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Review On Forensic, Best Murderous Thriller Movie On Zee5

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Director: Vishal Furia

Date Created: 2024-04-16 20:31

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Review On Forensic Hindi movie starts with its primary information, a ZEE5 original remake of a Forensic Malayalam movie, set in Mussoorie where jumbled identities and skeletons in the closet drop clues for a succession of young girls gone missing and killed, follows closely behind Aranyak and Mithya.

  • Forensic is a Zee5 original Crime drama thriller original movie.
  • OTT Release date of Forensic movie is 24th, June 2022.
  • Zee5’s original Forensic movie cast is Radhika Apte, Prachi Desai, Subrat Dutta, and Vikrant Messy.
  • Forensic is a Zee5 original, the remake of the crime thriller Malayalam movie with the same name Forensic.
Release on OTT June 24, 2022
IMDB 6.8
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Director Vishal Furia
Writer Adhir Bhat, Ajit Jagtap, Vishal Kapoor
Cast Radhika Apte, Prachi Desai, Subrat Dutta, Vikrant Messy
OTT Platform Zee 5
Language Hindi


Zee5 Original Hindi Movie Forensic Plot

Zee5’s Forensic, a remake of the 2020 Malayalam thriller of the same name, barely resembles the source material. It crushes any aspirations of a significant reworking of a movie that wasn’t exactly begging for one by subjecting the storyline to a number of unjustified modifications. Even if it were conceded that the Tovino Thomas-Mamtha Mohandas-starring police procedural was far from flawless, it is impossible to escape the impression that Vishal Furia’s Hindi-language remake does nothing more than completely destroy a passably sound idea. This best movie on zee5 Forensic is completely indistinguishable from the preceding Forensic.

The Birthday Killer is on the loose in scenic Mussoorie, and ‘no nonsense’ officer Megha (Radhika Apte) and excellent forensic surgeon Johnny (Vikrant Massey) are teamed together to solve the Case. The web series industry has seen a lot of success for Radhika Apte and Vikrant Massey. They struggle to keep the shoddy whodunnit from degenerating into inanity, though, because of the script’s flailing state.

Unbiased Review On Forensic Movie 

Review On Forensic, The Murderous Equivalent best on Zee5

In order to give the movie a new face, the serial killings and the police and media response to the crimes are transferred from Thiruvananthapuram to Mussoorie. Sadly, it doesn’t seep down below the surface. The movie has a stale smell about it. The cliched thriller elements and a trite action scene at the end (which pales in comparison to the automobile scene that careens and flips in the 2020 movie) only serve to exacerbate the situation.

From a chapel, a girl is taken hostage. She is discovered dead in a waste yard hours later. To locate and apprehend the offender, a forensic specialist and a police sub-inspector are called in. More schoolgirls are abducted and killed on their way to school over the following few days, including the daughter of the local MLA.

Review on Forensic, best movie on zee5 Ott platforms
Review On Forensic

The rumor of a wild psychopath spreads. Schools are closed out of fear. Additionally, the police are under extreme pressure to apprehend the serial murderer before he or she commits another crime. The events that follow are meant to represent a hectic race against time. But Forensic is unable to conjure up even a single scenario that produces real suspense or actual anxiety.

Forensic includes Vikrant Massey as forensic expert Johnny Khanna and Radhika Apte as SI Megha Sharma. The two actors are well-known stars in the world of online shows and beyond. However, the team fails to keep the shoddy whodunit from degenerating into inanity because of shaky writing.

The policewoman is the ex-wife of the forensic examiner’s older brother, and the two main characters in the Malayalam movie are connected to one another via marriage. Here, the two are transformed into ex-lovers who split up probably due to unbridgeable problems that the movie doesn’t elaborate on.

The potential for a fascinating situation arising from the chemistry between ex-lovers who are now working as partners in a criminal investigation is not adequately explored in Forensic. Even though they get dangerously close to restarting their relationship, the development has no impact.

Review on Forensic, best movie on zee5 Ott platforms

A youngster murders his violent father and runs away. Girls with several stab wounds have also been discovered dead. The SHO of the police station believes that the big-talking Ved Prakash Mathur (Subrat Dutta) inspector beneath him isn’t sensitive enough to handle the matter, so he gives the case to the sub-inspector.

As the investigation moves forward and the police are getting close to the suspect, bad blood between the Inspector and the SI threatens to throw a wrench in the works. Another issue is that no one at the police station, not even the arrogant Johnny Khanna, seems to be in a particularly somber frame of mind as the corpse count increases and leads to nothing.

The primary reason for criminal behavior, in this case, is not mental illness. The movie makes an unsuccessful attempt to explore mind-bending territory by expanding the narrative beyond merely warped intentions. Forensic can fall in the category of the best movie on zee5 Ott platforms, that’s too smart by half and depicts a murder—or rather, numerous murders—that are particularly heinous.

FAQ On Zee5 Original Forensic:-

Is Zee5’s original Forensic Hindi movie a remake?

Yes, it is a remake of the Forensic Malayalam movie(2020) with the star Cast, Tovino Thomas & Mamta Mohandas.

On which OTT platform is the movie “Forensic” available?

Forensic Hindi movie is available to watch online on the Zee5 Ott Platform.

What was the first-ever remake movie in India?

The first-ever remake of the film “Raja Harishchandra” may have occurred in 1917.

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