeatedly happened and  Goru kept on asking and the master kept on ignoring.

one day an irritated master told Goru that his donkey has been turned human and is a tehsildar in the city. Goru and his wife visited the city to look for the donkey at the Tehsildar’s office.

Innocent Goru thought the tahsildar is Tanki the tahsildar weeds in badly as the kept on saying tahsildar that he is a donkey finally after coming back to his census koro and his wife leaves the place living the tahsildar behind who they think is their donkey.

A Large Barrel Select movie Gadhedo review.

 Free Youtube short film Gadhedo Review.

Gadhedo, a short film by the large barrel, is a silent satire that comes up with open interpretations for the viewers. The parents invest their life savings and income on their child’s education but in the end, they lack moral ethics and leave their parents in the Midway. Through the role of the teacher, the makers try to point out another flaw in our education system which is so bad.

There are many people who hold the position just by unfair means of choice and as a result, someone deserving is left out in the middle, and non-deserving individual is appointed and the responsibility of the future is given in the hand of those intolerant people.

The direction, editing, and dialogue delivery were perfectly on time. Ghorus’ wife remained silent all throughout the short film but she spoke a thousand words with her expressions.

Gadhedo is therefore a simple yet engaging story set in a Rajasthani setup. The makers have beautifully managed to give the message and essence to the narrative.

At the same time, Gadhedo is a skilled and sophisticated piece of art because of the hilarious, surprising, and sad consequences.

About Royal Stag Barrel Select.

royal stag barrel select
royal stag barrel select

Royal stag barrel Select is a free youtube platform for the Royal Stag brand which provides some fictional short film stories on youtube for free. Here is the list of Royal Stage Large Barrel Select short Films name which are available on youtube for free. Everything is Fine, TU I PERFECT 10 WINNER, Meri Preeto, Disconnected, The Lovers, Masterpiece, Friction, and many more.


1. Is the Gadhedo movie worth watching?

Yes, Gadhedo’s film is worth watching because it focuses on real issues such as a lack of moral ethics.

2. Where we could watch the Gadhedo film?

Gadhedo film is available on Youtube in Royal Select Barrel Films Youtube channel without any paid subscriptions. There are more such barrel select films available to watch such as Chutney, Kahanibaaz, Juice, and Call him Eddy that can be watched on youtube.

3. What is the Gadhedo movie about?

Gadhedo movie about a washerman (Vikrant Messey) who wants his donkey back. The film is a satirical drama that shows problems in the rural area.

4. What is Large Barrel Select?

Royal Stag Barrel Select is a youtube channel that provides sorts of films, Gadhedo is one of the short films of Large Barrel Select.

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