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Review On Endless Night Season 1, SKAM France’s Stars Series ON Netflix

ENDLESS NIGHT is a Belgian Netflix original series. It’s in French and features one of SKAM France’s stars, so you might recognize her. And, yes, this fantasy thriller series is geared toward teenagers. Frequently in ways that I don’t agree with. Fans of Ayumi Roux (SKAM France) will undoubtedly be interested.

Endless Night French Web Series OTT Release Date, Plot Story, And Review

Endless Night Season 1 French Web Series on ott
Endless Night Season 1 French Web Series on ott
  • OTT Release Date – Aug 3, 2022
  • Genre- Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
  • Creators: David Perrault, Emmanuel Voisin
  • Director: David Perrault
  • Writers: David Perrault, Emmanuel Voisin, Julie Anna Grignon, and Sophie Dab
  • Star Cast: Ayumi Roux, Hanane El Yousfi, Salif Cisse, Chine Thybaud, Louïs Rault Watanabe, Léo Legrand and Théo Augier
  • OTT Platform- Netflix
  • Language- English

Endless Night Belgium Show Plot

A lonely 17-year-old befriends a group of youngsters who use a substance that allows them to dream while awake in order to escape the monotony of suburban life.
Endless Night was created by David Perrault and Emmanuel Voisin, with David Perrault (Savage State) also directing the episodes. This is the two’s debut series production, and while it succeeds in some aspects, it’s not something I’d want to binge-watch.
Because awake dreams (and nightmares) are a component of the plot, the series also contains horror aspects. In fact, the fundamental difficulty is that a nightmare appears to be contagious and keeps people in a dream state.

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And certainly, some fantasy, horror, and thriller production. It’s a pity because Ayumi Roux, the star of Endless Night, was in SKAM France. She was also in the French Netflix series Vampires, so you might recognize her from that. These plot twists take up far too much space due to the teen drama and predictability. In fact, the main plot of spreading nightmares and a medicine that allows you to dream while awake is reduced to a minor subplot. This is unfortunate because it is pretty intriguing.

Horror Series Endless Night  Review

Eva, a reclusive seventeen-year-old, encounters a group of teens who like recreationally using Icelotropine, a sleep-clinic medicine, to cope with the misery of their mundane life. The psychoactive effects of the substance allow people to effortlessly transition between their dreams and reality.

Sebastien introduces Eva to the group, but as the story progresses, their escapist fantasies turn into infectious nightmares as the border between their sleep states and reality begins to blur. Sebastien is caught inside a horrific maze-like nightmare, to which only Eva appears to have the key.

A dream so good that you can’t tell it apart from reality. What happens when the actual world becomes a bit too distant and the dreams, like a predator, entice you in, giving just enough to make you believe in the authenticity of it all? For many years, this diegesis has been absorbed and digested. Endless Night continued the theme established by previous tales, especially Inception.

Endless Night Season 1 netflix series on ott review
Endless Night Season 1 Netflix series on ott review

Flatliners has a similar plot, with a group of doctors willingly experiencing death and dealing with the consequences of being transferred to that realm.

Endless Night is a traditional teen drama with all the cliches of any ordinary suspense show. The series has it all: youngsters drawn into a wider conspiracy who go out of their way to cause problems, ideas wrapped in a mystery, medical espionage, and a mind-numbing medication ready to warp your perception of reality. However, it falls short of holding the audience’s attention.

Every day, hundreds of teen dramas are produced, each attempting to outdo the previous one but failing miserably. No teen program has found the sweet spot between ‘wild’ and ‘just right’ in recent years. From the start, the series feels predictable, which should not be connected with any sort of entertainment, let alone a thriller-horror production.
One of the things I appreciated about the show was its cast.

There are numerous films that attempt to introduce one marginalized population, whether it is from the African-American or Latino communities. Endless Night, on the other hand, featured personalities from various communities. Of course, it couldn’t get rid of some preconceptions, but that’s something to be proud of.


Endless Night is recommended for those who enjoy short teenage thrillers with a nice dose of adrenaline offered by its horror components. If you dislike implausible situations, such as a teen accessing a medical facility, robbing medications, or murdering without inquiry, this may not be for you.

Check it out for yourself on Netflix, where season 1 consists of only six 30–45-minute episodes. Fans of Ayumi Roux (SKAM France, Vampires) will most likely be interested.

Endless Night
Endless Night Belgium Show Plot story Endless Night,Review On Endless Night Season 1

Director: David Perrault

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