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Review On As the Crow Flies, A tale on the terrible Side of Desire and Hatred

As the Crow Flies
as the crow flies 1 As the Crow Flies

Director: Michael Sondergaard

Date Created: 2024-02-21 03:38

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This is the Review Of As the Crow Flies Season 1 the best Turkish show of 2022.

OTT Release Date June 3, 2022
IMDB 6.7
Genre Drama
Director Michael Sondergaard
Cast Brice Akalay, Ibrahim Celikkol, Irem Sak
OTT Platform Netflix India
Language English

Turkish Show The Crow Flies Plot, Story, And Review

As the Crow Flies is a new Turkish television series that premiered today, June 3 on Netflix. Fans of sensational television shows such as Anatomy of a Scandal and the Turkish smash Love 101 should put this show on their radar.

Netflix has had a lot of success with its international assets, especially in Turkey, with shows like Love 101, Midnight at the Pera Palace, The Gift, In Good Hands, Godspeed, and many others.

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As the Crow Flies is a serious drama series created by Meric Acemi, who previously worked on Love 101. It is about an intergenerational clash between a Gen Z fan and her Gen X newscaster idol. When the young lady successfully navigates her way into a prestigious newsroom, she is lured to the dark side of ambition and everything that it implies.

Generation X is still oblivious to the greater background as they acclimate to the new world, social media, and new business processes. There is no dispute about it between the two generations.

In this scenario, our heroine Asli will attempt to fly like a crow rather than use the benefits of hard labor to ascend the steps. The series will investigate whether Asli can win or lose by utilizing the new world’s methods to achieve the summit and be the most respected person at the table.

As the Crow Flies netflix review
As the Crow Flies netflix review

The series depicts the conflict between Gen X, which still holds decision-making positions in the workplace, and Gen Z, which is rapidly ascending. Netflix has released the whole first season, which consists of eight episodes.

The Review Of As the Crow Flies

The Turkish drama As the Crow Flies is the most recent Turkish drama to be released on Netflix. It centers on a successful newscaster and a girl who is too ambitious and wants to take all Lale has.

The first episode starts with a dark screen with the words “Perception is Reality” written on it. A prize for News Anchor of the Year has been presented to Lale Kiran. Then we see Lale’s body, which is covered in blood. The way she was hit has been depicted in flashbacks. Almost every episode includes the statement “This is a story about a hunter and his victim.”

The narrator has captivated the audience at every turn of the act, and it would be a stretch to claim that he hasn’t captivated me as well. This type of storytelling makes the narrative more interesting to watch. Every episode makes you want to see what happens next.

Asli admires Lale Kiran, which makes her envious of her possessions. Not everyone can carry themselves the way Lale does. Asli was ecstatic in her talk with Lale when she first saw her, telling her how she was motivated simply by looking at her and that she was the reason she went into journalism.

To become an intern at the news broadcasting firm where Lale worked, Asli pulled off several dubious pranks. The opening episode sets the tone for what the audience will see throughout the series. It’s a battle of ego vs mindless ambition. Words like Lion and Bird have been used frequently, demonstrating the power of renown and invisibility that they both possess.

As the Crow Flies turkish series on ott
As the Crow Flies turkish series on ott

The extent to which Asli will go in order to realize her ambition is incredible. Lale has everything a person could want in life: a successful professional job, two beautiful girls, and a loving spouse. She is just as concerned about her family as she is about her career.

The title of the series “As the Crow Flies” has been appropriated for social media and its users, who remark on anything that comes to mind without hesitation. As the Crow Flies is, in my view, a must-see film. It helps one comprehend the worlds of journalism and social media, as well as how individuals strive to bring each other down in order to come one step closer to their dreams.

The performers have done an excellent job, and their commitment to their roles is evident. By becoming a part of the show, you’ll feel as if you’re seeing what’s going on in their real lives. Every now and again, something big happens in this Turkish drama, which keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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